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Sniz and Fondue
Season 1 Sniz and Fondue title card.
Segments: 25 (1 pilot episode; Psyched for Snuppa, 24 on KaBlam!)
Date Ran: 1992 (pilot), 1996-1998 (KaBlam!)
First KaBlam! Appearance: Your Real Best Friend!
Last KaBlam! Appearance: Year Round Fun!
Created/Written By: Mike R. Brandon (Michael Pearlstein)
Produced By: Jumbo Pictures and Stretch Films (pilot)
PitchiPoy Animation Productions (Season 1)
Funbag Animation Studios (Seasons 2-3)

Sniz and Fondue is a traditional animation segment created by Mike R. Brandon, featured on the first three seasons of the Nickelodeon animated sketch comedy series KaBlam!.

Two ferrets are best friends, yet often get on each other's nerves — Sniz Bronkowski is very hyperactive, and quite a troublemaker, while Squeaky Fondue is the calmer, but more anxious one. They share a house with Snuppa Doojers and his girlfriend, Bianca Lo Bianca.


Sniz and Fondue was inspired and derived from characters of Mike R. Brandon's short-lived comic book series Puppy Action! for Northstar, a small publishing company. He later received a phone call from Linda Simensky, the head of Nickelodeon's programming at the time, who had found the first issue and asked him for his interest to create a pilot for a potential series. Titled "Psyched for Snuppa," it was produced by Stretch Films and Jumbo Pictures, and directed by John R. Dilworth (later known for creating Cartoon Network's Courage the Cowardly Dog). Although it was passed on in favor of "Trash-O-Madness" (the pilot to Rocko's Modern Life), Nickelodeon liked Sniz and Fondue so much that they put the characters on its upcoming show KaBlam!. Dilworth, Jim Jinkins, and David Campbell were only involved in the pilot and had no involvement with the rest of Sniz and Fondue when it became a part of KaBlam! as Dilworth declined due to other interests, while Jinkins and Campbell had officially moved their jobs to Disney Enterprises when they purchased Jumbo Pictures.

Sniz and Fondue's first season was done at Israel-based PitchiPoy Animation Productions, which Brandon disliked due to how off-model the characters ended up being. Mostly stock music from the Associated Production Music library was used and the song in the title card was "Toys for Boys," composed by Boris Schoska. For the second and third seasons, it was produced at Funbag Animation Studios in Canada with most of the animation and writing done in New York City, as well as using all-original music and new title cards. Originally, Viacom had considered having the second and third seasons be animated at Spümcø (Spumco, Inc.) in California, but Brandon requested for it to be done close to his family and friends in New York.

Sniz and Fondue came to an end on KaBlam! during the middle of its third season, Brandon had left beforehand and he had no involvement in the segment's short films during it. He had been offered a time slot for a spinoff show, but declined; this slot was later given to Stephen Hillenburg's SpongeBob SquarePants.


  • Sniz Bronkowski — Voiced by Jerry Sroka in pilot, Rick Gomez in series. Sniz is hyperactive and boisterous, with a green-haired mohawk and usually wearing gray clothing. He often gets himself and Fondue into difficult situations, but is good-natured at heart.
  • Squeaky Fondue — Voiced by Mike R. Brandon in pilot, Oscar Riba in series. Wearing blue clothing/a chef hat and usually addressed by his surname, he is the more level-headed and calm one, but tends to get anxious due to Sniz's antics.
  • Snuppa Doojers — Voiced by Meat Loaf in pilot, John Andrew Walsh in series. One of Sniz and Fondue's housemates, and the boyfriend of Bianca. He is generally kind, and wears red clothing.
  • Bianca Lo Bianca — Voiced by Karen Braga in pilot, Monica Lee Gradishek (credited as Monica Lee Bashforth) in series. One of Sniz and Fondue's housemates, and the girlfriend of Snuppa. She can be easily frustrated with Sniz and Fondue's antics, has a poofy-blonde hairstyle and wears pink clothing.

List of Episodes

All episode listings only feature the original airdates of the pilot or KaBlam! episodes.

Pilot (1992)

Episode number Episode name Episode summary Original airing date
0 Psyched for Snuppa Bianca is captured by Mr. and Mrs. Skiddiundi's children, Travis and Rebecca, while babysitting them. Snuppa, Sniz and Fondue come to Bianca's rescue. 1992

KaBlam! Season 1 (1996-1997)

Episode number

Episode name Episode summary Original airing date and episode title
1 A Toxic Tail Fondue purchases a deadly scorpion to keep Sniz out of his room, but it soon gets loose. They and their housemates, Snuppa and Bianca, hunt for it. October 11, 1996 (Your Real Best Friend!)
2 Stuntbike Sniz Sniz gets a new motorcycle, and attempts all kinds of crazy stunts to impress everyone else, while ending up in the news. October 18, 1996 (It's Flavorific!)
3 Mod Stylin' After using too much hair gel, Sniz goes bald. October 25, 1996 (Comics for Tomorrow Today!)
4 Fashionably Fondue! Fondue attempts to become a fashion designer. November 1, 1996 (Not Just for People Anymore!)
5 Second-Hand Sniz Sniz refuses to learn how to tell time, so Fondue, Snuppa and Bianca teach him the hard way. November 15, 1996 (All Purpose KaBlam!)
6 Mr. Sniz's Wild Ride Aliens invite Sniz aboard their spaceship. November 22, 1996 (What the Astronauts Drink!)
7 Squeaky Clean Fondue becomes a germophobe, and isolates himself from the rest of the world in a bubble. December 6, 1996 (KaBlam! Gets Results)
8 The Borrowers Sniz and Fondue borrow money from a loan shark. December 13, 1996 (You've Tried The Rest! Now Try The Best!)
9 Dark Vator As they go to a convention all about their favorite science fiction show Battlestar Shapiro, Sniz ends up trapping himself and Fondue in an elevator. December 27, 1996 (Untitled (Why June Refuses to Turn the Page))
10 You Dummy! Sniz throws his voice to help Fondue become a ventriloquist. January 3, 1997 (A Little Dab'll Do Ya!)
11 The Making of a Supermodel! Fondue buys a model that he wants to keep in the box to retain its value, but Sniz desperately wants to build it. January 10, 1997 (Built for Speed!)
12 Rage Against the Vending Machine Sniz and Fondue become frustrated with a vending machine not giving them the toy they want. January 17, 1997 (Comics of Champions)
13 War of the Supergeeks Sniz and Fondue fight over the prize in the cereal box, so Snuppa and Bianca make them try to outdo each other in household chores to see who gets the prize. January 31, 1997 (Resistance is Futile)

KaBlam! Season 2 (1997-1998)

Episode number Episode name Episode summary Original airing date and episode title
14 Clubbed Sniz signs himself and Fondue up for a CD of the Month club that starts relatively cheap, but the price then becomes unreasonable. Eventually, they are unable to pay nor return the CDs that had been damaged. October 3, 1997 (Won't Stick to Most Dental Work!)
15 Celluloid Sins Sniz takes up a new hobby called "plexing" in which he sneaks in from movie theater to movie theater, without getting caught. October 10, 1997 (Hurts So Good!!)
16 Crustacean Sensations Fondue's shrimp cocktail recipe thrills Sniz. October 24, 1997 (Tastes Like Paper!)
17 Hello Dolly Sniz gifts Fondue a doll that had been cursed by a gypsy that Sniz angered. November 14, 1997 (E Pluribus KaBlam!)
18 Chicanery Chums Sniz goes on a practical joking spree, which annoys Fondue to the point that he pulls a prank of his own by pretending he got killed in one of Sniz's pranks. However, they both are sent to a psychiatric hospital after having a good laugh over their tomfoolery. December 5, 1997 (Get Sam Donaldson's Mystery Bag)
19 Rat in the Hat Fondue reluctantly lets Sniz borrow his beloved hat. December 19, 1997 (Hand Cranked For Your Enjoyment!)
20 Great Infestations After Sniz accidentally lets termites infest the house, he, Fondue, Snuppa and Bianca stay at a hotel, but being fed up with their respective roommates, Fondue rooms with Bianca, letting Snuppa put up with Sniz.

Note: Final appearances of Snuppa and Bianca.

January 16, 1998 (KaBlam! James KaBlam!)

KaBlam! Season 3 (1998)

Episode number Episode name Episode summary Original airing date and episode title
21 Solitaire Confinement Fondue becomes addicted to solitaire on his computer so much, he ignores everything else around him. September 11, 1998 (Money Train 2)
22 Penny-Ante Vigilantes Sniz suddenly becomes a kleptomaniac in his sleep. November 20, 1998 (Your Logo Here!)
23 Hosed! Sniz believes that he can magically cure people who have been injured with his garden hose, but actually makes things worse. October 23, 1998 (It's All In The Wrist!)
24 The Great Chili Cookoff Sniz and Fondue enter a chili cooking competition to win a free ride in a fire engine. November 6, 1998 (Year Round Fun!)


  • The part before "It's Sniz and Fondue" during Season 1 on the title card changes, based on episode. It was one of the following: "Holy Fruits!", "Mommy Yes!" or "Snap Me Down!".
  • One of the show's trademarks is that the characters (mostly Sniz) often sing or quote lyrics from real-life songs such as in Stuntbike Sniz where Sniz said to Fondue the main chorus of the song "You're the Inspiration" by Chicago, in Crustacean Sensations where Sniz was singing Bee Gees' "Night Fever" while wandering through the woods as well as in Solitaire Confinement, Fondue saying "Rock the Casbah!" in reference to The Clash's hit song.

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