[Action League Now!] closing theme music plays in background]

June: “That certainly was an action choked episode of Action League Now!, speaking of choking………”

Henry: “June, look, see? I told you it’s a birthday cake.”

June: “Get a grip, Henry, you forgot my birthday, okay? now let’s just move on with our lives.”

June: “As I was saying, choking is a very serious problem, that’s why we at KaBlam! are proud to be part of a nationwide anti-choking campaign.”

Helen, the bride: [voice off screen] “There he is!”

Helen: [weeping uncontrollably]

Jack, the groom: “So you like wedding cake, huh, punk?”


Henry: [choking sounds]

June: “Ah, very good, Henry is exhibiting some of the classic signs of choking……….”

Henry: [chokes and gags]

June: “Turning blue, [Henry gasping for breath] gasping for air [gurgling sounds] and clutching his throat.”

[Henry choking and groaning]

June: “If you ever see some 1 choking, help them by using the Heimlich Maneuver, which I will now demonstrate with the aid of my assistant……….Mr. Foot.”


June: “Remember, kids, only nimrods choke. Now here’s two guys who never forget each other’s birthdays, Prometheus and Bob."

[turns the page to Prometheus and Bob]