These are a list of Holiday specials that appeared in KaBlam!.


Christmas SpecialsEdit

  • Offbeats - Jazzmas: The Off-Beats are celebrating Repunzil's first christmas since she never had christmas because she was born in China.
  • Mystic Wars - Christmas Special: Darth had the idea to replace all of the presents with coal and his coal with presents by hypnotizing Santa Claus.
  • Stewy the DogBoy - Ho, Ho Hound: Stewy learns the true meaning of Christmas.
  • The Little Freaks - The Faceless Fright Before Christmas: The Little Freaks are trying to stop No-Face from turning all the presents into jumpsuits.


Valentine SpecialsEdit

  • Offbeats Valentine Special: A half-hour TV special when Tommy is going insane since he has to sneak around to go to Beth without The Populars or The Offbeats knowing that they love eachother. September crushes on a cat named February.
  • Mystic Wars - Love is in the Air: Handy crushes on a new robot.
  • Jetcat - Hunka, Hunka, Halabaloo: An evil villain uses Cupid's arrow to make Meloney fall in love with Todd.
  • The Shizzagee - Love Birds: Brutus has a crush on a girl named Brittney. Brutus needs Shiz's advice on getting a girl.


Easter SpecialEdit

  • Offbeats - Blue Bunny: Repunzil's father tells the tale about the Blue Bunny to the Offbeats/Populars in camp. The Offbeats/Populars are trying to find the Blue Bunny so he can get his goal.


Halloween SpecialsEdit

  • Offbeats - Spooky September: Tommy creates a haunted house to scare the Populars. September gets hypnotized by Tina with a dog bone to do whatever she says like scare Repunzil to death.
  • Jetcat - Haunted Kat: JetCat gets bitten by a cat. Causes her to turn into the Phantom Cat.