Score Goal is a flash-animated one-time cartoon created by Drake Bell and Amanda Bynes. This is a Grease parody of the show. Their is one song in this show.

Plot Edit

It's about a girl named Mei who tries to impress a jock named Kai by becoming a superhero all-star cheerleader called the Comet Cheer. At the end, the mascot throws Mei up in the air, Mei catches him and kisses him.

Characters Edit

  • Mei: A squeaky-clean Funkymerican who tries to get a jock to love her by being a superhero cheerleader called the Comet Cheer. She was born with the superpowers of a super cheer leader.
  • Kai: A mean, green, fighting-machine Funkymerican jock who has a crush on the spoiled brat. At the end, she starts to love Mei. He is the quarterback of the Snakes.
  • Siper: The pampered brat who has a crush on Kai. She tries to beat Mei. She is a villain called the Nova Leader.
  • Tipo: The leader quarterback of the Skulls.