Won't Stick to Most Dental Work
Season 2, Episode 1 (14th overall)
Won't Stick to Most Dental Work
Written by Michael Rubiner
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Won't Crack or Peel
"Won't Stick to Most Dental Work" is the 14th episode of KaBlam!. It is the first episode of the second season.


Picture Segment Notes

Henry & June Flashbacks

Main Comic While Henry tries to introduce the episode, June starts repeating what he says. To counter that, Henry tries to trick June to say "I smell" but she ends up saying "You smell" back at Henry, and he becomes livid. Henry shows flashbacks of what June did to him to prove that all he does is take her jokes. June ensures it won't happen again, but she still repeats Henry's quotes. Henry quits the show, but June thinks he'll come back after Sniz and Fondue.

Sniz & Fondue in Clubbed

Sniz and Fondue

" Clubbed" Fondue has now afforded enough to get premium radios, stereos, and a leathery hi-tech recliner chair. Sniz wants to hear the "house special", which is the radio, then Sniz expects CDs. Fondue didn't have the money for the CDs, so while Sniz was watching the TV, he sees a commercial for The Clubbe, which sells 100 CDs that only cost a buck. He runs for the phone number but does it too early as the commercial allows subscription that they can price themselves. The delivery comes, and now Fondue is bomb shelled about the disks. Fondue now uses the CDs for not only music purposes, but also for household materials. As the aftermath, another delivery comes 1 week later, now with another 100 disks that cost $500 from Sniz joining the club. As Sniz comes down, Fondue is screaming at Sniz and tells Sniz about scam operators. The delivery man thinks that they don't have the money, but Sniz and Fondue try to smile that they can pay. The delivery man suggests returning the disks in "out of box condition". With the fact they used it as household material, Sniz tries to find other options - selling Sniz out. Noticing what Fondue has done, he tries selling all of his stereos and the chair from earlier. Now angry without the aforementioned relaxation material, Fondue tries to throw disks to Sniz continuously, with Fondue only smiling once after hitting Sniz.

Henry Restaurant

Main Comic June is saying that Sniz and Fondue can take a joke more than Henry, who has not returned after walking off set beforehand. Mr. Foot gives a letter to June saying that Henry opened his own restaurant called Henry's House of KaBoom!, and that splitting off was the best idea. He allows customers to order KaBlam!-related food such as Prometheus Burgers, Sniz Shakes and Action Fries. He even brings fresh pepper. He tried adding on the menu "Chunky-styled June Pudding", but the customers found it disgusting. Enraged, June tears up the paper, stomps on it, and says "Fine! Who needs him! I hope he chokes on his Action Fries!". However, June tries to smile back at the viewers, and with that said, she turns the page to Action League Now!.

Action League Now! Big Baby

Action League Now!

"Big Baby"The Mayor shows a different species at a freak show called Big Baby. The Mayor tries to make Big Baby dance, but it grabs the pencil the Mayor was holding and throws him in a trash can. Big Baby escapes the cage and grabs Quarky and starts to invade the city. The Action League comes at the first house Big Baby invades, but Big Baby throws them back. Big Baby is now climbing the hat rack, and Thundergirl is trying to get Quarky free, but Big Baby just punches Thundergirl to a cacti. Afterwards, with the Action League now at the scene, Stinky Diver and The Flesh try to change the diaper, and the baby is calm. Stinky Diver tries to care for the baby by making it drink milk, but Big Baby spits it back out onto Stinky Diver.

June Solo Number

Main Comic June tries to sing a song and performing gymnastics tricks, but flings into the camera.

Prom & Bob Pottery

Prometheus and Bob

"Tape #55, Pottery" Prometheus teaches Bob how to make pottery, but then he practices and practices and practices until he falls and hurts his foot.

June & Hector Action Fries

Main Comic June welcomes the viewers back and introduces her new co-host Hector, but June then finds him useless. They cut to a commercial of Henry's House of KaBoom! and Hector is then dragged offset as he eats his Action Fries.

Life with Loopy Butterfly Loopy

Life with Loopy

"Butterfly Loopy"Loopy wants to be beautiful, so she builds a cocoon and turns into a butterfly and flies around but the only problem is, there's a scientist on the loose that mistakes her for a rare specimen.

Henry & June Reunited

Main Comic All alone, June tries to close the episode after firing Hector, who is being stowed in the trunk of a car by Mr. Foot. June reminisces of the times she spent with Henry. The two are then reunited.

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