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The Chief
The Cheif.jpg
Name: The Chief
Gender: Male
Age: Adulthood
Occupation: Leader of the Action League
Appears in: Action League Now! (KaBlam!)
First KaBlam! Appearance: Your Real Best Friend!
Last KaBlam! Appearance: Just Chillin'
Relatives: Unknown
Voice Actor: Victor Hart (first few episodes), Collin M. McGee (rest of series)

The Chief is a main protagonist on the live-action/stop motion segment Action League Now! seen on Nickelodeon's All That, and KaBlam!.

The head of the Action League, he is usually seen yelling at them for their mistakes.


  • Like The Mayor and Bill the Lab Guy, he is made out of Playskool Dollhouse figures with different pieces of body parts put together.