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The Little Freaks is a traditional animation segment co-created by Aaron White and Joe Rossu, seen on the Nickelodeon animated sketch comedy KaBlam!. It appeared in the Season 4 episode "Going the Extra Mile!" and later on the "Nicktoons Presents" interstitials on Nicktoons Network.

Three mutated and teenaged superheroes try to stop a fashion villain from making everyone wearing his horribly designed jumpsuits, with the ability to control the wearer's mind.


The story begins in No-Faces evil fashion factory, where he unleashes his cloth eating moths, eating the fabrics of all citizens in the city away. With the people nearly naked, they are now forced to buy No-Faces moth-resilient, but monotenous looking jumpsuits. Now wearing the suits, the masses are now under his control.

On the other side of town, we meet the Little Freaks made of: Braingel, Tryla and Dubbs. While Tryla and Dubbs comment on the predicament of the situation and ugliness of the jumpsuits, Braingel does come up with an idea at how they can stop the villain. They span up a large rubber band inside the headquarters backroom and fling each other directly into the evil factory.

Back in the factory, No-Face fantasizes about conquering the world when suddenly, Braingel and Tryla are come down from the roof to confront him. Without Dubbs however, they are outnumbered and in danger of being captured. Meanwhile Dubbs were flung in the wrong direction and crash into the flat of an aging disco-queen. Although the situation is at first intimitating for Dubbs, the disco-queen appears to be friendly and gifts them a disco ball. They then head back to their friends.

Arriving at the villains HQ, Dubbs quickly flashes up the ball, starting up a party. The overworked moths gather together stopping their work and start dancing. No-Face being angered asks the Little Freaks as why they are stopping eating the clothes away, with them replying that moths feel attracted by the light like night life. While No-Face is now forced to sell his jump-suits at a loss, the trio continues dancing to disco music.



  • Braingel: Voiced by Chris Phillips. The unofficial leader of The Little Freaks of asian origin, who comes up with most of the plans. He is usually seen with his brain on his head in a glass and may have a crush on Tryla.


  • Tryla: Voiced by Joyce O'Conner. The three-eyed second in command of The Little Freaks. She knows a lot about fashion and may be in love with Braingel.


  • Dubbs: Voiced by Chris Phillips. A pair of Siamese twins that don't look alike. One head, Mike, is an African-American guy who wears a hat. The other head, Michael, is a white guy that has a bandage on his head and is a redhead. They talk in unison.

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  • No-Face: Voiced by Chris Phillips. A faceless villain who makes clothes-eating moths so they can eat the citizens' clothes and make them wear jumpsuits that control their minds. In the end, he is seen selling jumpsuits. His accent implies, that he's of german or slavic origin.


Dubbs is the only character in the short with a full name, with theirs being Mike and Michael.


Created & directed by: Aaron White and Joe Rossu

Produced by: Agi Fodor, Joe Rossu, Aaron White

Written by: Rick Groel

Story by: Rick Groel, Joe Rossu, Aaron White


Chris Phillips as: Announcer, Braingel, Mike and Micheal Dubbs, Moths, the Aging Disco Queen

Joyce O'Conner as: Tryla


Animation by: 23D Films

Layout by: Joe Drrantis

Animators: Joe Rossu, Aaron White, Joe Drrantis, Sue Beelingberg

Clean Up: Craig Ibarra, Aaron Portillo

Digital Composition by: Andy Jolliff

Painters: Jon Fuller, F.Stick, Serena Reid, Eddie Condes

Edited by: Kevin Bourque


Audio Post: Broadway Sound

Sound Design & Mix: Ralph Kelsey

Theme Music & Score by: Lard Dog & His Band of Shy

Post Production Manager: Janet King

Executive Producers: Agi Fodor, Niels Schuurmans

Special Thanks

Irena & Ethan White, The Russo Family, Eric Keyes, Jon Mathot, Evan Mack, Kelly Calder, Donna Felten, Andres Remere, VirtualMagic Animations, Gaber Csupo, Wes Archer, Taylor Jelliff, David Silverman, Marget Pipkin, Sam Dilugach, Miles Davis, Champagne Velvet, Kiss, San Pedro



The Little Freaks