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Season 3, Episode 3 (29th overall)
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Written by Michael Rubiner
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"Your Logo Here" is the 29th episode of KaBlam!. It is the third episode of the third season.

Segments Edit

Henry and June: In order to make KaBlam! more educational ("Preparing Young Minds for Tomorrow's Future... Today!"), Henry and June explain what onomatopoeia is.

Sniz and Fondue - "Penny-Ante Vigilantes": Fondue believes a crook is in his house, though it is Sniz, who is sleepwalking.

Henry and June: Henry and June introduce Ed the Educational Otter, who tries to help make the show more educational. However, he gets on Henry and June's nerves after he takes away Henry's doughnuts and changes up June's outfit.

Action League Now! - "Melty Dearest": A baby spider begins to think Meltman is its mother, though this seems cute, things turn hectic when the real mother appears.

Henry and June: Henry and June talk about the educational value of Action League Now!.

Life with Loopy - "Secret Agent Mom": Loopy discovers her mother is a secret agent who has an alien hidden in the house.

Henry and June: Henry and June look at the comic book "Galaxy of Death", which angers Ed, as it isn't educational.

Prometheus and Bob - "Tape #20, Bob's Birthday": Prometheus tries his best to help Bob celebrate his own birthday, but it doesn't go so well.

Henry and June: Henry and June trap Ed in a net, getting him off their nerves.

Trivia Edit

  • Ed the Educational Otter was voiced by KaBlam! writer Michael Rubiner, who coincidentally wrote this episode.
  • The episode is available for download on Henry and June segment creator Mark Marek's website.