Season 3, Episode 11 (37th overall)
Written by Will McRobb
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You May Already Be a...KaBlammer!

"KaFun!" is the 37th episode of KaBlam!. It is the 11th and last episode of the third season.

Segments Edit

Henry and June: June is amazed by the new KaBlam! Sports live headline, much to Henry's annoyance.

Action League Now! - "And Justice For None": The Action League must convince an entire courtroom of their actions in the past to avoid termination. One by one, they step up and talk about why they deserve to remain a unit, only to be shut down by a previous instance being brought up (with many flashbacks, old and new, used as examples for both). In the end, it's up to The Flesh to do the convincing, and if he can't pull together a solid excuse, the League is done for!

Henry and June: Henry walks onto the set wearing shades after a "visit" to the doctor. June, annoyed by this, takes the shades off Henry as he screams in pain until June mentions that Jennifer Love Hewitt is in the studio, where Henry quits his screaming and looks around for her. June then takes the shades and wears them as Henry resumes his screaming.

Prometheus and Bob - "Tape #12, Glue": Prometheus tries to teach Bob the uses for glue.

Henry and June: June notices that Henry is leaking in his armpits, which Henry is glad he's wearing his deodorant. June then compliments it, saying it's so "grown up." June then lets Henry smell her armpits and he doesn't smell anything, making her sad until he sniffs one more time, finally finding a scent. They then apply deodorant to their armpits.

Life with Loopy - "Larry's Girl": Loopy tries to find Larry a date using a computer love match service.

James Kochalka: "Pizza Rocket" (music video)

Henry and June: June welcome the viewers back to the show "almost-live." Henry cuts in and rants, saying the show is "not live at all". Henry then shows the viewers the storyboards which shows him and June's actions during the segment. Eventually, the KaBlam! Sports live headline squishes Henry.

Untalkative Bunny: Bunny gets a call from a newspaper telemarketer who tries to sell him a subscription with free delivery.

Henry and June: Henry and June discover in the Japanese TV Guide that there is a knockoff of their show KaBlam! titled "KaFun!", with their Japanese counterparts Herman and Jan and cartoons like Action League Soon and Prometheus and Yoshi. They then decide to watch the clip, despite Henry's plea. "Herman" is revealed to be Henry, making June angry and causing her to repeatedly hit him with the Japanese TV Guide.

Trivia Edit

  • The "Krebstar Tour" seen in the KaBlam! Sports headline is an ode to The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Krebstar was the name of a corporation in that show's world, which provided most of the consumer products therein.
  • Due to copyright issues with Untalkative Bunny, this episode was later banned in reruns after Teletoon converted Untalkative Bunny into a series in 2001.
  • This episode was considered a "lost" one for a while due to its last known airing being in 2001, but Henry and June segment creator Mark Marek has uploaded the episode on his website, making it finally seen again. The episode is available for download/viewing.
  • Contrary to popular belief and according to Marek, this episode was not a Japan exclusive airing. However, even outside of Japan, the words of the comic is not translated.
  • The Action League Now! episode in this episode reveals Meltman's real name - Barry Meltfarb.