Great for Paper Training
Season 3, Episode 8 (34th overall)
Written by Francis Gasparini
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"Great for Paper Training" is the 34th episode of KaBlam!. It is the eighth episode of the third season.

Segments Edit

Henry and June: A dog, which June names Wolf, follows June to the set and she and Henry argue over who gets to keep him. They both fall into a hole and land on the title of Action League Now!, both running away.

Action League Now! - "Melty's Girl": Meltman's girlfriend, Andrea, tries to get him to be paid more attention from the League.

Henry and June: Wolf urinates on June's Matt Damon wig, telling Henry they need to paper train him, but Henry reminds June it's her dog and not his.

Prometheus and Bob - "Tape #213, Television": Bob tries to learn how to watch television.

Henry and June: After Wolf destroys the set, he scares Mr. Foot, causing him to wreck into Henry and June.

Life with Loopy - "Bull in a China Shop": Loopy visits an organization called Awkwards Anonymous where she goes through a series of tests to cure her clumsiness.

Henry and June: After the set is destroyed and Wolf undos June's sweater, Wolf demands attention from Henry and June, but they ignore him. Henry then plays fetch with him after still demanding attention. Wolf's fleas then escape from him and attack Henry and June.

Race Rabbit: Race must deliver a tooth to a young boy, while avoiding the Boolies, and winning and finishing the race.

Henry and June: After realizing Wolf is gone, Henry and June panic and search for him. He then comes out, without them seeing, and tears up an award they won.

Trivia Edit