Hand Cranked For Your Enjoyment
Season 2, Episode 11 (24th overall)
Hand Cranked For Your Enjoyment
Written by N/A
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"Hand Cranked For Your Enjoyment" is the 24th episode of KaBlam!. It is the 11th episode of the second season.

Segments Edit

Henry and June: Vikings move in the studio and destroy the set, annoying Henry and June.

Sniz and Fondue - "Rat in the Hat": Fondue searches for a new hat while Sniz is wearing Fondue's.

Henry and June: Vikings give Henry and June their hats, who don't know they were coming back. Henry says that it is not worth it to wear it, but part of the set collapses and even crushes Henry

Action League Now! - "Meltman at Large": Meltman becomes a giant after drinking a untested potion and must save children from tall heights.

Henry and June: Henry uses the same growth formula as Meltman to attack the Vikings, but Henry grows too tall and then gets hit by a plow.

Prometheus and Bob - "Tape #97, Construction": Bob tries to learn construction.

Henry and June: June invites the Vikings down to eat with them.

Emily Hubley's "The Girl with Her Head Coming Off": A girl has a crush on a boy, but then the boy has a crush with a better girl.

Henry and June: The Vikings at first are appalled by the last segment, but eventually they change their mind and they love it. It makes them want to pillage the set, and Henry and June join in the destruction.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode has no credits, so it is not known who wrote the episode.