Now With More Flava'
Season 4, Episode 6 (43rd overall)
Now With More Flava'
Written by Andy Rheingold, Jay Martel, Robert Mittenthal, Michael Rubiner
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"Now With More Flava'" is the 43th episode of KaBlam!. It is the sixth episode of the fourth season.

Segments Edit

Henry and June: While opening the show, Henry and June notice John Stamos working as a security guard on the set. They wonder how such a big star ended up as a security guard, which makes them wonder about themselves and their futures as stars. Stamos then chases down two kids stealing donuts from the studio.

Race Rabbit: The Boolies plant a bomb on a remote-controlled girl rabbit that Race falls in love with.

Henry and June: Henry and June start rapping to try to save their jobs. Busta Rhymes visits them to see how good they are and after hearing them, he says they are terrible.

Action League Now! - "Grief for the Chief": The Chief is dying from an accident and the League recalls on memories of when they accidentally injured him.

Henry and June: Henry and June make a public appearance at the LaGalleria Shopping Plaza and try to impress their fans, but it doesn't work out. The two then try to sell some of their props from the show but that doesn't work out either as no one buys anything.

Life with Loopy - "Rock 'n' Roll Loopy": A band stays at Loopy's house and learn that being a kid isn't so easy.

Henry and June: John Stamos announces to Henry and June that he landed a new TV gig, which is the host of a new and improved KaBlam!. Henry and June then end up working as security guards on the show, and chase down two kids stealing donuts at the studio.