Scratch and Snarf are two characters that appear in the movie, JetCat: Cat Girl Do.


Scratch is a supervillain. She looks exactly like JetCat except her clothes are colored white and orange. She is a poltergeist who haunts JetCat's dream and comes to real life. Scratch does not have a human form. Her costume is actually her skin. She created all of the villains (Bellakis, Vicky Von Verman, Kamilio, etc.) by erasing all of the humans memories, morphing them into creatures and give them ideas that they want to rule the world and hate JetCat. Scratch's cape allows her to divide her particles so they can transform into solid Scratch clones. Scratch lives with her mentor, Snarf. Scratch came to the real world when JetCat accidentally erase a poltergeist horror movie and Todd accidentally plays the movie which causes a portal to come and let Scratch and Snarf free. Scratch is voiced by Deri Derryberry.


Snarf is Scratch's mentor. Even though he speaks, he is mostly silent and motionless. His parents sold him for ten thousand dollars to a dead hobo. Snarf later wanders alone and later adopts Scratch and they enter JetCat's nightmare. He looks like Todd except he has white spikey hair. Snarf is voiced by Greg Salata.