Not Just For People Anymore
Season 1, Episode 4 (4th overall)
Not Just For People Anymore
Written by Robert Mittenthal, Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi, Anne Bernstein
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"Not Just For People Anymore" is the fourth episode of KaBlam!. It is the fourth episode of the first season.

Segments Edit

Henry and June: June tries to do a report outside Sniz and Fondue's house, but loses the directions and ends up doing it in the door next to Henry.

Sniz and Fondue - "Fashionably Fondue": Fondue wants to be a fashion designer.

Henry and June: Henry tells the viewer some "KaBlam! Tips". The first being "Find a nice comfy chair.", the second being "Snack your KaBlammiest snack.", and the last being "Eliminate ALL distractions." June shoots Henry with a button-controlled laser.

Action League Now! - "The Wrath of Spot-Zilla": The conclusion of this two-part episode. (See "Comics for Tomorrow Today" for the storyline)

Henry and June: Henry and June are happy about the ending to Action League Now!.

Prometheus and Bob - "Tape #32, Fishing": Bob tries to fish, but the Monkey is messing around.

Surprising Shorts: Lava- A snail is getting annoyed after one proves it is faster than the other, so the annoyed snail use nails to "pop" its foot. The other snail, now spun out crashes to the camera.

Henry and June: June can't stop laughing at Henry, who has his shirt caught in his zipper after coming out of the bathroom. She then throws a party after Henry says she has to stay on her side of the panel.

Life with Loopy - "Goop on the Loose": A goop goes after Loopy's dad's "legendary" wart.

Henry and June: Bummed about being all alone, Henry tries to close the show but gets inspired to join in June's panel party.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was later pulled from reruns and "KaBlam! Presents" segments on Nicktoons after a suggestive image was shown in Sniz and Fondue, where one of Fondue's designs depicts a female ferret with fish covering her private areas, and in Action League Now!, Thundergirl says something that is suggestive for very young viewers. Despite this, it still is replayed on The Splat airings, probably because The Splat targeted older (13+) audiences.
  • The Lava segment and the Surprising Shorts bit proceeding it were removed from Nicktoons airings and The Splat airings due to copyright issues.
  • This episode is available for download on Henry and June segment creator Mark Marek's website.
  • This episode does not use the "Skaternity" as the ending theme. It uses an extended version of the theme song. The next episode, All Purpose KaBlam! also uses this, albeit more longer.