"Man, Oh Mainitoba"

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Ryan as seen in The Henry and June Show


Ryan Malloy




Most likely around 10

Appears in:

The Henry and June Show, KaBlam! (Henry and June)

First Appearance:

The Henry and June Show

Last Appearance:

Going the Extra Mile (KaBlam!)

Voice Actor:

Adam Rose

Ryan Malloy is a character on KaBlam! who is the "weird kid" from Henry and June's school (voiced by Adam Rose (best known for Peanut from PB&J Otter and Michael in the show The Gathering)). He appears in The Henry and June Show and in the Season 4 KaBlam! episode "Going the Extra Mile". He is Henry and June's number one fan, having June's blue hair and Henry's blue shirt, and first meets them in person at their school's cafeteria during The Henry and June Show. In "Going the Extra Mile", he cheated on a contest that allows him to appear on the whole show, as well as directing behind the scenes and taking props from the set. At the end of the episode, he is stowed away in the trunk of a car by Mr. Foot, and his fate is unknown.

His trademark saying is "Man Oh Man!" with always a different twist at the end ("Man Oh Man-Fred Mann", "Man Oh Man-Churian Candidate", etc.).