Sniz and Fondue: School's Out, Scream and Shout! is the first ever television movie for the cartoon, Sniz and Fondue. The movie was animated in both Flash and Autodesk Maya. It is different than the original series. Fondue's clothes are red instead of blue.


It's school's out for Sniz and Fondue. Sniz wrote a list of things to do in summer. Fondue goes for a little walk. Fondue goes to a bakery and sees a ferret named Dr. Whoofenhaggen. Fondue orders shrimp cake. He gets it. He realizes that Whoofenhaggen has red eyes. He spies on him. It turns out that he is actually a mad scientist trying to use a ray that will make children forget about fun and make them do work forever.


  • The theme song is actually instruments solos this time.
  • Fondue's clothes are red in the movie. Even his hat is red.
  • The gypsy from Hello Dolly appears in this movie.