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"La-la-la, la-la-la-laaaaaa!"

Repunzil is a character on the KaBlam! short The Off-Beats, voiced by Trisha Hedgecock. She is the youngest member of The Off-Beats, and at times can be quite naive. She is known for her floor-length hair (which is why she was named somewhat for the fairy tale character Rapunzel). She can be slow-witted at times due to her young age and does not know how to tie her shoes. Repunzil is also an animal lover as she ordered a lot of animals (and a toaster) in the Sweepstakes episode and kept on setting up September with a duck and an elephant as a crush in the Valentine's special episode ("An Off-Beats Valentine's"). Also in the same special episode she has a crush on Tommy and tried to give him a Valentine chocolate gift before eating it. She also gets mad at her mother for doing her hair in a goofy way which she tends to state; "Sometimes I hate my mom."