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Stewy the Dog Boy
Stewy the Dog Boy
Stewy the DogBoy logo.jpg
Segments: 1
Date Ran: 2000
First and Only KaBlam! Appearance: Under New Management
Created By: Dennis Messner
Produced By: Steve Whitehouse (Whitehouse Animation Inc.)

Stewy the Dog Boy is a traditional animation segment created by Dennis Messner, only seen on the Season 4 episode "Under New Management" of the Nickelodeon animated sketch comedy series KaBlam!.

Incidental music in Stewy the Dog Boy was performed by the famous alternative rock band They Might Be Giants. They had recorded a theme song for the segment's intro as well, but due to a pre-existing contract, it went unheard before its discovery in 2018 on They "Might Be" Giants, a sampler originally released in 1999.


A dog named Stewy dresses like a human boy as a way of attending fourth grade at Deerlick Park Elementary School.


Stewy sleeps in the living room until he, Heidi and Heather are called by their mother to the kitchen for breakfast. Stewy goes outside to fetch the newspaper for his father, who gives in return the comics section. Heidi and Heather want to go to the park and play, but Dad says it's their first day of school and they can make a lot of new friends, which Stewy finds interesting. As Dad leaves the house, Stewy tries to go to school as well, but puts him back inside, telling him school is for kids and no dogs are allowed! Stewy doesn't get it, as the other neighborhood dogs file into the house, trying to play with him, but he's not in a good mood. A parakeet named Melvis comes into the house and wonders what's wrong. Stewy tells him Mom and Dad took the twins to school and he was left at home. Melvis brings up the point Stewy is a dog; he chews bones, digs holes and chases cats, like other dogs! Stewy says if the twins are going to school, he is as well. Melvis tries to stop him, but recommends he at least put on some pants.

Stewy is on his way to school, following a group of other students, until two of them wonder what kind of freak carries his lunchbox in his mouth; a freak with a big nose! Stewy tries to ignore them, but runs into another kid named Lance. They quickly befriend each other as in class, Lance offers Stewy a seat next to him. Stewy circles around his seat a few times, as some of his classmates are confused. Their teacher, Mr. Ramsey, begins speaking as Stewy scratches himself, saying he's "itchy." The class laughs, but Mr. Ramsey isn't amused. Stewy and Lance snicker while a few female classmates wonder who he is, thinking he's funny-looking. Mr. Ramsey says the school year is going to begin with a very special treat; an educational film. As the film plays, most of the class falls asleep until the film shows a photograph of the moon's surface, which Stewy howls at, getting the rest of the class to do so as well. Now in Science 101, Mr. Ramsey leads his students in simulating the mighty volcano and says it is very important they use the precise amounts. If they overdo it, the results could be dangerous! Lance shows his volcano to Stewy, and he tries to top that, but doesn't get any results. After shaking up his volcano, it starts to work, but the fizz explodes all over Mr. Ramsey, who sends Stewy to the principal's office.

Mr. Jarwater tells Stewy he has had quite a first day at school; howling at the moon, scratching in class, talking back and growling, blew up a volcano and destroyed the science lab. Mr. Jarwater says Stewy made the biggest, loudest, most powerful explosion the school has ever seen, and believes he is a genius! Stewy questions this at first, but thinks he is indeed, and Mr. Jarwater says they're going to put the school on the map! In the meantime, he recommends Stewy take it easy on Mr. Ramsey. Stewy walks through a crowd of cheering students, as he and Lance bid farewell with a high-five. As Stewy walks outside, he sees that Heidi and Heather are getting picked up from school. Stewy races home before them, and pulls up his water dish to the front door. Dad has some pity, thinking Stewy hasn't moved all day, as Heidi and Heather give some love to their furry friend and Mom brings home a special treat for him.

Differences between Stewy the Dog Boy and Teacher's Pet

While originally planned to have its own series on Nickelodeon, Stewy the Dog Boy was canceled due to Disney's Teacher's Pet premiering on ABC around the same time and having a similar story. However, there are some key differences between each:

  • Instead of Dennis Messner, the show was created by Gary Baseman.
  • Stewy dons a scratchy male voice, while Spot from Teacher's Pet has a American English-accented male voice.
  • The design of Melvis in Stewy the Dog Boy makes him a cocky smart-aleck, unlike in Teacher's Pet, Pretty Boy was harsh and grumpy.
  • The Helpermans from Teacher's Pet had a cat, a dog, and a parrot while the family in Stewy the Dog Boy had four dogs.
  • The master of the dog in Teacher's Pet was just a boy (Leonard Helperman), unlike in Stewy the Dog Boy where it was twin girls.
  • The teacher in Teacher's Pet was the mother (Mary Lou Helperman) of Leonard, while in Stewy the Dog Boy it was just a male teacher of no relation.