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Untalkative Bunny
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Segments: 40 (1 pilot on KaBlam!; 39 series episodes)
Date Ran: 1999 (KaBlam!), 2001-2003 (series)
First and Only KaBlam! Appearance: KaFun!
Directed/Written/Created By: Graham Falk
Produced By: Dynomight Cartoons,

Treehouse Production (UK),
Big Al Productions (UK),
Glaverotic Cartoons,
Rooster Entertainment Group,
Blue Twist Animation IIV,

Untalkative Bunny is a Canadian/British animated series created by Graham Falk. Its pilot episode premiered on the MTV adult-animation showcase program Cartoon Sushi and then shown on the Nickelodeon animated sketch comedy series KaBlam!. A full series would air on the Canadian network Teletoon from April 15, 2001, to July 4, 2003, with 39 episodes (195 short films, five per episode) over three seasons.

Each episode focuses on a rabbit named Bunny and the problems of modern life in the big city (closely based on Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). The show covers topics of modern life elements, such as dieting, vegetarianism, racism, and environmentalism.


  • Bunny: A mute, yellow anthropomorphic rabbit.
  • Squirrel: An orange squirrel, who frequently pays visits to Bunny, and lives in the wild as far as a city allows, such as city parks, but still with all the affordable modern comforts. He is sometimes accompanied by his son and daughter. (not seen on KaBlam!)
  • Emu: A grumpy, frustrated, and cantankerous blue emu who usually puts Bunny in bad situations. (not seen on KaBlam!)
  • Friendly Friend: An unknown pink creature who usually annoys Bunny. (not seen on KaBlam!)
  • Beaver: A purple beaver with the latest trends. His favorite sport is hockey. (not seen on KaBlam!)


  • Due to Nickelodeon owning only the airing right of the segment for initial reruns of KaBlam!, syndications and Paramount+ streaming of "KaFun!" have been removed.