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Prometheus and Bob
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Prometheus and Bob, as they appear in the intro.
Segments 38
Date Ran 1996-2000
First KaBlam! Appearance Your Real Best Friend!
Last KaBlam! Appearance Under New Management
Directed/Written/Created By Cote Zellers
Produced By Demitra Vassiliadis
Luna Vox Productions

Prometheus and Bob is a stop motion animation segment created by Cote Zellers, featured on all four seasons of the Nickelodeon animated anthology series KaBlam!.

The plot revolves around an alien named Prometheus, who befriends a caveman named Bob and teaches him how to live in modern society, while documenting via a remote-controlled camera.



Prometheus is a very intelligent purple alien who is Bob's educator. He tries to teach Bob various things, but his plans fail almost all the time. He gets frustrated easily, which could make him either temperamental or overwhelmed.


Bob is a caveman who Prometheus attempts to teach. Bob is slow and dimwitted, frequently damaging Prometheus's tools with his impressive, yet brutish strength. Bob often gets Prometheus and himself hurt, and he cries when things disappear. He also has a tendency to panic when he's frightened.


The monkey usually appears while Prometheus tries to teach Bob. He finds ways to entertain Bob and foil Prometheus's educating but sometimes can be supporting to Prometheus. Also, while Prometheus struggles with the lessons that Bob fails to learn, the monkey always seems to figure out the concept and demonstrates his mastery by performing it in the background.

The Overlord

Another member of Prometheus's race, The Overlord is Prometheus's superior, who has appeared a few times, but always during Prometheus's and Bob's most inconvenient times. He scolds Prometheus in all of his appearances but is usually driven away by Monkey.

Prometheus's Robots

Prometheus owns several robots. He uses them to assist him when a lesson requires more than just him to teach Bob. They have no personality and most of them serve Prometheus without question.


Here is a list of all the episodes in chronological order (Not by KaBlam! episode debuts)

Tape No. Title Summary KaBlam! Episode
1 Tape #1 Prometheus meets and befriends a caveman named Bob, and inadvertently frees a monkey from two other cavemen. The Best of Both Worlds
5 Breakfast Prometheus teaches Bob how to eat eggs for breakfast, only for one of them to hatch. Cramming Cartoons Since 1627
8 Furniture Prometheus teaches Bob how to use a chair, but Monkey gets the last laugh. Won't Crack or Peel!
10 Boxing Prometheus teaches Bob how to box, only for Bob to befriend his punching bag. Hurts So Good!!
12 Glue Prometheus teaches Bob about the uses of glue, but they (and the Monkey) get into a sticky situation. KaFun!
16 Spear Prometheus is about to teach Bob how to use a spear but has second thoughts... Better Than A Poke In The Eye!
17 (1) Art Prometheus teaches Bob about creating artwork, only for Bob to improvise. Your Real Best Friend!
17 (2) Wheel Prometheus teaches Bob how wheels roll, only for Bob to get carried away. It's Flavorific!
20 Bob's Birthday Prometheus wants Bob to celebrate his birthday. Bob, however, is being a party pooper. Your Logo Here!
22 Music Prometheus teaches Bob how to play music with instruments, only for their music to attract an uninvited guest. Comics for Tomorrow Today!
25 (1) Bowling Prometheus teaches Bob how to bowl, but Bob has difficulties. Your Real Best Friend!
25 (2) Clothing Prometheus teaches Bob how to wear clothes, only for Monkey to get the last laugh. It's Flavorific!
28 Trapping Prometheus teaches Bob how to catch prey, but their lesson attracts one too many uninvited guests, including Monkey, the Overlord, and a saber-toothed tiger. Better Than A Poke In The Eye!
32 Fishing Prometheus teaches Bob how to fish, but Monkey messes with their lesson. Not Just For People Anymore!
37 Bridge Prometheus teaches Bob how to make and cross a bridge, but they both fall down a pit. All Purpose KaBlam!
42 Canoe Prometheus teaches Bob how to ride a canoe, but Bob is too afraid. Tastes Like Paper!
49 Milking Prometheus teaches Bob how to milk a cow, only for Monkey to get involved. Harold's Glow-in-the-Dark Brand Butter
52 Hammock Prometheus teaches Bob how to use a hammock, but Monkey messes with their lesson. More Happiness than Allowed By Law!
55 Pottery Prometheus teaches Bob how to make pottery, but Bob's stupidity and Monkey's tricks complicate the lesson. Won't Stick to Most Dental Work!
57 Shelter Prometheus teaches Bob how to shelter himself from harsh weather, but Bob is too impatient to learn during a rainstorm. KaBlam! Gets Results
63 Farming Prometheus teaches Bob how to grow plants, but Bob ends up using Prometheus's growth serum incorrectly. Get Sam Donaldson's Mystery Bag
65 Ball Prometheus teaches Bob how to play with a ball. Money Train 2
71 Cooking Prometheus teaches Bob how to cook soup, but Bob is more interested in eating fire ants. Comics of Champions
86 Toilet Prometheus teaches Bob about personal hygiene, but Bob has other ideas. Holdeth The Pickle, Holdeth The Lettuce
88 Ice Skating Prometheus teaches Bob how to skate on ice, but Bob's nervousness and a hungry killer whale complicate things. I Just Don't Get It!
97 Construction Prometheus teaches Bob how to build a concrete wall, but Monkey wants to play with the tools. Hand Cranked For Your Enjoyment!
99 Kite Prometheus teaches Bob how to fly a kite, but Monkey goes for a ride in the sky. Resistance is Futile
103 Leverage Prometheus teaches Bob about using different weights, only to get stuck under a boulder. E Pluribus KaBlam!
205 Laundry Prometheus tries to teach Bob how to clean laundry, only for him and Bob to end up using their spring as a hot tub. You May Already Be a...KaBlammer!
212 Robot Prometheus shows Bob the usefulness of his robots, but one of them goes rogue. The New Class
213 Television Prometheus and Bob try to revisit their past lessons by watching television, but Monkey messes with them instead. Great for Paper Training!
254 Bed Prometheus teaches Bob how to sleep in a bed, only for Bob to not cooperate. Year Round Fun!
256 Treehouse Prometheus teaches Bob how to build a treehouse. It's All In The Wrist!
332 Arctic Prometheus teaches Bob how to survive in the arctic, only for Bob to start a snowball fight with him, Monkey, and a polar bear. You'll Love Our Selection!
400 I.Q. Test Prometheus challenges Bob to see just how smart he is, but Bob isn't really up for it. Takes a Knockin' and Keeps Tick-Tockin'
402 Exercise Prometheus teaches Bob how to exercise, only for his lesson to backfire. A Nut in Every Bite!
403 Dating Prometheus teaches Bob how to get a date, but Bob is too nervous and Prometheus's advice doesn't help. Timeless!
404 Softball Prometheus teaches Bob how to play softball, but Monkey wants to play too. Sasquatch-ercise!
406 Pet Prometheus teaches Bob how to play with a puppy, but Monkey becomes jealous. Going the Extra Mile!
412 Magnetism Prometheus teaches Bob about magnets, only for Bob to swallow one. In It To Win It!
677 Evolution Chamber Prometheus and Bob learn not to tamper with natural evolution. Under New Management


  • Originally, a pilot was made which details Prometheus teaching Bob about the use of fire. The short ends with Prometheus being cooked alive by Bob, and the Monkey flying the saucer into the camera. This pilot was the pitch to Nickelodeon's executives to be featured on KaBlam!, and was successful, on the condition that the pilot is never aired publicly due to its very dark nature in comparison to the more lighthearted nature in the series.
  • A live-action film based on the tapes was planned, starring Chris Farley and David Spade supposedly as the titular characters. However, after Farley died in 1997 and Cote Zellers's disapproval of what the script to the film entailed, the project was scrapped and what remained of it was re-written into the 2010 film, Gulliver's Travels, starring Jack Black.
    • In addition to the failed live-action film, a tape entitled "Painting" was created to be used as a short film before. However, after the film was scrapped, the tape was never released (even as KaBlam! was syndicated).
  • On "The Top 100 Moments In Nicktoons History" in November 2007, voted on by viewers on Nick.com, its segments on the KaBlam! episode "Comics for Tomorrow Today!" were ranked #61.
  • Each segment (with some variations, as seen below) is introduced as "900,000 years ago, an alien videotaped his attempts to educate a caveman. The Prometheus and Bob tapes."
    • There is a long version as well, with the announcer saying "What you are about to see is top secret. It is a video tape recorded 900,000 years ago by an alien using a remote-controlled camera. It shows his attempts to educate a caveman. They have been codenamed the Prometheus and Bob tapes."
    • In "Evolution Chamber" (tape 677), the last Prometheus and Bob segment aired, a variant is used with the announcer saying "900,000 years ago, an alien got sick of trying to educate a caveman. He created a machine that would transform his unevolved student into an intelligent, modern man. The Prometheus and Bob tapes."
  • Much like the cast of Action League Now!, Prometheus and Bob themselves have made cameo appearances in the Henry and June segments outside of their short films:
    • In the episode "Won't Stick to Most Dental Work!," despite not making a physical appearance (sans their short later in the episode), Henry mentions that when he opened his restaurant "Henry's House of KaBoom!," one of the food items he made and sold were "Prometheus Burgers."
    • In the episode "Hurts So Good!!," the last Henry and June segment presents footage of Prometheus, Bob, and the Monkey singing along with Loopy from Life with Loopy, the cast of Action League Now!, Sniz and Fondue, and the Henry and June cast.
      • Additionally in the same episode, Prometheus and Bob make cameo appearances on air fresheners being sold by Henry and June in their efforts to acquire staples.
    • In the episode "Better Than A Poke In The Eye!," Henry and June host a tour of their studio to guests, where they introduce characters from the other KaBlam! segments. Prometheus and Bob make an appearance in an outer space portion of the tour, where they vaporize a particularly rude tourist with a laser for mocking Henry and June.
  • The episode "Evolution Chamber" implies that Prometheus's species is actually human or something similar, as a hyper-evolved Bob looks exactly like Prometheus (but with Caucasian skin) and a devolved Prometheus looks exactly like Bob (but with purple skin).