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Sniz and Fondue
Season 1 Sniz and Fondue title card.
Segments 24
Date Ran 1996-1998
First KaBlam! Appearance Your Real Best Friend!
Last KaBlam! Appearance Year Round Fun!
Directed/Written/Created By Mike R. Brandon (Michael Pearlstein)
Produced By PitchiPoy Animation Productions (first season)
Funbag Animation Studios (second/third seasons)

Sniz and Fondue (stylized as Sniz & Fondue) is a traditional animation segment created by Mike R. Brandon, previously Michael Pearlstein, that was seen on the first three seasons of the Nickelodeon animated anthology series KaBlam!.

Two ferrets are best friends, yet often get on each other's nerves — 12-year-old Sniz Bronkowski (voiced by Rick Gomez) is very hyperactive, and quite a troublemaker, while 13-year-old Squeaky Fondue (voiced by Oscar Riba) is the nervous, yet intelligent one. They share a house with Snuppa Doojers and Bianca Lo Bianca.


Sniz and Fondue was inspired and derived from characters of Mike R. Brandon's short-lived comic series "Puppy Action!" for Northstar, a small comic book publishing company. Brandon later received a phone call from Linda Simensky, the head of Nickelodeon's programming at the time, who had found the first issue and asked him if he'd be interested in creating a pilot for a potential series. So, Brandon created the 1992 pilot "Psyched for Snuppa," produced by Stretch Films and Jumbo Pictures, under the self-proclaimed disliked direction of John R. Dilworth (later known for creating Cartoon Network's Courage the Cowardly Dog). Although the pilot was passed on in favor of "Trash-O-Madness" (the pilot to Rocko's Modern Life), Nickelodeon liked Sniz and Fondue so much that they gave the characters a series of segments for KaBlam!. Dilworth, Jim Jinkins, and David Campbell were only involved in the pilot and had no involvement with the rest of Sniz and Fondue when it became a part of KaBlam! (Jinkins and Campbell had officially moved their jobs to Disney Enterprises when they purchased Jumbo Pictures). Dilworth was asked to direct the Sniz and Fondue series in New York City, but he declined due to other interests.

Sniz and Fondue's first season was done at Israel-based PitchiPoy Animation Productions, which Brandon despised due to how off-model the characters ended up being. Mostly stock music from the Associated Production Music library was used and the song in the title card was "Toys for Boys," composed by Boris Schoska. For the second and third seasons, it was produced at Funbag Animation Studios in Canada with most of the animation and writing done in New York City, as well as using original music and new title cards. Originally, Viacom was considering having the second and third season be animated at Spümcø (Spumco, Inc.) in California, but Brandon requested to have it done closely to his friends and family in New York.

Sniz and Fondue came to an end on KaBlam! during the middle of the third season — Brandon had left beforehand and he had no involvement in the segment's short films during that season — as Funbag Animation Studios shifted its focus to a television adaptation of Watership Down.


  • The part before "It's Sniz and Fondue" during Season 1 on the title card changes, based on episode. It was one of the following: "Holy Fruits!", "Mommy Yes!" or "Snap Me Down!".
  • One of the show's trademarks is that the characters (mostly Sniz) often sing or quote lyrics from real-life songs such as in Stuntbike Sniz where Sniz said to Fondue the main chorus of the song "You're the Inspiration" by Chicago, as well as in Crustacean Sensations where Sniz was singing Bee Gees' "Night Fever" while wandering through the woods.