Life with Loopy Birthday Gala-Bration
Season 3, Episode N/A
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Written by Francis Gasparini
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"Life with Loopy Birthday Gala-Bration" is a special KaBlam! episode. It aired during Season 3 but it is not counted as one of the show's actual episodes. In the style of an "awards show," Henry and June celebrate the stop motion animated short Life with Loopy by featuring five shorts that previously aired on the show.

Segments Edit

On the red carpet of the Lee Majors Pavilion, celebrities such as Sarah Michelle Gellar (accompanied by Bob from Prometheus and Bob) and Tommy Lee Jones (accompanied by Thundergirl from Action League Now!) are introduced. Henry and June then arrive on the main stage to warm up the crowd. Henry says although he likes being in a comic book, it is good to be out of it for a change. June then responds jokingly that he is always out of it, where everyone in the audience laughs. June recognizes Loopy and her family in attendance, who receive a standing ovation from the audience as Prometheus (from Prometheus and Bob) and Brad Pitt are seen.

"Butterfly Loopy": Originally aired on the KaBlam! episode "Won't Stick To Most Dental Work". Loopy becomes a butterfly after wanting to become beautiful and glamorous.

Henry and June tell the audience that not only Loopy is America's favorite comedy moppet, she's a girl that cares with her "Make-A-Wish Goldfish" Foundation, dedicated to helping aquarium pets' dreams come true. Henry then interviews former First Lady Barbara Bush whose fish, that was distraught after George H.W. lost the 1992 election, was granted a wish to go on a white-water rafting adventure. Jack Nicholson and Meltman (from Action League Now!) are shown tearing up.

"Trouble with Inflation": Originally aired on the KaBlam! episode "It's Flavorific". Loopy tries to stop her dad's bills coming in the mail, and she fails. Finally, she sends her dad a heartwarming letter in the mail to give him something to smile about.

Charlie Chicken and Turkey Thompson make an appearance at the Gala-Bration via satellite, who are in Australia on the set of their new movie "Kickboxing Chickens Down Under". Turkey Thompson then pies Charlie Chicken in the face as Henry, June and the audience share a laugh.

"Lunar Loopy": Originally aired on the KaBlam! episode "What the Astronauts Drink". Loopy lassos the moon and finds an astronaut who was stranded by his friends, he gets off the moon and Loopy sends it back up in the sky.

They bring out Celine Dion, who sings an operatic version of the Life with Loopy theme song.

"20,000 Leagues Under the Sofa": Originally aired on the KaBlam! episode "A Little Dab'll Do Ya". Loopy looks for Larry's baseball which is under the sofa, it takes her a while to find it, but she eventually does.

Wesley Snipes, Ben Franklin and Alyssa Milano are a few of the celebrities seen in the audience as the Gala-Bration keeps going. Henry and June bring out Patrick Stewart who delivers a heartfelt message to Loopy. After the curtain raises behind Stewart, Henry and June are caught eating Loopy's birthday cake. Everyone, including Loopy all howl with laughter, including Henry and June.

"Send in the Clones": Originally aired on the KaBlam! episode "More Happiness Than Allowed By Law". Loopy clones her dad so there can be enough of him to go around for the whole family, but it soon gets out of hand.

The Gala-Bration concludes as everyone gets up and dances to a remixed version of the Life with Loopy theme song.

Henry and June Quotes Edit

Henry: "You know June, I like being in a comic book, but it sure is good to be out of it for a change."

June: "Henry, you're always out of it."

Henry: "Ouch! My sides are actually splitting!"

June: "If it wasn't for the theme song, no one would know the show was starting."

Henry: "Well, that wraps up a KaBlam-tastic-- oops, I mean Loop-tastic birthday gala-bration."

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