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The Henry and June Show
Season N/A, Episode N/A
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Air date June 25, 1999
Written by Jay Martel ("A Show of Their Own"), Robert Mittenthal and Michael Rubiner ("Be True to Your School")
Directed by
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The Henry and June Show is a special episode of the Nickelodeon animated anthology series KaBlam!. It was aired as a spin-off attempt of the Henry and June segments. Despite a positive reception from fans, the attempt was not successful, so the episode only aired once.


"A Show of Their Own"

Henry and June are about to go live in five minutes with their own show (unlike the comic book-setting of KaBlam!), featuring a house band and special guests. June is nervous, while Henry needs a mint to cure his bad breath which he can't afford, now that he's a humongous, super-famous megastar. June says although she and Henry have their own television show, that doesn't mean they can act like "big-headed jerks." A chauffeur rolls into the studio with a Gran Machismo 2000 — a fancy sports car with corduroy interior and plushy seats — before it's revealed that Henry spent their entire payload on the "bad motor scooter that Tom Cruise drives." June isn't happy, as the two fight each other through various programming including an Emeril Lagasse cooking show, Al Roker's weather forecast and a professional wrestling match featuring "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Undertaker.

As Henry and June wrap up their fight, it's two minutes until showtime. June is in a rush to do her vocal exercises before Fred Stockdale, the network executive, is looking for her and Henry. Stockdale then gives Henry, who is about to open a water bottle, some advice that he previously gave Macaulay Culkin on the set of Dances with Wolves — "a star never opens his own water." Stockdale then orders Mr. Foot to open a water bottle. This excites Henry, so he asks if Mr. Foot has a breath mint, which he doesn't. Henry takes the rejection fine, before Stockdale says that's not how Cuba Gooding Jr. asks for one. Henry, now with a little more motivation, demands for a breath mint, as Mr. Foot obliges. Noticing the Gran Machismo 2000 is unoccupied, he takes it out of the studio. Introduced by Jimmy McGee and band Nuklear Oxygin, Henry complains that it isn't the house band he hoped for, asking what happened to Dave Matthews, but June says Nuklear Oxygin is better as its members go to their school and she thinks the guitarist is cute. Henry tries to warm up the studio audience with a pun, saying "that's one band that should be banned for life." The audience becomes restless and wants Wheel of Fortune instead, but June tells them to "put a sock in it," quieting them down. Now to spice up the show, Henry and June bring out the Olsen twins, but stage manager Larry says they won't come out of their dressing room. So, "the guy from the zoo with all the animals" is brought out first, even though he hasn't finished his cookie backstage. Gathering all of his creatures behind the curtain, Henry jokes that it "sounds like a real zoo back there," but no one finds it funny. The "zoo guy" appears and shows off one of the animals, named Howard the Hapsin' Hamster (the last living one in existence). Henry gets a closer look, but his bad breath knocks Howard out. The show takes a commercial break, as June calls it a disaster, and Henry agrees, wondering where Mr. Foot is with his breath mints.

With the radio playing, Mr. Foot cruises through downtown in the Gran Machismo 2000 and finds what he's looking for at The Mint Mint. Backstage at the studio, Henry and June are not happy that the Olsens refuse to come out of their dressing room, the reason being they don't like the way they're drawn. Henry rants that the show is going to "heck in a handbasket," as his bad breath knocks out Larry and Stockdale reacts negatively, saying he hasn't smelled such bad breath since Buddy Ebsen did a milk commercial. He thinks someone should be sent out for some breath mints, as Henry and June, annoyed, say they already sent out Mr. Foot. Stockdale says he knew it was a good idea. Mr. Foot is now on his way back to the studio with breath mints, but the police have pursued him in a high-speed chase. Back on the air, the audience still clamors for Wheel of Fortune and its prizes. June, shaking her fist, says they have prizes if they come up to the stage and get them. She gets back to the task at hand and brings out Henry — as "The Great Henrini" — with a magic trick performance, but this fails and he's pelted with fruit. The police's high-speed chase with Mr. Foot reaches the studio in a breaking news report, as Henry and June realize their car is the one involved in it. Henry asks when he and June will be going back on the air, but Stockdale talked to the network and they're replacing the two with "static." Mr. Foot drives through the studio and crashes into the Olsen twins' dressing room door, as they agree to do the show, appearing on stage. The audience starts to applaud and cheer before Emeril Lagasse, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Al Roker also make appearances. After all this, Stockdale is pleased to announce that Henry and June are back on the air! Henry finally gets his breath mints, but one problem, they're not wintergreen, so Henry fires Mr. Foot. Mr. Foot, angered by this, chases Henry around as everyone else laughs and applauds.

After the show, Stockdale is now sitting by himself in the audience area, applauding and cheering. Larry says the studio is about to close for the night but Stockdale says that's ridiculous and the show is just getting good.

"Be True to Your School"

The morning after their show, Henry and June are about to go to school, but Henry forgets his pants as passersby notice. They get to school but realize their current one, Obscure President Middle School, is not for them. In gym class, June talks with her friends that didn't even know the show was on while Henry forgets his homework and instead turns in an autographed headshot of himself, receiving a "F" from his teacher. Henry and June are eating lunch and frustrated, before a kid named Ryan (wearing Henry's blue shirt and sporting June's blue hair) meets them and tells them all about how much he loved the show. He then recommends that Henry and June attend H.I.T.S. (Higher Institute for Tomorrow's Superstars), where all the kids with "showbiz sizzle" go. Ryan asks for a tongue-scraping (or any tissue sample) for his collection, but Henry and June are already en route to H.I.T.S.

Henry and June show up at the new school, being greeted by many of its students in song. During first period, June is in a dance class and says at her old school, she'd be doing negative fractions right now. H.I.T.S. only teaches "important things," according to Mackenzie, a student in the class. June hopes she does well despite her never auditioning for a real troupe before. Mackenzie then criticizes June's look, saying she doesn't have a dancer's build, with short legs and overall squatness, despite not intending offense. June says none is taken, before she calls Mackenzie a "hag." As class begins, June receives universal praise from the teacher, before Mackenzie gets jealous and bumps her into the piano. Henry is in a gym class during second period, lifting free weights and says he never had personal trainers in his old gym class. His trainer says it's to get toned up so one looks their best on television. The trainer admits he hasn't seen Henry and June's show, not caring much for slapstick humor and rather a fan of something sophisticated with fleshed out characters. Henry and June then eat in the cafeteria thinking they made a big mistake going to the new school, but notice Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley, Tara Lipinski, Zac Hanson and Madonna's baby daughter, Lourdes, at a nearby table and eat with them. They all break into strange songs, just as Henry and June sneak away and leave H.I.T.S. for good. Back at Obscure President Middle School, Ryan sees Henry and June again, wanting a souvenir bag of their blood. Henry and June then give Ryan an all-access pass to H.I.T.S. to get him out of their sights.


  • WCF, seen in The Undertaker and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin wrestling match, is a parody of the two major professional wrestling organizations at the time — WCW (World Championship Wrestling) and WWF (World Wrestling Federation).
  • Henry's magic trick performance and vocalizing the song "Fine and Dandy" (a tune from of the 1930 Broadway musical of the same name) was in the style of Art Metrano, as part of his Amazing Metrano act that he would do on talk and variety shows in the 1970s. This was parodied in the 2005 American direct-to-DVD adult animated comedy film Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (set in the Family Guy fictional universe) where in a cutaway segment, Jesus Christ entertained his followers with it. Metrano in December 2007 would sue FOX and Family Guy's creators for copyright infringement; the case was settled out of court in 2010 with undisclosed terms.
  • The song when Mr. Foot is driving and in the episode's end credits is "Roll with the Changes" by American rock band REO Speedwagon.
  • The Henry and June Show aired on the Nickel-O-Zone, a one-hour block of Nickelodeon programming geared toward older (preteen to teen) audiences. Because it only aired once, the episode was then considered lost media, and hadn't been seen on the Internet since. On March 26, 2015, YouTube user Setnaro X uploaded the Nickel-O-Zone airing of the episode. Henry and June segment creator Mark Marek later uploaded the episode to his website from a personal beta tape, where another YouTube user then uploaded that version (Setnaro X's video has since been deleted).


  • Although Henry forgot his pants in the beginning of the "Be True to Your School" segment, they can barely be seen as he talks with June outside her house.
  • June's light yellow shirt in the first period dance class is shown as a dark yellow (similar to her regular yellow shirt worn with her orange cardigan) when she calls Mackenzie a "hag."



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