Tastes Like Paper
Season 2, Episode 5 (18th overall)
Tastes Like Paper
Written by Matt Harrigan
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"Tastes Like Paper" is the 18th episode of KaBlam!. It is the fifth episode of the second season.


Picture Segment Notes

Henry&June Costume

Main Comic With the network wanting KaBlam! to be "all that it can be", Henry and June are put in animal costumes thanks to their new director of research.

Sniz&Fondue Crustacean Sensation

Sniz and Fondue

"Crustacean Sensations" Sniz becomes obsessed with shrimp cocktail, annoying Fondue.

Henry&June Live Band

Main Comic A live band runs over Henry and June, thanks to the director of research.

Action League Now! Voice of Treason

Action League Now!

"Voice of Treason" Hodge Podge tricks the League with a voice box, injuring them all. He tries (and partially succeeds) to let a garage door close on the League.

Henry&June Superheroes

Main Comic Henry and June are superheroes, thanks to the director of research. They love it until they get disintegrated by a UFO and aliens take over the comic book.

Prom&Bob Canoe

Prometheus and Bob

"Tape 42, Canoe" Bob tries to learn how to work a canoe.

Henry&June meet the Mayor

Main Comic Henry and June go through an arm-wrestling match before chaos invades the comic book. They then find out that The Mayor (the Action League's nemesis) is the research director and he put them through torture because all he wanted to do was turn the page.

Life with Loopy Loopy and the Flu-Bug

Life with Loopy

"Loopy and the Flu-Bug" After Larry gets sick, Loopy searches for the flu bug. All goes well and the flu bug leaves - until Loopy gets sick herself.

Henry&June Summon Accapella

Main Comic Due to the Mayor wrecking the show, Henry gets the band to run him over.


Henry and JuneEdit

Action League Now!Edit

Prometheus and BobEdit

Life with LoopyEdit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only episode that has the show's "Eyecatch Theme" ("Don't Let the B*****ds Grind You Down") as its ending credits theme.
  • The Mayor's appearance in the Henry and June segments is acknowledged, as he doesn't appear in the Action League Now! segment.


  • At the start of the Prometheus and Bob short, there is a bird on the left of the screen. However, it is not immediately moving, it appears to be "floating" there without moving anything. It flies across the screen shortly after.
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