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The Louie and Louie Show
The Louie and Louie Show.jpg
Segments: 2 (1 on KaBlam!, 1 on Nickelodeon)
Date Ran: 1997
First and Only KaBlam! Appearance: Built for Speed!
Created By: Gary Baseman
Produced By: Curious Pictures

The Louie and Louie Show (styled as The Louie n' Louie Show) is a traditional animation segment created by Gary Baseman, featured on the Nickelodeon animated sketch comedy series KaBlam!. It appeared in the Season 1 episode "Built for Speed!."

A chameleon and hamster, which are both named Louie, try to get their owners to show attention to them over the other pet in the household, a dog.


While The Louie and Louie Show was only featured once on KaBlam!, another installment aired by itself on Nickelodeon:


The Louie and Louie Show - In A Seedy Situation

  • "In A Seedy Situation": Chameleon Louie and Hamster Louie's adversaries are an anthropomorphic dog, Bubbles, and an anthropomorphic cat named Scruffy.



  • Created by: Gary Baseman
  • Written by: Ron Hauge
  • Storyboard by: Tom McGrath/Mike Mitchell
  • Animation Director: Ron Hughart
  • Line Producer: Alex Johns
  • Voices: Billy West/Jim Belushi/Dee Dee Rescher
  • Original Music: Shawn Patterson
  • Supervising Producer: Hal Waite Jr.
  • Executive Producer: Mary Harrington

"In A Seedy Situation"

  • Created/Written by: Gary Baseman
  • Directed by: Steven Dovas
  • Produced by: Kris Greengrove
  • Production Coordinated by: Cecilia Laureys
  • Animation by: Nina Bafaro, John Schnall, Barry Vodos, Vincent Bell, Steven Dovas, Gloria DePonte, Jean-Pierre Dillard, David Concepcion
  • Assistant Animation by: Roger Mejia, Thessia Machado, Jim Petropoulous, Niall Laverty, Gloria DePonte, Jean-Pierre Dillard, Richard Kranz, Frank Gresham, Mike Wisniewski
  • Voice Characterizations by: John Mariano, Tom Kenny, Doug Stone
  • Storyboard by: Steven Dovas and Gary Baseman
  • Character and Background Design: Gary Baseman
  • Background Artists: Frank Gresham, Helena Usacz, Sophie Kittredge, Felicia Telsey
  • Color Styling: Cecilia Laureys, Marina Dominis, Eve Gilbert
  • Baseman Fonts: Marc Majcher
  • Animation Clean-Up: Roger Mejia, Eve Gilbert, Christian Brown, Frank Gresham, Gloria DePonte, Felicia Telsey, Jeff Hopkins, Sergio Cuan, Jason Fruchter, Ian Klapper, Thessia Machado
  • Production Assistants: Christian Brown, Julie Mitzner
  • Animation Photography (USA): Rick Rodine, Bob Lyons
  • Ink and Paint: Wang Film Productions Co. Ltd. Taiwan
  • Original Music: Mark Mothersbaugh
  • Post-Production Sound supervised and mixed: Timothy J. Borquez with Tom Jaeger and Bill Kean
  • Sound Services provided by: Horta Editorial
  • Edited by: Tim Nordquist
  • Negative Cutter: Noelle Penraat
  • Video Post and Transfer by: Tape House Editorial
  • Voice Casting by: Melinda Wunsch
  • Story Editor: Robert Mittenthal
  • Two Good Guys: Eric Coleman and Andy Rheingold
  • Special Thanks: Mel Williges
  • Supervising Producer for Nickelodeon: Linda Simensky
  • Executive Producer for Nickelodeon: Mary Harrington


  • The transition to the commercial break on KaBlam! is the only one not announced by Bert Pence, but instead by Jim Belushi.
  • A custom-made transitioning picture was made for the segment's appearance on KaBlam!, made with various June avatars forming its name.