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The Louie and Louie Show (styled as The Louie n' Louie Show) is a traditional animation segment created by Gary Baseman, featured on the Nickelodeon animated anthology series KaBlam!. It appeared in the Season 1 episode "Built for Speed!." A chameleon and hamster, which are both named Louie, try to get their owners to show attention to them.

Louie the Chameleon was voiced by Jim Belushi, and Louie the Hamster was voiced by Billy West.


A family spends lots of attention on their dog. In a nearby room, a chameleon named Louie spies on them with binoculars and ponders what he has to do to get that same attention. A hamster, also named Louie, is filled in about the situation before he tells Chameleon Louie to buck up and he's got all the talent like shedding skin, changing colors and looking two ways at once.

Hamster Louie says the current day will be different, where the family will look over at the cage and notice the two, but Chameleon Louie thinks that's what he says every day as the family, including the dog, are eating breakfast without utensils. A strong scent from the Louies attracts the family, who all look over at the cage. Hamster Louie says they noticed the two, and asks Chameleon Louie to change color. Chameleon Louie turns red while Hamster Louie wears some lipstick as they show off for the family, who isn't impressed and shut the doors to the room the two are in.

That night, the Louies are bathing in a sauna (a toaster oven) and glad the "day of neglect" is over. Hamster Louie brings up the point that the family dog wouldn't be able to fit in the sauna, it has to go outside to use the bathroom and it gets belly rubs/pampered every day. Chameleon Louie is pondering how the dog gets all the attention and what's his big secret. Hamster Louie says the dog wakes up, jumps on the bed, licks its owner's face and gets hugged. Chameleon Louie then comes up with an idea to lick the face to get the family affection, respect and best of all, love.

The Louies drive their wind-up car to the parents' bedroom. Chameleon Louie says this is it and when he gets to the other side, he'll be the "family favorite" and is wished luck by Hamster Louie. Chameleon Louie uses his tongue to rappel up to the bed and gets right up the father's face. He rubs the chin and then takes a long lick of it, as Hamster Louie sheds tears and says it's so beautiful. The father awakens and greets, before he realizes it's not the dog. They both scream, and everyone else is awoken screaming as well. Chameleon Louie is whacked with a tennis racket but Hamster Louie bites the father's foot, who thinks he's being eaten alive by the creatures. The mother says "it's just the children's pets."

Next day, Chameleon Louie mentions that everybody gets their five seconds of fame and he licked the father's face good. Hamster Louie congratulates him, and the two celebrate their successful mission with a toast. Their cage now hangs from a tree branch outside the family home while the dog barks at them.


  • Louie the Chameleon
  • Louie the Hamster
  • Champ (dog)
  • Family (mother, father, children)
  • Crickets


  • The Louie and Louie Show is the only KaBlam! segment besides Action League Now! to resume after a commercial break.
  • There was a second Louie and Louie segment made, but the art style was different and the voice actors of both titular characters were changed. It was also only for Nickelodeon as opposed to KaBlam!.



The Louie and Louie Show (pilot)