Puggle Pogo is a flash-animated cartoon created by Mike Anderson. It appeared as a replacement for JetCat in some episodes.

Characters Edit

  • Puggle Pogo: A beagle who was born with a curse to have his legs replaced by a pogo stick part. He is an excellent hopper and sports a backwards hot. He wears a gold chain with a picture of a dog in it. His voice is similar to Droopy Dog in the Hanna Barbera cartoons. He is voiced by Mike Anderson himself.
  • Kenny: An Earth boy who is Puggle's master and doesn't even know that Puggle is a superhero. He thinks that the reason why Puggo wears a sock under his pogo leg is because he has broken his leg and must let it stay on it for two years. He likes raisin corns. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • Puggsly: A dim-witted strongman who works with a thug. He squashes Puggle's pogo leg too much. Voiced by Jim Krenn.
  • Schneaply: Puggsly's thug boss who speaks in a tomboyish accent. Voiced by Mark Rendell.