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Your Real Best Friend!
Season 1, Episode 1 (1st overall)
Your Real Best Friend.png
Air date October 11, 1996
Written by Robert Mittenthal, Will McRobb, Chris Viscardi, Rick Groel
Directed by Irene Sherman
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"Your Real Best Friend!" (S1E1) is the first episode from the first season of KaBlam!.


Henry and June Act 1
Sniz and Fondue
Henry and June Act 2
Action League Now!
Henry and June Act 3
Life with Loopy
Henry and June Act 4
Prometheus and Bob
Henry and June Act 5

Henry and June Act 1
Episode 1 Henry and June Act 1 Scene 2.jpg For the first time, Henry and June introduce themselves and explain the premise of the show KaBlam!. Henry says it may seem like just another comic book, but there's a "crucial KaBlam! difference." June explains that the viewers won't have to deal with painful paper cuts or agonizing staple wounds, as the two co-hosts will turn the pages for them. Henry lies in a hammock with a drink as he encourages the viewers to sit back and enjoy the "kablammiest cartoons in the known universe." June then tells the viewers to prepare their eyes, their ears and even their bladder (as Henry walks out of the bathroom), before they present the first cartoon featuring two guys who will "steal your heart and sell it for scrap," Sniz and Fondue. However, as Henry tries to turn the page, he gets a paper cut.

Sniz and Fondue
Sniz & Fondue A toxic Tail.jpg

A Toxic Tail

Sniz is jumping on the bed in Fondue's room. Fondue, for the "billionth" time, asks Sniz to leave, but Sniz says it was actually "one billion and three" instances. Fondue storms out as he goes to trash Sniz's room, but walks in to already find it a mess. Fondue then makes a plan to keep Sniz out of his room by going to Darwin's Den, an exotic pet shop, and buying a Madagascar Scorpion. Fondue returns home, where Sniz is curious about the scorpion Fondue bought to guard his room but the scorpion escapes, after the container breaks. Sniz and Fondue suggest to their housemates, Snuppa and Bianca, that they all tape their feet up. The four split up into two groups in an attempt to capture the scorpion. Sniz and Snuppa discover "soap scum" in the bathroom while Fondue and Bianca lure out something underneath the couch, revealed to be Fondue's missing Luke Skyrunner action figure. The scorpion is then revealed to be on Fondue's back, where Sniz scoops it up with a tennis racket and it lands outside in a girl's sandbox where she smacks the scorpion with her shovel. Back in the house, Sniz resumes jumping on Fondue's bed. Fondue allows this, but he makes money through it, charging Sniz each time he wants to jump on the bed.

Henry and June Act 2
Episode 1 Henry and June Act 2 Scene 1.jpg Henry is glad that Sniz and Fondue is over because the scorpion scares him. June then summons a black widow spider that entangles Henry in a web and tries to poison him. June is forgetting something, and Henry is now screaming and struggling to get out of the web. June now remembers and gets ready to turn the page to Action League Now!. Henry is once again screaming for help, and June will now free him if he becomes nice to her.

Action League Now!
Action League Now! Road to Ruin.jpg

Road to Ruin

The Action League, a group of superheroes, are in Danger Driveway washing the new car of their leader, the Chief. Thundergirl complains that she doesn't remember the job being in the Action League oath. Stinky Diver thinks if he wanted to be a swabbie, he would have stayed in the Navy. The Chief says they missed a spot, but Meltman and the Flesh have them covered by using the hose, although they accidentally hit the Chief who is sent into the road. He says for the League to quit fooling around and wants his car to shine, but then gets run over by another car that is littering. The League, with the Chief's clean-looking ride, is in pursuit, as the one littering along the road is none other than His Dishonor, the Mayor who snides that "all the world's a dump." When the League (who has been singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat") catches up to him, he tosses garbage at them. One of the pieces of paper he threw covers up the car, causing them to lose the Mayor and crash into a fruit stand and some boxes. A few minutes later, the Flesh asks if they're close to catching the Mayor. Meltman hopes so, too, because he needs to go to the bathroom. When the paper (that was blinding them before) flies off, they suddenly see that they are about to fall down over a cliff. As they do, Thundergirl departs to chase after the Mayor herself. She catches up alongside him, before an oncoming vehicle hits her. It doesn't hurt at all, until the Chief's car lands on top of her, as the Flesh says there's no time for a nap! The League uses their tracking skills to find the Mayor, before they engage in a western-style showdown in their respective vehicles. The Mayor's demolishes the League's with no effort and he gloats in victory, before determining it's a draw as he veers off the road and down a cliff, his vehicle exploding in the process. The League look on at the wreckage and ponder what sinister thing draws a person to litter. Meltman isn't sure what it is specifically, but he's sure it's flammable. The Mayor, still in his burning car, asks "Is it hot in here, or is it just me?" and the League laughs.

Henry and June Act 3
Episode 1 Henry and June Act 3 Scene 1.jpg After the conclusion of Action League Now!, June doesn't understand how it was put together. Henry explains that in traditional animation, teams of artists slave for hours to create the thousands of images on cels that go into every minute of a cartoon. June nods, saying she was not aware of that. Henry continues to explain that the people at Action League Now! developed a process called "chuckimation" where all one needs is a good, strong arm and a passing car! June thinks it's great cartoon action, before Henry corrects her by saying it's "great chuckimation action," as they laugh. KaBlam! is leading the way in state of the art animation, just like the next "cutting edge" cartoon, Life with Loopy. Henry turns the page, but this time, he is wearing a mitten to protect his hand from another possible paper cut.

Life with Loopy
Life with Loopy Hi-Fi Frankenstein.jpg

Hi-Fi Frankenstein

Larry Cooper, a 12-year-old boy, says to get the ultimate enjoyment out of rock band Bugsteak, one has to turn up the volume but some just don't get it. His 7-year-old sister, Lupicia "Loopy" Cooper, urges him to play with her but he's too busy dancing to a song from Bugsteak and then calls Loopy a "goober," which upsets her. Larry is just going through a "phase," according to their mother, and she encourages Loopy to make a new friend. Loopy then creates a robot-like companion named Frank, mostly made out of parts from her father's old stereo system. Frank and Loopy are getting along great to start, but Larry has concerns after Frank makes comments about taking over the world and enslaving all humans. Mom is missing several of her kitchen appliances all of a sudden, which are in the basement with Frank to scheme. Loopy is bummed since all she wanted was a friend, but Larry says she already has one in him, and together they work to stop Frank. Larry holds up 30-day money back guarantees to threaten the kitchen appliances back to manufacturing, but Frank says those guarantees already are expired. Loopy attacks Frank from behind, putting in Larry's Bugsteak tape which shuts down Frank's systems. Larry thought Loopy might have been bummed losing Frank, but she never seemed to notice as the kitchen appliances join the two siblings dancing to Bugsteak.

Henry and June Act 4
Henry&June Watermelon.jpg Henry and June stuff their heads with watermelons, which they then swallow into their stomachs. The two then shoot out the melon seeds in all directions, revealing the name of the episode's final cartoon, Prometheus and Bob.

Prometheus and Bob
Prometheus & Bob Art.jpg

Tape #17: Art

Prometheus tries to teach Bob how to make art. Prometheus paints a dog and then hands the brush to Bob, who bangs on the painting. Bob then uses the brush to make some artwork, but the Monkey shows up to drink the pink paint and regurgitates it onto the canvas. Bob is making more artwork on the canvas, while the Monkey is painting on Prometheus's spaceship. Prometheus is then knocked unconscious until Bob and the Monkey wake him up with green paint. Prometheus spills pink paint onto Bob, who then plasters his face onto the canvas, creating an art piece until the Monkey turns the camera to his artwork. Bob then tosses a rock at the camera.

Prometheus & Bob Bowling.jpg

Tape #25: Bowling

Prometheus tries to teach Bob how to play the game of bowling. Prometheus rolls a strike, and then instructs the Monkey to set the pins back up for Bob to take his turn. Bob with the ball goes right up to the pins to knock them down himself. Bob is ready to play again, but the Monkey is standing right in front of the pins as Prometheus shoos him away. Bob hurls the ball up and it knocks down the camera. On another attempt, Bob rolls the ball but the Monkey blocks the ball next to the pins and the ball flings back. For the final attempt, Bob licks the ball but his tongue gets stuck to it before Prometheus and the Monkey free it, not without consequence as it hits a pile of boulders above which come crashing down.

Henry and June Act 5
Episode 1 Henry and June Act 5 Scene 1.jpg After running out of time for today, Henry and June say the important, but funny Pledge of KaBlamlegiance: "I pledge allegiance to KaBlam!, and the excited snakes of America. And to the cartoonists who make us stand, one comic book, irreplaceable, liver-free, with jetpacks for all!" In the end, Henry and June fly with their jetpacks into the comic book.


Henry and June

Sniz and Fondue

Action League Now!

Life with Loopy

Prometheus and Bob


  • This is the pilot episode of KaBlam! as well as the pilot episode of Sniz and Fondue with Sniz and Fondue as its main characters (the animation, which is similar to how its predecessor "Psyched for Snuppa" looked, changes after this episode).
  • This is one of three episodes to feature two Prometheus and Bob segments. The other episodes to do this are "It's Flavorific!" and "Better Than A Poke In The Eye!".
  • This is one of the last episodes of KaBlam! that has been initially rerun in the United States, airing in 2008 as part of Nicktoons Network's "100 Greatest Nicktoon Episodes," and on NickRewind (formerly known as The Splat and NickSplat) in October 2016, before it officially reappeared on VRV in late 2018 and on Paramount+ in March 2021.
  • This episode was ranked #30 during "Top 100 Greatest Moments in Nicktoon History."
  • The Pledge of KaBlamlegiance is a parody of the United States of America's Pledge of Allegiance.


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Henry and June

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  • War Lords - Robert Cornford (June tells the audience to prepare themselves)
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  • Robbers (a) - Richard Harvey (spider behind Henry)
  • Skaternity [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (June tries to remember what to do next)
  • Robbers (a) - Richard Harvey ("...you save me from a painful death!")
  • Skaternity [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] ("No, that's not it.")
  • Robbers (a) - Richard Harvey (spider gets closer)
  • Skaternity [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (June finally remembers what to do next)
  • 2-Tone Army [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (upcoming segments)
  • Busy Life - Cedric King-Palmer (Henry explains the process of traditional animation)
  • War Lords - Robert Cornford ("But the people at Action League Now! developed a process called 'chuckimation.'")
  • America the Beautiful (a) - Graham De Wilde (the Pledge of KaBlamlegiance)
  • Skaternity [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (credits)

Sniz & Fondue

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  • Horror, Music - Theme 9: Full Mix [Sound Ideas] (screams)
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  • Drama Shock (b) - Richard Harvey ("A Madagascar scorpion!")
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  • Drama Shock (b) - Richard Harvey ("One sting and it kills?!")
  • Killer Birds - Gregor Narholz ("Sniz, look out!")
  • March, Music - Theme 1B: Drums, Fanfare [Sound Ideas] (everyone plans to search the house)
  • Horror, Music - Theme 34: Full Mix [Sound Ideas] (Sniz and Snuppa enter the bathroom)
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  • Drama Shock (b) - Richard Harvey (scorpion on Fondue's back)
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  • Samba Viva - Alf Saro (ending)

Action League NOW!

  • [original music by Nat Kerr and Rick Witkowski] (opening)
  • Dramatic Impact 1 - Ivor Slaney ("Hey, that guy's a litterbug!")
  • [original music by Nat Kerr and Rick Witkowski] (rest of short)
  • The End 06 A Maj - Marcin Pospieszalski (ending)