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You've Tried The Rest! Now Try The Best!
Season 1, Episode 8 (8th overall)
You've Tried The Best Now Try The Rest.png
Air date December 6, 1996
Written by Robert Mittenthal, Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi
Directed by Irene Sherman
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"You've Tried The Rest! Now Try The Best!" is the eighth episode of KaBlam!. It is the eighth episode of the first season.


Henry and June Act 1
Sniz and Fondue
Henry and June Act 2
Action League Now!
Henry and June Act 3
Life with Loopy
Henry and June Act 4
The Off-Beats
Henry and June Act 5

Henry and June Act 1
Henry&June Laughter.jpg As Henry greets the viewers, June can't stop giggling. She then bursts into laughter and bangs her head on the camera to stop, which works. Henry resumes his introduction before June starts laughing again. Henry comes up with an idea to stop this, by making June think of something really sad. However, this is another temporary fix as she resumes laughing. Finally fed up, Henry takes June to a volcano and drops her in it, which he finds funny. Before Henry turns the page to Sniz and Fondue, June says it's not working as her laughter echoes in the volcano.

Sniz and Fondue
Sniz&Fondue The Borrowers.jpg

The Borrowers

Local radio station Juicy 306 is about to announce the daily $10,000 question: Who was the actress that lost her head, literally, in "Castle of Discomfort"? Sniz and Fondue are racing to a nearby payphone to answer. Fondue combs through all the stuff in his pockets in search of a quarter, before a passerby in a limousine hands one off to him. Sniz and Fondue discuss possible answers to the question as they call in, but when connected with the radio station Sniz yells out the wrong answer. Back at home, the two argue over the answer before they receive a visit from the earlier passerby in the limousine and his bodyguard, who turn out to be loan sharks. They want their quarter back, and Fondue gives them cash. According to their calculations, the loan sharks (with compound interest) demand $200 because they charge 300% interest by the minute. Fondue says it's no problem, as he goes up to his room to find money (but is actually trying to escape the house), while Sniz tries and fails to distract the loan sharks with prune frappés. The loan sharks stop Fondue from escaping, then notice unopened model kits in his room. They unwrap one of the kits and threaten Fondue to get their money by 9 a.m. the next day, or the box gets opened. Sniz and Fondue are on the run, staying at Krazy Kaktus Motel until the loan sharks show up and kidnap them. In the limousine, Sniz recommends some "cruisin' tunes," and the loan sharks oblige, turning on the radio that is tuned to Juicy 306 with the day's $10,000 question: Name the actress who whined like a sissy, literally, in "The Monster That Made Me Cry"? Fondue and Sniz both know the answer, and as Fondue calls in, the loan sharks try to stop him, but fail. Fondue then yells the correct answer, where he and Sniz are $10,000 richer. Unfortunately, the two have to pay the loan sharks that money before they give back a $20 since they "had a couple of laughs along the way." Sniz and Fondue are overjoyed with their earning as they will spend it at the movies.

Henry and June Act 2
June Borrowed Things.jpg June says she's "turning over a new leaf," returning the things she borrowed from Henry, including his zither (it breaks as he plays it). Henry says he didn't let June borrow all of the items, but she claims she was just keeping them warm as Henry finds his Captain Snuffy doll, which was beheaded. June then returns Henry's irregularly shaped boulder collection, which he doesn't recall having, before she drops it on him. June then introduces a collection of crime fighters that are sure to rock the viewers' world, Action League Now!.

Action League Now!
Action League Now! In the Belly of the Beast.jpg

In the Belly of the Beast

At Mount Pillowmanjaro, the Chief and his wife are on a date and take in the nature. However, a vacuum cleaner interrupts and Justice tries to warn the Chief, but it's too late as the vacuum cleaner's hose sucks him up. The vacuum cleaner is controlled by none other than His Dishonor, the Mayor. At Action Headquarters, the League is without their leader, goofing off (Thundergirl riding a roller skate, The Flesh tossing a paper airplane and Stinky Diver trying to shoot it with his spear gun). Stinky hits Meltman on accident, who tells the rest of the League as senior member, he's in charge. The Flesh sarcastically responds Meltman is in charge of getting sodas, who then reluctantly decides to get them. Justice arrives and tells The Flesh, Thundergirl, and Stinky Diver that the Chief is missing. The League rushes off to find him, while Meltman, at the refrigerator trying to get the sodas with a long stick, complains that the League doesn't appreciate him. The sodas then fall onto him. Returning to Action Headquarters, Meltman notices the rest of the League is gone. Thinking they ditched him, he quits. The rest of the Action League searches for the Chief, with The Flesh in the kitchen on foot, Thundergirl flying in the living room and Stinky Diver in the bathroom, swimming in a toilet. One by one, the vacuum cleaner hose sucks them up. The Flesh is too big and buff to fit, before a falling barbell splits him into pieces, as the Mayor jokes he's got the "flesh-eating disease." Inside the vacuum bag, the Action League finds the Chief, but they are all trapped. Meanwhile, Meltman is cashing his final paycheck at the bank, before the Mayor uses the vacuum cleaner hose to suck up the money and the bank's manager. Meltman takes evasive action from the vacuum, where it chases him to the bathroom. He climbs up a toilet plunger, runs across the toilet and bounces off the handle, landing on a toilet paper roll. The Mayor uses the vacuum to suck up the toilet paper as Meltman runs across it. The toilet paper quickly fills up the vacuum bag, robbing the rest of the Action League precious oxygen. When the toilet paper runs out, the Mayor corners Meltman, who looks like he is done for. The toilet paper clogs up the vacuum hose and causes the device to malfunction. It explodes, and sets the rest of the Action League free. The Chief and the League ask the Mayor why he did what he did, and he tells them he's a "neatnik." Meltman is offered an apology from the Action League and they think he should be in charge... in charge of getting pizza, that is. The League then chants for pizza.

Henry and June Act 3
Henry&June Tapioka.jpg Henry is hungry after all the white-knuckle Action League Now! excitement, so he and June make tapioca pudding. First, they use a vacuum cleaner with butter, eggs, sugar and finally, tapioca. They mix the ingredients into a cream, and then serve, as the tapioca pudding explodes onto the screen. It's a tasty treat for the whole family, just like the next segment, Life with Loopy.

Life with Loopy
Loopy Mother Nature Bowl-Off.jpg

Mother Nature Bowl-Off

Larry shows off his summer vacation, a "total washout." A couple of weeks ago on a long, hot day, the sound of thunder awakens Loopy, who is curious what's going on. Larry was going to explain that thunder is caused by air rapidly expanding due to temperature changes in the upper stratosphere, but their mother interrupts to say it's just the sound of Mother Nature bowling. Loopy is annoyed because it's when people are trying to sleep and it's not "good sportsmanship." Outside, she taunts Mother Nature before a lightning strike hits her and she is transported to a bowling alley. Mother Nature offers Loopy a challenge: If Loopy wins, Mother Nature must lay off bowling for the summer, but if Mother Nature wins, Loopy must paint all the leaves brown in the fall. The "great bowl-off" begins, with Mother Nature rolling a "typhoon toss" for a strike and Loopy rolls a "pastrami on rye" for a strike. Mother Nature then tosses her "hurricane hurl" for a strike so powerful, it knocks part of Loopy's house down, but her father is unfazed by this as he reads the newspaper. Mother Nature starts to boast and attempts her next throw, which lands in the gutter. She and Loopy then trade throws, before tied in the final frame. Loopy is facing the dreaded 7-10 split, and she needs to knock down both pins to win. With a zig-zag throw, Loopy knocks down the pins and emerges victorious. Offering her hand in good sportsmanship, Mother Nature acts like a sore loser and sends Loopy back home, where it starts to rain. Larry wraps up his story, getting back to his summer vacation — lounging in his room next to the window as it continues to rain.

Henry and June Act 4
Henry&June Next Cartoon.jpg Within seconds, Henry and June introduce the next cartoon, The Off-Beats.

The Off-Beats
The Off-Beats Intro.jpg

The Robodog

A group, named the Populars, are walking their dogs. August, the leader of another group named the Off-Beats, says nobody else's dog gets a day off, but his companion, September, says it's in his contract. August says he'll just have to play with another dog then, which September is fine with. August then buys a robotic canine named Robo-Dog. September relaxes during his off day in a pool, before August passes him several times walking Robo-Dog, and then the two demonstrate sit, shake and roll over techniques. September isn't impressed, as he grabs a snorkel to sit underwater in his pool. Shortly after, September is working out on an exercise bike, as August and Robo-Dog show up to play a game of fetch, and Robo-Dog then uses the stick to carve it into a wooden flute before September uses his exercise bike to pedal away. August holds a framed photo of September as he shows signs of missing his furry friend, before Robo-Dog wants to play some more but August isn't in the mood. August, against his will, and Robo-Dog resume playing before September drives by in a golf cart, coming up with an idea. He buys Robo-Boy, who Robo-Dog quickly changes focus to. August gives September his thanks and tells him to enjoy the rest of his day off.

Henry and June Act 5
June erases everything!.jpg Henry and June thank the viewers for inviting them into their homes, but June is making a lot of noise by cleaning up the tapioca pudding mess, using a vacuum cleaner and then a squeegee, both instances annoying Henry. June then uses a sponge that quietly does the job and earns Henry's approval, but it starts to erase the set. June then erases Henry's head and herself.


Henry and June

Sniz and Fondue

Action League Now!

Life with Loopy

The Off-Beats


  • The last Henry and June segment was later redone into a commercial for The Big Help, a community outreach program made famous in 1994 by Nickelodeon.
  • This is one of the times on Nickelodeon where a cuss word has been said or seen. In this case, "sux" (sucks) was shown written on the bowling scorecard in the Life with Loopy segment.
  • First appearance of The Off-Beats. Thus, it is the second episode to not have Prometheus and Bob.



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  • Ska Memorabilia - Jake Burns, Bruce Foxton (June can't stop laughing)
  • Sad Espressivo - Otto Sieben (June tries to think of a sad thought, but can't)
  • Rescue - Cecil Milner (Henry carries June up a volcano and drops her in it)
  • Skaternity [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (Henry introduces Sniz and Fondue)
  • 2-Tone Army (Blues Reprise) [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (after the segment)
  • Lonely Violin - Dick Walter (Captain Snuffy has broken)
  • Ska Memorabilia - Jake Burns, Bruce Foxton (June introduces Action League NOW!)
  • 2-Tone Army [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (upcoming segments)
  • Holiday Playtime - Cedric King-Palmer (Henry and June make tapioca pudding with a vacuum cleaner)
  • 2-Tone Army [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (June introduces "Life with Loopy")
  • Skaternity [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] ("Here's a little something we like to call"/"our next cartoon!")
  • Hackney Carriage - Cedric King-Palmer (June cleans up)
  • Skaternity [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (ending/credits)