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Won't Stick to Most Dental Work!
Season 2, Episode 1 (14th overall)
Won't Stick to Most Dental Work.png
Air date October 3, 1997
Written by Michael Rubiner
Directed by Mark Marek
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"Won't Stick to Most Dental Work!" (S2E1) is the first episode from the second season, and 14th overall, of KaBlam!.


Henry and June Act 1
Sniz and Fondue
Henry and June Act 2
Action League Now!
Henry and June Act 3
Prometheus and Bob
Henry and June Act 4
Life with Loopy
Henry and June Act 5

Henry and June Act 1
Henry & June Flashbacks.jpg Henry thanks the viewers for choosing KaBlam!. As he introduces himself and co-host June, she starts repeating exactly what he says. Henry then gets an idea to counter that, tricking June to say "I smell" but she ends up saying "You smell," and he gets mad. June asks Henry why can't he take a joke, but he fires back and says all he does is take her jokes. June thinks he's imagining things, but Henry, via a film, presents flashbacks of what June has done to him to prove his case. June says the camera doesn't lie, and she promises it won't happen again. Henry and June both feel much better. Henry resumes his introduction, but June continues to repeats him. Henry's had enough as he quits, dropping his lavalier microphone and walking off set. June says someone got up on the wrong side of the page this morning, and thinks Henry will ease after the first cartoon, Sniz and Fondue.

Sniz and Fondue
Sniz & Fondue in Clubbed.jpg


Fondue's room is decked out with premium radios, stereos, and a leathery hi-tech recliner chair. Sniz wants to hear the "house special," expecting CDs, but it's actually AM radio. Fondue comes clean, admitting he didn't have the money for the CDs because he spent all of it on the hardware. As Sniz watches television, a commercial airs for The Clubbe, which sells 100 CDs that only cost a buck (the catch is, one will have to purchase 100 more discs at prices The Clubbe decides because it is a subscription system). The delivery arrives at Sniz and Fondue's house, and they listen to some of the CDs. Not only do they use them for music purposes, but household materials (kitchen knives and chair stabilizers) as well. One week later, another delivery shows up at the house, with another 100 discs that cost $500. Fondue is shocked and lectures Sniz about how the clubs are "scam operations" and demand money for life. The delivery man assumes Sniz and Fondue can't make the payment, but he's willing to take all 200 CDs back and take them out of the club, but one factor is that all CDs are in mint condition. They aren't, as evidence shows they've been used as pizza cutters, in fish bowls and on windowsills. Fondue then offers a suggestion to sell Sniz along with the boxes of CDs. As the delivery truck prepares to take off, Fondue realizes what he's done and swaps Sniz for the radios, stereos and recliner. Upset without the aforementioned relaxation material, Fondue tries to throw discs towards Sniz continuously.

Henry and June Act 2
Henry Restaurant.jpg June says the comedy team of Sniz and Fondue can take a joke more than Henry, who has not returned after walking off set beforehand. Mr. Foot gives a letter to June where Henry says that splitting off was the best idea and he has opened his own restaurant called Henry's House of KaBoom!. June's lawyers wouldn't let Henry use the KaBlam! name, but he's moved on. Henry allows customers to order show-related food such as Prometheus Burgers, Sniz Shakes, and Action Fries. He even brings fresh pepper. Henry tried adding on the menu "chunky-styled June pudding," but it didn't end up well as one customer is shown spitting it out immediately after eating. Enraged, June tears up the paper, stomps on it, and says she doesn't need Henry, getting fed up in form of going to the next skit.

Action League Now!
Action League Now! Big Baby.jpg

Big Baby

In Living Room Amusement Park, The Mayor is presenting at a freak show, telling the audience to prepare their eyes for a horrible testimony to nature's cruelty. Quarky, the daughter of Bill the Lab Guy, asks Stinky Diver if it's wrong to gawk at unfortunate creatures. Stinky digresses, saying it's great and roots for the Mayor to bring on the freak, unveiled as Big Baby. Thundergirl says it's cute, but Stinky thinks it's a "grotesque parody of human life." The Mayor is encouraging Big Baby to dance for the crowd, but it grabs the pencil he was holding and throws him into a trash can. As the crowd runs for their lives, Big Baby escapes the cage and grabs Quarky. At a Mobile Command Post, the Action League is discussing how to stop Big Baby. Stinky proclaims to "smash it, crash it, destroy it!" but Bill the Lab Guy protests, saying that Big Baby is a rare creature to be studied, not destroyed, and that the League should use reason, not violence. The Chief and Thundergirl break the news to Bill that Big Baby grabbed Quarky and ran off with her. As Bill hears this, he freaks out and is all for smashing, crashing and destroying it. Meanwhile, at a house, a mother and her two children are having lunch. Big Baby then tears the roof off the house and scares them all. Before Big Baby can attack, Stinky and the Flesh arrive in the Action Mobile. Stinky insults Big Baby and is about to shoot a projectile, but the Flesh says they got him mad. Back at the Mobile Command Post, Bill grieves over Quarky being taken. The Chief assures that his "best people are on it," before the Action Mobile is tossed to the Mobile Command Post. As Big Baby climbs up a coat rack, Thundergirl flies to it in a rescue attempt of Quarky. She then uses baby talk to ask if he wants a pacifier, but she is punched onto a cactus. Quarky begs for her father to save her. Bill wants to save her, but at the same time, he doesn't want to hurt Big Baby. He tries to think of a solution. The Flesh and Meltman are having a hard time thinking with a stench filling the air, but this gives Bill an idea. Him and the League finally find out why Big Baby's so cranky, it needs a diaper change! Stinky climbs up the coat rack and uses his spear gun to remove Big Baby's dirty diaper. Justice then opens the trash can (with the Mayor still inside preparing for "more trouble") to dispose of the dirty diaper. The Flesh then rams the coat rack with a skateboard, causing Big Baby to fall, but is caught in a clean diaper. As Quarky is falling, Thundergirl tries to catch her, but misses (fortunately, Quarky survives). With Big Baby calmed down, the Chief is impressed at what a difference a clean diaper can make. The Flesh, who is now wearing a diaper, agrees. Quarky is happy to see her father again, and Bill is relieved that she's all right. She is, thanks to the League. Stinky feeds Big Baby and Thundergirl asks Stinky she thought he hated babies. Stinky tells Thundergirl he thought so too, but now he finds Big Baby cute. Big Baby then vomits on Stinky, and everyone laughs.

Henry and June Act 3
June Solo Number.jpg June is now ready to present something a little more "intimate." With Henry now gone, she has an opportunity to spread her wings. Mr. Foot plays the piano and June sings a song making reference to Amelia Earhart overcoming obstacles before she became the first female aviator. June then performs gymnastics tricks before she crashes into the camera. As she is unconscious, the stage manager turns the page to Prometheus and Bob.

Prometheus and Bob
Prom & Bob Pottery.jpg

Tape #55: Pottery

Prometheus is teaching Bob how to make pottery. Prometheus tells Bob to spin the wheel so he can mold some clay and then put it in the kiln. Bob continues to spin the wheel and follows its direction while Prometheus is placing the molded vase into the kiln, but Bob throws up. Next, the Monkey rides on the wheel, but Prometheus forces him off who crashes off-screen. The Monkey then attaches a string, and when Prometheus tells the Monkey to shoo off, it tugs on the string and creates a mess of clay. Bob realizes how much of a mess clay can be and throws away a blob onto the top of the kiln, causing it to overheat and explode. Finally after the camera recovers, Bob manages to find some clay and molds it into a cup, excited that he did it right. However, Prometheus smashes the creation flat, causing Bob to grunt in confusion while the Monkey shuts off the camera.

Henry and June Act 4
June & Hector Action Fries.jpg June, injured prior in the performance, welcomes back the viewers and explains that the network has decided that she works better as part of a team, by introducing her new co-host, Hector. He's not very bright, though, as he announces his name as well reciting the phrase "super strong and super naked" (referring to Action League Now! star the Flesh). June is annoyed and demands a cut to commercial, but it's of Henry's House of KaBoom!. In the commercial, a family is preparing to eat lamb chops before Henry encourages them to come to the restaurant, now available in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Hector eats his Action Fries, before he is dragged off the set by June, him turning the page to Life with Loopy in the process.

Life with Loopy
Life with Loopy Butterfly Loopy.jpg

"Butterfly Loopy"

Larry says he knows he looks ridiculous in his outfit, but looks aren't everything. The week before, his sister Loopy learned that the hard way. After she and the family watch a nature show on butterflies, Loopy asks when she'll start looking beautiful and glamorous. Larry snidely remarks it'll happen when everyone else starts looking really ugly but Mom assures that Loopy is already beautiful and glamorous. Loopy then means beautiful and glamorous like her, but Dad says Mom has got the kind of beauty and glamour that takes years to achieve. Loopy freaks out and says she can't wait that long, but hears the nature show say that once in the cocoon, the caterpillar metamorphoses into a beautiful butterfly in only seven days. The next day at breakfast, Loopy makes a cocoon, her "shortcut to stylishness." She zips herself up in it for one week. Larry says without Loopy around, life just seemed to fly by. One week later, movement is detected in the cocoon and Loopy emerges as a butterfly. Outside with the family documenting her new look, Larry admits even though Loopy is a "bug," she does look pretty glamorous. Trouble is, a scientist thinks so as well, mistaking Loopy for a rare specimen, and he plans to capture her. Eventually, it's dinner time and Larry demands she come down. Loopy's too busy enjoying the air. The scientist arrives at the house with a net to capture Loopy, but she tries to get away. Larry has had enough of his sister's shenanigans and decides to make his own butterfly suit to bring her down. The scientist continues to chase after Loopy, who admits the glamour thing is a "pain in the thorax" and she's going home. As Loopy gets there, she sees Larry wearing his butterfly outfit before she touches a bug zapper and is reverted back to normal. Larry is then captured by the scientist. Loopy finally figures out that looks really aren't everything, and Larry is living the "glamorous life" now by being an exhibit (The Amazing Butterfly Boy) in a museum. Surrounded by the public, Loopy gives him a thumbs up while Dad documents with a video camera.

Henry and June Act 5
Henry & June Reunited.jpg Due to circumstances beyond his control, Hector will not be available for the end of the show, as he is being stowed in the trunk of a car by Mr. Foot. June realizes that no one can replace her co-host Henry, as she watches a film showing the good times they had. Henry is tearing up while watching the montage on a television at Henry's House of Ka-Boom!, even while ruining a patron's Action Fries with excessive pepper. June is tearing up too, before an applauding Henry shows up in the comic book. The two run in slow motion towards each other and share a hug. They then realize what they're doing, and Henry says they shouldn't get "gross" here. June agrees, before she jumps into Henry's lap, apologizing for hurting him and hopes he's back for good. Henry forgives her and says he's back. June offers Henry the last page to turn. As he is about to and says "bye" to the viewers, June says "bye" as well, and this surprises Henry. June makes her case she was only saying goodbye because it's what she always does. Henry then gives a smirk as the comic book closes.


Henry and June

Sniz and Fondue

Action League Now!

Life with Loopy



Henry and June

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Action League Now!

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