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"He's super strong and super naked..."

The Flesh
The Flesh
The Flesh.png
Name: The Flesh
Gender: Male
Age: Adulthood
Occupation: Member of the Action League
Appears in: Action League Now! (KaBlam!)
First KaBlam! Appearance: Your Real Best Friend!
Last KaBlam! Appearance: Just Chillin'
Relatives: Unnamed parents
Voice Actor: Jim Krenn

The Flesh is a main protagonist on the live action/stop motion segment Action League Now! seen on Nickelodeon's All That, and KaBlam!.


His personality is quite similar to that of Henry's; he is smarter in Season 1 episodes but is more dimwitted in the second through fourth seasons, and is one of the main reasons of harm.


The Flesh has a unique vocabulary that involves appending "-ers" or "-ies" to the end of certain words. These include:

  • Gooders!
  • Ouchies!
  • Gollers!
  • Oopsies!
  • Yummers!
  • Yuckers!
  • Whoopsies!
  • Stinkers!


  • The Flesh's basis was a Conan the Barbarian figure only with blond hair, and obviously no clothes. His figure originally had no articulation in the head but later in the series, was modified to have so.
  • The Flesh's middle name is Murray.