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Life with Loopy Birthday Gala-Bration
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Length: 24:30 Minutes
Original Airing Date: September 25, 1998
Written By: Francis Gasparini
Directed By: Mark Marek
Produced By: (W)Holesome Products, Inc.
Crank! It! Out! Inc.
Nickelodeon Animation Studio

"Life with Loopy Birthday Gala-Bration" is a special episode of the Nickelodeon animated sketch comedy series KaBlam!.

The mixed media segment Life with Loopy is recognized with five of its previously-aired short films.


Special Act 1
Life with Loopy Act 1
Special Act 2
Life with Loopy Act 2
Special Act 3
Life with Loopy Act 3
Special Act 4
Life with Loopy Act 4
Special Act 5
Life with Loopy Act 5
Special Act 6

Special Act 1
Bob & Sarah Michelle Gellar.jpg The stars are out for the Life with Loopy Birthday Gala-Bration! On the red carpet at the Lee Majors Pavilion, songstress Barbara Streisand and her husband, James Brolin, arrive. Sarah Michelle Gellar from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is accompanied by Bob, while Men in Black star Tommy Lee Jones escorts Thundergirl. Now, Henry and June of TV's KaBlam! arrive on the main stage to warm up the crowd. Henry says although he likes being in a comic book, it is good to be out of it for a change. June then responds jokingly that he is always out of it, as everyone laughs, but seriously, everyone is here for one reason only, to recognize a special lady named Loopy in attendance, who receives a standing ovation from the audience as Prometheus and Brad Pitt are seen sharing a quick conversation. Henry says over the next 22 minutes, tribute will be paid to television's most talented tyke, with five of her craziest adventures ever. June says enough of her and Henry's yacking, as they get the Gala-Bration started with the first Life with Loopy!

Life with Loopy Act 1
Life with Loopy Butterfly Loopy.jpg

"Butterfly Loopy"

Originally aired on the KaBlam! Season 2 episode "Won't Stick to Most Dental Work!." Larry says he knows he looks ridiculous in his outfit, but looks aren't everything. The week before, his sister Loopy learned that the hard way. After she and the family watch a nature show on butterflies, Loopy asks when she'll start looking beautiful and glamorous. Larry snidely remarks it'll happen when everyone else starts looking really ugly but Mom assures that Loopy is already beautiful and glamorous. Loopy then means beautiful and glamorous like her, but Dad says Mom has got the kind of beauty and glamour that takes years to achieve. Loopy freaks out and says she can't wait that long, but the nature show's host says that once in the cocoon, the caterpillar metamorphoses into a beautiful butterfly in only seven days, and Loopy thinks that's more like it. The next day at breakfast, Loopy makes a cocoon, a "shortcut to stylishness." She zips herself up in it for one week. Larry says without Loopy around, life just seemed to fly by. One week later, movement is detected in the cocoon and Loopy emerges as a butterfly. Outside with the family documenting her new look, Larry admits even though Loopy is a "bug," she does look pretty glamorous. Trouble is, a scientist (the same one from the nature show) thinks so as well, mistaking Loopy for a rare specimen, and he plans to capture her. Eventually, it's dinner time and Larry demands Loopy come down, but she's too busy enjoying the air. The scientist arrives at the house with a net to capture Loopy, but she tries to get away. Larry has had enough of his sister's shenanigans and decides to make his own butterfly suit to bring her down. The scientist continues to chase after Loopy, who admits the glamour thing is a "pain in the thorax" and she's going home. As Loopy gets there, she sees Larry wearing his butterfly outfit before she touches a bug zapper and is reverted back to normal, while Larry is captured by the scientist. Loopy finally figures out that looks really aren't everything, and Larry is living the "glamorous life" now by being an exhibit (The Amazing Butterfly Boy) in a museum. Surrounded by the public, Loopy gives him a thumbs up while Dad documents with a video camera.

Special Act 2
Loopy Make a Wish Goldfish.jpg Henry says he's seen that one a dozen times, and it still slays him! June agrees, and she tells the audience that not only is Loopy America's favorite comedy moppet, she's a girl that cares with her "Make-A-Wish Goldfish!" Foundation, dedicated to helping aquarium pets' dreams come true. Henry then interviews former First Lady Barbara Bush whose fish, Susan, was distraught after former President George H.W. Bush lost the 1992 election, but was granted a wish to go on a white-water rafting adventure. Jack Nicholson and Meltman are shown tearing up. Henry guesses that wishes really do come true, and Barbara says they certainly do, as she wishes to watch another Life with Loopy.

Life with Loopy Act 2
Trouble With Inflation.png

Trouble with Inflation

Originally aired on the KaBlam! Season 1 episode "It's Flavorific!." Larry introduces the family — his sister Loopy, and their parents. Larry says that Dad is a laid back kind of guy, except when it comes to bills, in which he gets very angry. To Loopy, it seems to be from the mailman's icy heart, and when it comes to melting icy hearts, Larry calls her a regular "blowtorch." Loopy tries to be nice to the mailman with a song, but before she finishes, he hands the bills out. On the next day, Loopy gets busy, figuring if the mailman wasn't going to respond to genuine love and kindness, she'd have to appeal to a more primitive emotion — fear — by making the house "haunted." Loopy dresses as a zombie but the mailman, once again, is unfazed and needs a signature from her before handing more bills over. Dad screams as the haunted part of the house crashes down. Switching gears, Loopy inflates the house to get away from the mailman. Larry says life would go by surprisingly smoothly for the next few days and the television would get great reception as Mom watches a show. Dad is very relaxed, hanging out with the kids in the kitchen. Suddenly, the mailman knocks on the window and is seen on a bicycle-propeller hybrid and gives them more bills. Dad screams again, enough to cause him to float to the ceiling, and the house deflates. With all of the past attempts gone wrong, Larry thought Loopy would have given up, but she sends a friendly letter on top of the bills, which makes Dad happy.

Special Act 3
Charlie Chicken & Turkey Thompson Cameo.jpg Henry says no Life with Loopy celebration would be complete without the next guests, as via satellite, the "clown princes of poultry prankery" Charlie Chicken and Turkey Thompson are introduced! Turkey apologizes on behalf of himself and Charlie that they couldn't be at the Gala-Bration in person, as they are in Australia on the set of their new movie Kickboxing Chickens Down Under. Charlie says something is still bothering him, as he made two beautiful birthday pies, especially for Loopy, but he doesn't know what to do with them. Turkey has an idea, by pieing Charlie in the face! Henry, June and the audience share a laugh. While they'll all nurse their injuries, Henry encourages everyone to watch another Life with Loopy classic starring the "first lady of hilarity!"

Life with Loopy Act 3
Loopy Lunar Loopy.jpg

Lunar Loopy

Originally aired on the KaBlam! Season 1 episode "What the Astronauts Drink!." Larry says thanks to modern sciences, the Moon is pretty much figured out these days. On a recent night, he and his sister, Loopy, investigate it with a telescope. Dad asks if they've seen the "Man on the Moon" yet, but Larry says everyone knows that's just "shadows on the surface." Loopy says she sees shadows on it, pointing out a dinosaur and a giant bird. Larry doesn't believe her, but she attempts to prove him wrong by lassoing the Moon. Later that night, as Larry is in the middle of a dream with The Charlie Chicken Show, Loopy awakes him after she lassoed the Moon down into their backyard. They then walk on the Moon and find the man, who is an astronaut. He is relieved that a rescue party showed up and has been stranded on the Moon since the 1970s, and says that if it wasn't for him making shadow puppets on the Moon, he would've gone "totally sputnik." Loopy and Larry get the man off the Moon before it is sent back into the sky. The man bids them farewell to go kick some "NASA hiney." Larry says Loopy proved that we may not all solve the Moon's mysteries, as Dad is working on one by searching for his polka-dotted underwear, which is on the Moon.

Special Act 4
Kate Winslet Cameo.jpg June asks Henry what's the first thing he notices in an episode of Life with Loopy, but he is distracted by flirting with Kate Winslet, who is shown in the audience crossing her arms in disgust. Henry then gets smacked in the back of the head by June before he tells everyone that it's the theme song. June agrees, because if it wasn't for the theme song, no one would know the show was starting! They bring out North Country songbird and international recording star Celine Dion, who sings an operatic version of it.

Life with Loopy Act 4
Loopy 20000 Leagues under the Sofa.jpg

20,000 Leagues Under the Sofa

Originally aired on the KaBlam! Season 1 episode "A Little Dab'll Do Ya!." Larry shows off his lucky baseball, "360 degrees of cross-stitch, horse-eyed perfection" which he caught during a playoff game, and hasn't let it out of his sight. But just the week before, something terrible happened as he lost it! Loopy discusses with Larry the last times he was with it, such as when he was sleeping in bed, taking a shower and watching a baseball game on television. Loopy figures out that it got lost in the sofa, and starts digging out items that are in it, including a toy bunny, wrench, bowling ball and tiki mask. Eventually, she falls into the sofa and meets two miners that explain everything that falls into sofas around the world conjoin into one area. The miners' job is to dig it all out, keeping the good stuff and the bad stuff is sent to the recycling center, the latter turned into molten planet fuel as they say "that's what makes the world go 'round." Loopy says she's looking for Larry's lucky baseball, and the miners recall it is in the recycling center, with t-minus 45 seconds until it becomes planet fuel. They recommend Loopy takes the elevator, but it's slow until she asks for it to go faster, which it does. T-minus 10 seconds until the center's daily meltdown, and Loopy grabs the baseball in time. She returns it to Larry, despite him complaining about it being scorched up. Larry admits that he should have been a little more grateful, as Loopy makes sure he'll never lose it again, by socking it in his mouth.

Special Act 5
Ben Franklin & Alyssa Milano Cameo.jpg Wesley Snipes, Ben Franklin and Alyssa Milano are a few of the celebrities spotted in the audience as the Gala-Bration continues. Henry and June bring out Patrick Stewart, who has followed Loopy's career as a fan, a mentor and most importantly a friend. Stewart says it is an honor to be at the Gala-Bration and it seems like only yesterday that a fresh-faced, pigtail-last-named Loopy first stole everyone's hearts, and since then, they've shared sorrow and joy with her laughter and tears. He adds that through it all, Loopy's made everyone see the truths in her famous words, "mellow out, sauerkraut." As the curtain opens behind him to reveal a special birthday cake for Loopy, Henry and June are caught eating it. However, she laughs, which leads to the rest of the audience laughing as well. Henry and June chuckle, although still embarrassed, while introducing the final Life with Loopy.

Life with Loopy Act 5
Life with Loopy Send in the Clones.jpg

"Send In the Clones"

Originally aired on KaBlam!'s Season 3 premiere episode "More Happiness than Allowed By Law!." Larry and Loopy's dad is a pretty good guy; he works hard, doesn't complain and always remembers to flush. However, Larry says the only problem is there's just not enough of him to go around. Larry asks Dad with help on his science homework, but he is kind of busy doing stuff around the house, even as Loopy reminds him that he would play Martian Mad Scientist with her. Then, Mom asks for help with the dishes, before Dad says for everyone to hold their horses because he can't be in four places at once! Larry thinks Dad's question was perfectly logical, but Loopy took it as a scientific challenge. At night, she gets busy in the basement and by the next morning, she converted Mom's Twin Tub Deluxe washer/dryer into a fully-functional cloning device. To demonstrate, Loopy plucks some nose hair from Dad and drops it into the protoplasmic fat, sets the machine on spin, and voilà, another Dad has been cloned! Both of the dads compliment each others' look, as Mom and Larry applaud. Larry says Loopy's clone of Dad turned out to be a "molecular miracle," and it was such a success that Loopy made another dad that helped clean out the gutters, now reporting for dish duty. Another dad helps on being sacrificed to the sun god, and suddenly there are four of them around! Little did Larry and the family know that messing with genetics can have catastrophic repercussions, as he goes to watch The Charlie Chicken Show, but all four dads are fighting for control of what to watch on television (golf, bass fishing and celebrity lawn darts). Larry says he isn't the only one suffering, as Mom is going crazy washing the clothes in the sink with no washing machine available. The situation reaches critical mass with Loopy, as all four dads encounter her (one reminding her of bath night and another showing her old baby pictures found in the attic). Loopy runs into the basement and lures them down where she has cloned herself many times! Three of the four dads make up excuses to run back into the cloning device as the real Dad remains. He knows it will take a while, but he'll find time for each and every Loopy, as they all cheer for him. Larry says the family has learned their lesson as one dad is enough for everyone, but the only question that remains now is what are they going to do with all the Loopy clones?

Special Act 6
Cooper Family Dancing Gala-Bration.jpg Wrapping up a "kablam-tastic" ... oops, a "loop-tastic" birthday Gala-Bration, Henry and June encourage everyone in attendance to get up and dance to a remixed version of the Life with Loopy theme song. In a credits scene, an anchor on Action News 58 promotes an upcoming story on how Loopy has touched the lives of people, plus an extra story on a funny-looking dog.


Henry and June

  • Henry
  • June
  • Mr. Foot
  • Barbara Streisand
  • James Brolin
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • Bob
  • Thundergirl
  • Tommy Lee Jones
  • Prometheus
  • Brad Pitt
  • George H.W. Bush
  • Barbara Bush
  • The Bushes' fish (Susan)
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Meltman
  • Kate Winslet
  • Celine Dion
  • Wesley Snipes
  • Ben Franklin
  • Alyssa Milano
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Various Gala-Bration attendees
  • Action News 58 anchor

Life with Loopy

  • Loopy Cooper
  • Larry Cooper
  • Mrs. Cooper
  • Mr. Cooper (clones included in "Send in the Clones")
  • Nature show host
  • Scientist
  • Museumgoers
  • Mailman
  • Astronaut
  • Sofa miners
  • Charlie Chicken
  • Turkey Thompson