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The Brothers Tiki
The Brothers Tiki.jpg
Segments: 2
Date Ran: 1997
First KaBlam! Appearance: Get Sam Donaldson's Mystery Bag
Last KaBlam! Appearance: Cramming Cartoons Since 1627
Directed/Written/Created By: Gordon Clark
Produced By: WildBrain Entertainment

On a rescue mission from a distant planet... Think fast brothers tiki, now you are in the rude... Too bad your spaceship looks like a barbecue... (You have to totemize!) The Brothers Tiki! (The Brothers Tiki!)

The Brothers Tiki is a mixed media segment created by Gordon Clark, shown on Season 2 of the Nickelodeon animated sketch comedy series KaBlam!.

Two astronaut tiki siblings ("tikinauts") land on Earth in response to a distress signal, and now they must keep their cover from a girl who thinks they're puppets.


Gordon Clark's love of stop-motion animation and kitsch helped evolve The Brothers Tiki. His fascination of lawn sculpture and buddy movies brought forth an opportunity to mingle them together by creating the segment, combining puppetry and live-action, stop motion animation and computer-based 2D and 3D animations.

Many familiar names in San Francisco's production and animation world worked on The Brothers Tiki. M5 Industries built puppets and props, Lisa Davidson was art director, Adam Savage (prior to his later fame on MythBusters) designed props, Chrystene Ells did puppeteering, Western Images handled post-production, Custer Avenue Stages created sets, final sound was designed by Outpost Studios, while Roger Clark (leader of Little Roger and the Goosebumps) and Tommy Dunbar (a founder of The Rubinoos) co-composed the theme music.


Episode number Episode name Episode summary Original airing date and episode title
1 Marooned After receiving a distress signal from Earth, Commander Chuck and Underling pursue it, in hopes of rescuing their stranded colleagues. However, they themselves become trapped in suburbia after their spaceship is set on fire by virtue of being mistaken for a barbecue grill. Now the brothers are "marooned" as they have to find a way to get themselves away off Earth as well! December 5, 1997 (Get Sam Donaldson's Mystery Bag)
2 Still Marooned While "still marooned," Commander Chuck and Underling try to attract rescuers by turning a shop-vac into an airborne radio broadcast balloon. But to their misfortune, suburbia is full with (for them, anyway) unknown dangers including dogs, the land-owners' daughter and the most perplexing of them all, balloons! December 12, 1997 (Cramming Cartoons Since 1627)



(currently unavailable due to KaBlam! episode not showing credits)

"Still Marooned"

  • Created, Designed, Written and Directed by: Gordon P. Clark
  • Executive Producer: Paul Golden
  • Produced by: Bill Weir
  • Director of Photography: Sophie Constantinou
  • Art Director: Lisa Davidson
  • Editor: Mike Cavanaugh
  • Prop Designer: Adam Savage
  • Theme Song: Roger Clark and Tommy Dunbar
  • Model Designer: Chrystene Ells
  • Stop Motion Animators: Brad Schiff and Toshiko Kamiyama
  • Set Designer: Darin Hunt
  • Puppeteers: Christine Ellsinore and Mark Hidzick
  • Director of Animation: J.T. O'Neal
  • King Animator: J. Garett Sheldrew
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Jason Porter
  • 3D Modeler: Todd Keller
  • Animation Production Manager: Sarah Shen
  • Ink & Paint: Diane Tateishi and Frank Barnhardt
  • Assistant Director: T. Hunter McCann
  • Online Editor: Mark Sorensen/Western
  • Assistant Animator: Sam Hood
  • Sound Designer: David Nelson/Outpost
  • Sound FX Editor: Louis Hohenstein
  • Production Manager: Emily Detmer
  • Gaffer: Issac Camner
  • Best Boys: Josh Litle and Casey Alicino
  • Stylist: Max Mosher
  • Key Grip: Rick Edmondson
  • Swing: Chris Ruedy and Anne Marie Miguel
  • Assistant Camera: Rebecca Sitty, Tim Taylor, Ed Navarro
  • Art Department Coordinator: Sarah Zwerling
  • Script: Andrea Devaux
  • Production Coordinator: Marco Austin
  • Art Department Scenic: Zach Dean
  • VTR/Playback: David Felton
  • Stage Manager: Joe Repczynski
  • Production Assistants: Shannon Wood, Marc Galvan, Jonathan Smith, Cathy Chenard, Julie Fehrle
  • Story Consultants: James Baker, Carol Hughes, John Stevenson, Anthony Stacchi
  • Sock Monkey Trainers: Ed Gilbert, Dana Sornstein, Andrea Devaux, Roxanne Clark
  • Starring: Eric Bergman, Jamie Baker, Alessandra Toreson, Tony Stacchi, Josh Pollack, Adam Savage, Jo Carol Block, Danielle Thys