You May Already Be a...KaBlammer!
Season 3, Episode 10 (36th overall)
You May Already Be a...KaBlammer!
Written by Ariel Leve, Michael Rubiner, Robert Mittenthal, Randolph Heard, Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi, Francis Gasparini
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"You May Already Be a...KaBlammer!" is the 36th episode of KaBlam!. It is the 10th episode of the third season.

Segments Edit

Henry and June: Jimmy McGee joins KaBlam! to make the show funnier.

Action League Now! - "Hit of Horror": Hodge Podge releases a song on the radio that places people under hypnotism, making them want to destroy the League.

Henry and June: Henry tries to prove he can be funny, too, though he fails.

Prometheus and Bob - "Tape #205, Laundry": Prometheus tries to teach Bob how to do laundry.

Henry and June: Henry pays Mr. Foot to laugh at his jokes, but Mr. Foot doesn't exactly go along with the idea.

Life with Loopy - "In the Doghouse": Loopy ends up trapped in a doghouse guarded by a mean dog.

Henry and June: Henry's mom appears to help him be funny, but after Jimmy makes fun of Henry, Henry's mom and Jimmy begin to fight.

The Zambonis - "Hockey Monkey": A monkey plays hockey with kids.

Henry and June: Henry's mom and Jimmy still fight and Henry finally makes a good joke, at least it was funny to June.

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