Holdeth The Pickle, Holdeth The Lettuce
Season 3, Episode 4 (30th overall)
Holdeth the Pickle, Holdeth the Lettuce
Written by Kevin Strader
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"Holdeth The Pickle, Holdeth The Lettuce" is the 30th episode of KaBlam!. It is the fourth episode of the third season.

Segments Edit

Henry and June: Henry and June's set takes place in Colonial Williamsburg. Their power generator is on the fritz, and eventually it goes out before they can introduce the first cartoon.

JetCat - "Project: Evil": Tod interviews a villain for a school project when JetCat refuses to be interviewed.

Henry and June: Henry and June learn that nothing interesting happens in Colonial Williamsburg after interviewing some residents.

Action League Now! - "Tears of a Clone": The League gets cloned thanks to The Mayor and even though it may seem as a good thing, now that there are more superheroes, things go crazy.

Henry and June: Henry and June get annoyed as they try to learn their carriage driver's name.

Prometheus and Bob - "Tape #86, Toilet": Bob tries to learn how to use a toilet.

Henry and June: Henry and June find a pond and go swimming, and, they sing a song called, wash song, though they eventually find out that the people in Colonial Williamsburg don't approve of it.

Life with Loopy - "Loopy and the Snow-Lady": Loopy makes Snow-Lady, a snow-woman who comes to life, and tries to prevent her from melting.

Henry and June: Henry and June end up in stocks while being hit with freshly churned butter and other items.