Mr. Foot
Mr. Foot in the KaBlam! episode "You'll Love Our Selection"


Mr. B. Foot




1.00 BC



Appears in:

KaBlam! (Henry and June), The Henry and June Show

First Appearance:

A Little Dab'll Do Ya (KaBlam!)

Last Appearance:

Under New Management (KaBlam!)

Mr. B. Foot (or Mr. Foot, or sometimes Bigfoot) is a giant Sasquatch who works on KaBlam! as a stagehand. His hobbies are sleeping, injuring Henry and stealing the spotlight.

Although under the rage and bluster, he is not actually a wild creature and never injures June at all, other than shoving her and Henry in a time capsule, as shown in the Season 4 Episode Timeless. He was also shown working out with Richard Simmons in the Season 4 Episode "Sasquatch-ercise".

He is also an accomplished drummer as seen on the Season 3 Episode "You'll Love Our Selection". His only speaking line was in the end of the Season 1 Episode "A Little Dab'll Do Ya".

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