Just Chillin'
Season 4, Episode 11 (48th overall)
Just Chillin'
Written by Will McRobb
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"Just Chillin'" is the 48th and final episode of KaBlam!. It is the 11th episode of the fourth season, and the true series finale of the show.

Segments Edit

Henry and June: Henry and June, depressed as they open the show, feel that it is about to be canceled. Eventually, they decide to make it more adventurous and thrilling to give excitement to the viewers by getting in a fight with ninjas.

Race Rabbit: Taking the place of a secret top agent who is stuck on the road, Race's mission is to deliver the secret ingredient to the peace offering until the chefs, especially the Boolies, cross between him.

Henry and June: Henry and June fight Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight, disguised as Mr. Foot, on top of a train. Network executive Mr. Stockdale then comes in to explain that budget cuts are coming as the colors in the segment are lost including the animation.

Action League Now! - "Fatter": The Chief is cursed by a fortune teller who he believes is a fraud, causing him to eat unhealthy foods and make him obese.

Henry and June: Henry and June are now popsicle-stick puppets (filmed in live-action) due to the budget cuts and they can't stand it. 

Dave, Son of Hercules: A pre-teen boy named Dave, whose dad is the famous Greek legend Hercules, is embarrassed by his father's destructive antics.

Henry and June: Henry and June are now animated again, as the scenery and colors come back as well, thanks to Mr. Stockdale who says he helped out with the budget. Henry, confused about this, asks if it's because he knows what people want from their TV, but Mr. Stockdale disagrees with this, as Henry and June get hit by the train seen earlier and then turn the last page of the final issue.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only episode without other regular shorts besides Action League Now! (which were Life with Loopy and Prometheus and Bob at the time)
  • Final appearances of Henry, June, Mr. Stockdale and Mr. Foot
  • Final appearance of Race Rabbit
  • Final appearance of Action League Now! before the series was made.
  • Due to it being the final episode, this episode was cut from Nicktoons airings. This issue also appeared on some other Nick shows that made the final episode either not shown on Nicktoons or cancelled altogether.
  • The Dave, Son of Hercules short was made by the creators of the Henry and June segments and is animated in the same animation style.
  • Counting Life with Loopy Birthday Gala-Bration and The Henry and June Show, it is the 50th episode in the series - a milestone for a final episode!
  • This episode was considered a "lost" one for a while, but Henry and June segment creator Mark Marek has uploaded the episode on his website, making it finally seen again. The episode is available for download there as well as the majority of the rest of the series.