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The Little Freaks is an animated short appearing in the KaBlam! Season 4 episode "Going the Extra Mile". It is about three superheroes trying to stop a fashion villain from making everyone wear jumpsuits, which controls their minds. The Little Freaks is one of the one-time shorts on KaBlam! that aired on Nicktoons itself, featuring a "Nicktoons Presents" in the beginning.

Characters Edit

  • Braingel: The un-official leader of The Little Freaks. He is usually seen with his brain on his head in a glass. He is the brains of the group and comes up with most of the plans. It is possible that he may have a crush on Tryla.
  • Tryla: The second in command of The Little Freaks. She has three eyes. She knows a lot about fashion. It is possible that she is in love with Braingel.
  • Dubbs: A pair of Siamese twins that don't look alike. One head, Mike, is an African-American that wears a hat. The other head, Michael, is a white guy that has a bandage on his head and is a red-head. They talk in unison.
  • No-Face: A faceless villain who makes clothes-eating moths so they can eat the citizens' clothes and make them wear jumpsuits that control their minds. At the end, he is seen selling jumpsuits.
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The Little Freaks