The Adventures of Jen the Sailor is a one-time cartoon that is similar to The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Their is a prototype-Flapjack named Jen, a prototype-K'nuckles named Captain Chuckles and a prototype-Bubbie named Iron Sea. Iron Sea does not speak.

Plot Edit

It's Jen's birthday. He makes his wish and he finds out that his wish ends up in Birthday Wish Island. They search hard for it. They finally found the island. Jen makes a sandwich for lunch for the quest. He found his birthday wish. It was his special dance floor cartoon. They danced all day long. Then, Chuckles found his birthday wish, a toy train shark that would eat Jen. The shark went to the dance floor, drag Jen out of the cartoon and ate him. His sailor hat felt in the sandwich. Chuckles steals the sandwich and eats it while the hat went to the shark causing it to turn evil.

Characters Edit

  • Jen: An 11-year old boy who wishes to find his birthday wish. He is an orphan who has been raised in a boat with a pirate. He finds his wish but later gets eaten by a shark. He hasen't been seen ever since. But his hat turned the shark very evil.
  • Captain Chuckles: A cel-animated pirate who is Jen's best friend until his shark came and ate Jen. He ate his sandwich and laughed when he got eaten.
  • Iron Sea: Jen's guardian. He does not speak, move, nor communicate. He is actually a non-animate boat. Jen controls him.
  • Hobo: A hobo who tries to tell Jen "beware" but he gets slapped by a gargoyle. He is a proto-Slippery Pete.
  • Jen's Real Parents: They only appear in the opening sequence. They we're eaten by sharks.

Theme Song Edit

The theme song was a tall tale written by Tom Kenny and Mark Rendell. Howdie Mandell spoke the poem. It says:

Once upon a time.

There was a boy. A special little boy.

His parents died and he was raised by a mute boat.

He was discovered by a raggedy pirate that chuckles.

When the baby got older, he made friends with the pirate.

He wishes to become a pirate as well. But until then,

His codename... is... Jen the Sailor Boy.

Difference than Flapjack Edit

  • The characters have different voice actors.
  • Jen the Sailor wants to be a pirate. Flapjack wants to be an adventurer. Chuckles is CGI cel animated. K'nuckles is not. Chuckles doesn't care if he dies. K'nuckles does (a little bit). Iron Sea is a boat. Bubbie is a whale. Iron Sea does not speak and is a non-animate boat. Bubbie is a talking whale.
  • It was flash animated.
  • No other character appeared in the cartoon besides Jen, Iron Sea, Captain Chuckles, The Warning Hobo, Gargoyle, Slappy the Cartoon, Shark Toy and Jen's original parents.
  • The location was never named. In Flapjack, the location is called Stormalong Harber.
  • In Jen the Sailor, their is a candy store called Sugar Me Timbers' Candy Bar. In Flapjack, their is a candy store called Peppermint Larry's Candy Barrel.
  • Iron Sea is a male. Bubbie is a female.
  • Jen's real parents are seen. Flapjack's real parents are never seen.
  • In the opening theme, Jen was picked up by Iron Sea when he was in Sewer Island. In Flapjack episode "Oh Brother!", Flapjack was picked up by Bubbie when he was in the seaweed.