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Not Just for People Anymore!
Season 1, Episode 4 (4th overall)
Not Just For People Anymore.png
Air date November 1, 1996
Written by Robert Mittenthal, Will McRobb, Chris Viscardi, Anne Bernstein
Directed by Irene Sherman
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"Not Just for People Anymore!" is the fourth episode of KaBlam!. It is the fourth episode of the first season.


Henry and June Act 1
Sniz and Fondue
Henry and June Act 2
Action League Now!
Henry and June Act 3
Prometheus and Bob
Surprising Shorts
Henry and June Act 4
Life with Loopy
Henry and June Act 5

Henry and June Act 1
Henry&June News Sniz.jpg Henry and June give an in-depth look on the pop-culture phenomenon that is Sniz and Fondue. June, via satellite, is inside Sniz and Fondue's actual house and reports that the temperature is "72 degrees." Henry is concerned that was the only thing in her report, and he gets the feeling that June is nowhere even near the house. She attempts to disrupt the broadcast with a vacuum, and it is revealed that she is doing her report in the studio next to Henry, who isn't happy that she lost the directions to the house. June then receives a breaking news update and turns the page to the cartoon in discussion.

Sniz and Fondue
Sniz&Fondue Fashionably Fondue.jpg

Fashionably Fondue!

Sniz and Fondue are shopping at Trouser Trove as Sniz is trying on jeans that are twice his size. Fondue, now wanting to become a fashion designer, shows his new portfolio to Sniz. Fondue promises once he hits it big, he'll create a whole line of jeans that will fit Sniz. Bianca and Snuppa overhear Fondue's plan and laugh it off, upsetting Fondue as he crumples up one of his advertisements and throws it out a window. It lands in a girl's sandbox where she hits it with her shovel and lures it up into the air, hitting a hang glider pilot who crashes into a plane owned by Coco Clothiers. Fondue then receives a call from Coco to be hired as a fashion designer. At Ortner Pavilion, Fondue is demonstrating several of his works, including a refrigerator modeled by Bianca, 26-inch ears worn by Sniz and a "one size fits all" memory derby hat sported by Snuppa. One month later, Fondue presents his newest line of fashion, blue "Sniz" jeans as a commercial demonstrates the jeans for all-purpose use including on the job, when going water skiing, working out in the gym and dancing at the disco. Two months later, Coco is upset that a single pair of the jeans haven't sold and fires Fondue. Sniz is upset that if it wasn't for him, Fondue would still be a fashion superstar. Fondue agrees, saying he should be miserable but the fame and chocolate croissants are a thing of the past and his life is in the toilet. However, he is cheered up as Sniz models Fondue's jeans creation.

Henry and June Act 2
June shoots Laser.jpg Henry explains his and June's excitement for the next installment of Action League Now!. As a service to the viewers, Henry then gives some "KaBlam! tips" with June commenting on how it will turn the viewers' experience into "action viewing". The first – "find a nice, comfy chair" (June diving into a bean bag-style chair), the second – "snack your KaBlammiest snack" (Henry delivering a large graham cracker) and the last – "eliminate ALL distractions" (June shoots Henry with a button-controlled laser, turning him to dust). She then directs the laser to the screen, revealing Action League Now!.

Action League Now!
Action League now! Wrath of Spotzilla Part 2.jpg

The Wrath of Spotzilla: Part 2

After they accepted the Nobel Prize for being the best superheroes in the world, the Action League accidentally awoke a dog named Spotzilla, which eats Stinky Diver. Thundergirl, Meltman and the Flesh all made failing attempts to stop Spotzilla, whose next plan of attack is the World Cup soccer tournament at the Garage Dome. Picking up where Part 1 left off, The Chief tries to evacuate the crowd at the World Cup, but is quickly distracted by a game being played and provides live commentary of it. Spotzilla buries Meltman in the ground shortly before an approaching lawn mower cuts his head off, landing on the World Cup playing surface and is kicked into the goal. Thundergirl is sad because the League doesn't deserve the Nobel Prize medals after their attempts to end Spotzilla's reign of terror all failed, but not before Meltman comes up with a plan. He clings onto Spotzilla's back and itches in its "sweet spot" which is successful, as Spotzilla is calmed down. The League once again takes their Nobel Prize medals, but Thundergirl says it doesn't feel right without Stinky Diver accepting his as well, not long before he shows up with a foul odor.

Henry and June Act 3
Henry's chilling up.jpg June is amazed by the conclusion to the Action League Now! segment and asks for a moist towelette. Henry lies in a hammock with a drink, and introduces the next cartoon, Prometheus and Bob, as the page is automatically turned.

Prometheus and Bob
Prom&Bob Fishing.jpg

Tape #32: Fishing

Prometheus teaches Bob how to fish with a rod. Bob tries his luck, but bare handed, pulling in a large catch. Prometheus is about to cast his line but the Monkey grabs the bait and eats it. Prometheus tries to shoo the Monkey away before Bob catapults the tree branch and the Monkey crashes into the camera. Next, Prometheus attempts to use a net, but Bob wears it as a wig. Bob has figured out how to use the rod, but he pokes up a small fish. Bob is now asleep while waiting for a bite, but his and Prometheus's fishing rods are swallowed underwater by the Monkey, until Prometheus uses his laser to evaporate the pond. Finally, a piece of bait is hung from the top of the tree and Bob grabs it to eat, but it's a trap as he and Prometheus are caught by the Monkey.

Surprising Shorts
Surprising Shorts Scene 2.jpg


A slow snail is annoyed after another snail proves it is faster. The slow snail then drops nails to "pop" the faster snail which spins out and crashes towards the camera.

Henry and June Act 4
June Party Henry gets excluded.jpg June can't stop laughing at Henry, who has his shirt caught in his zipper after coming out of the bathroom. Henry is annoyed and divides up the panel where he has to stay on his side, and June has to stay on hers. June then seizes the opportunity to throw a party on her end. Henry isn't fazed by this at first as he worries about his show responsibilities, but shows a hint of jealousy just as he angrily turns the page to Life with Loopy.

Life with Loopy
Loopy Goop on the Loose.jpg

Goop on the Loose!

Larry talks about the trouble with his hair, saying "it's out of control" and is always looking for some kind of goop that is tough enough to tame his mane. As he is about to grab a container of a product in the bathroom's medicine cabinet, his sister Loopy urges him not to, where she's been watching the container for six months and thinks something weird's going on inside it. Over the next few weeks, Loopy continues to investigates the container before the "goo-spewing mutant" suddenly escapes. Larry sets up a command center while Loopy is on the hunt. At 0200 hours, the mutant removes their father's wart just as Loopy strikes a tennis racket on his foot. The next morning, Larry and Loopy realize the container was wart removal cream and their father is happy with the wart removed, which is revealed that after it escaped, it got married. Larry finally solves his hair problem by going bald.

Henry and June Act 5
Episode 4 Party.jpg June's panel party continues while Henry says the party this week is over for him, at least. He attempts to play KaBlam!'s ending theme, but has the wrong record as it plays operatic music, making him angry and sad. June then holds up the correct record and asks Henry if he's looking for it, which he sarcastically acknowledges. June tosses it on the player and encourages Henry to join the party. Henry then shows off his dance moves as the comic book closes.


Henry and June

Sniz and Fondue

Action League Now!

Prometheus and Bob

Lava! (Surprising Shorts)

  • Slow snail
  • Fast snail

Life with Loopy


  • This episode was later pulled from reruns and "KaBlam! Presents" segments on Nicktoons after a suggestive image was shown in Sniz and Fondue, where one of Fondue's designs depicts a female ferret with fish covering her private areas, and in Action League Now!, Thundergirl says something suggestive for very young viewers. Despite this, it was replayed on NickRewind (formerly The Splat and NickSplat) airings, probably because it targeted older (13+) audiences.
  • The Lava! segment and the Surprising Shorts bit proceeding it was removed from Nicktoons airings and NickRewind airings due to copyright issues.
  • This episode does not use "Skaternity" (normally heard in the credits of Season 1 episodes) as its ending theme. It uses an extended version of the "2-Tone Army" theme song. The next episode "All Purpose KaBlam!" also does this, albeit more longer.
    • This episode is not available for streaming on Paramount+ due to the Action League Now! two-parter's main villain, Spotzilla having an uncanny resemblance with Spot the Telecom Dog, the former mascot for the New Zealand-based Telecom service.


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Henry and June

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  • 2-Tone Army [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (upcoming segments)
  • 2-Tone Army (Blues Reprise) [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (after the Action League NOW! segment)
  • Skaternity [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] ("Here's our next cartoon!")
  • 2-Tone Army [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (before "Lava")
  • 2-Tone Army (Blues Reprise) [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (after "Lava")
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  • Os Morros - Lars-Luis Linek (June hands Henry another record)
  • 2-Tone Army [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (ending/credits)

Sniz & Fondue

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  • Dance Energy - Dave Rogers, Paul Shaw [CPM] (Snuppa's fashion style)
  • Fashion & Clubbing - Rolf Krueger (audience applauds)
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  • ? (Sniz jeans commercial)
  • Ohrwurm-Musik Nr. 1 - Gerhard Trede (Sniz and Fondue hug)
  • Curse of Evil 1 - Gregor Narholz ("But there's only one line with those proportions!")
  • A Touch of Sweden - Rob Pronk (later)
  • So Girly - Rolf Krueger (ending)

Action League NOW!

  • [original music by Nat Kerr and Rick Witkowski] (plays throughout)
  • The End 06 A Maj - Marcin Pospieszalski (ending only)