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Not to be confused with Shiz, a character in The Shizzagee.
Sniz Bronkowski
Sniz Bronkowski
Name: Sniz Bronkowski
Gender: Male
Appears in: Psyched for Snuppa
Sniz and Fondue (KaBlam!)
First KaBlam! Appearance: Your Real Best Friend!
Last KaBlam! Appearance: Year Round Fun!
Relatives: Unknown
Voice Actor: Jerry Sroka ("Psyched for Snuppa"), Rick Gomez (series)

Sniz Bronkowski (commonly referred to as Sniz) is a primary character in the traditional animation segment Sniz and Fondue, seen on the Nickelodeon animated sketch comedy series KaBlam!. He is the roommate and best friend of Squeaky Fondue.


Like most other characters, Sniz is a ferret, seen with a green-haired mohawk and wears gray clothing. He is hyper and mischievous, which usually frustrates Fondue.