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The Louie and Louie Show
The Louie and Louie Show.jpg
Segments 2 (1 on KaBlam!, 1 on Nickelodeon)
Date Ran 1997
First and Only KaBlam! Appearance Built for Speed!
Created By Gary Baseman
Produced By Curious Pictures

The Louie and Louie Show (styled as The Louie n' Louie Show) is a traditional animation segment created by Gary Baseman, featured on the Nickelodeon animated anthology series KaBlam!. It appeared in the Season 1 episode "Built for Speed!."

A chameleon and hamster, which are both named Louie, try to get their owners to show attention to them over the other pet in the household, a dog named Rex.


While The Louie and Louie Show was only featured once on KaBlam!, another installment aired by itself on Nickelodeon:


The Louie and Louie Show - In A Seedy Situation

  • "In A Seedy Situation": Chameleon Louie and Hamster Louie's adversaries are an anthropomorphic dog, Bubbles, and an anthropomorphic cat named Scruffy.



  • Created by: Gary Baseman
  • Written by: Ron Hauge
  • Storyboard by: Tom McGrath/Mike Mitchell
  • Animation Director: Ron Hughart
  • Line Producer: Alex Johns
  • Voices: Billy West/Jim Belushi/Dee Dee Rescher
  • Original Music: Shawn Patterson
  • Supervising Producer: Hal Waite Jr.
  • Executive Producer: Mary Harrington

"In A Seedy Situation"

  • Created/Written by: Gary Baseman
  • Directed by: Steven Dovas
  • Produced by: Kris Greengrove
  • Production Coordinated by: Cecilia Laureys
  • Animation by: Nina Bafaro, John Schnall, Barry Vodos, Vincent Bell, Steven Dovas, Gloria DePonte, Jean-Pierre Dillard, David Concepcion
  • Assistant Animation by: Roger Mejia, Thessia Machado, Jim Petropoulous, Niall Laverty, Gloria DePonte, Jean-Pierre Dillard, Richard Kranz, Frank Gresham, Mike Wisniewski
  • Voice Characterizations by: John Mariano, Tom Kenny, Doug Stone
  • Storyboard by: Steven Dovas and Gary Baseman
  • Character and Background Design: Gary Baseman
  • Background Artists: Frank Gresham, Helena Usacz, Sophie Kittredge, Felicia Telsey
  • Color Styling: Cecilia Laureys, Marina Dominis, Eve Gilbert
  • Baseman Fonts: Marc Majcher
  • Animation Clean-Up: Roger Mejia, Eve Gilbert, Christian Brown, Frank Gresham, Gloria DePonte, Felicia Telsey, Jeff Hopkins, Sergio Cuan, Jason Fruchter, Ian Klapper, Thessia Machado
  • Production Assistants: Christian Brown, Julie Mitzner
  • Animation Photography (USA): Rick Rodine, Bob Lyons
  • Ink and Paint: Wang Film Productions Co. Ltd. Taiwan
  • Original Music: Mark Mothersbaugh
  • Post-Production Sound supervised and mixed: Timothy J. Borquez with Tom Jaeger and Bill Kean
  • Sound Services provided by: Horta Editorial
  • Edited by: Tim Nordquist
  • Negative Cutter: Noelle Penraat
  • Video Post and Transfer by: Tape House Editorial
  • Voice Casting by: Melinda Wunsch
  • Story Editor: Robert Mittenthal
  • Two Good Guys: Eric Coleman and Andy Rheingold
  • Special Thanks: Mel Williges
  • Supervising Producer for Nickelodeon: Linda Simensky
  • Executive Producer for Nickelodeon: Mary Harrington


  • The transition to the commercial break on KaBlam! is the only one not announced by Bert Pence, but instead by Jim Belushi.
  • A custom-made transitioning picture was made for the segment's appearance on KaBlam!, made with various June avatars forming its name.