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Segments: 1
Date Ran: 2000
First and Only KaBlam! Appearance: Takes a Knockin' and Keeps Tick-Tockin'
Directed/Written/Created By: Kevin Dougherty
Produced By: KKM Inc.

Fuzzball is a traditional animation segment created by Kevin Dougherty, only seen on the Season 4 episode "Takes a Knockin' and Keeps Tick-Tockin'" of the Nickelodeon animated sketch comedy series KaBlam!.


A tomboyish girl named Fuzzball accidentally breaks her father's bowling trophy and now has to win another one for him, even though she does not know how to bowl at all.


Fuzzball talks about her town of West Valley, Pennsylvania, where a highlight of its social season is the annual Feast of Saint Stanislaus Fair. Every year, a boy named Burton Hanks goes on the Zipper ride after eating 12 funnel cakes, and then vomits behind a ticket booth, proving one doesn't buy fried milk, but rents it. Fuzzball then reminisces about how she and her friend Cake would stand under the salt and pepper shaker ride, raking in the falling pocket change and every year, a rusty old ride would give out. However, this year Fuzzball is missing it all, because she doesn't have a ride and is stuck at home "like a dingleberry." Fuzzball's dad was supposed to drive her, but she then remembered it's his "stupid" bowling night. Fuzzball crushes some walnuts with a bowling trophy that her dad won, as the man on it comes to life, saying her dad works hard to put a little kielbasa on the table, deserving some R&R every once in a while. Fuzzball is in disbelief, saying she's getting lectured by a figment of her own imagination, thinking it is "so TV-Y." The man on the trophy then goes on to insult Fuzzball's clothes, asking if she's trying to look like a boy, but Fuzzball fires back, saying it's called "style." After he makes another snide comment about her looking like a boy, Fuzzball breaks the trophy, yet has instant regret.

Cake thinks Fuzzball is overreacting, but she says the problem needs to be fixed before her dad gets home, or will be hot-buttered history! Fuzzball then thinks of a better idea, where she could change her name, get plastic surgery and move to Philadelphia. Cake points out a bowling trophy store to buy one. However, they leave empty-handed after realizing the trophies are quite expensive, and Fuzzball yells from outside the store that she's not a boy and her look is a "fashion statement!" Cake then gets a radical idea, suggesting Fuzzball should tell her dad the truth, but when they approach the bowling alley, Fuzzball decides to give the game a try.

Fuzzball has to knock down 300 pins (12 strikes) in order to get a trophy, and she thinks it'll be easy. However, her first roll lands on an opposing bowler's lane, apologizing and lying that it must have been the "wind" that caused it. Cake is keeping score, but Fuzzball tells her it was a practice throw so it didn't count. On another attempt, the ball flies backwards out of Fuzzball's hand and crashes into the soda machine, as a bowling alley worker over the loudspeaker reminds bowlers that the ball goes in the direction of the pins. Fuzzball goes for another throw, but slips and the ball flies into the ceiling, as the worker on the loudspeaker says for those confused, the pins are the ones located at the far end of the lane. Cake wonders if the next throw is for real, because she is now out of eraser, and as Fuzzball attempts, she flies down the lane with her ball and crashes into the pins. Fuzzball ponders telling her dad the truth and hopes he will understand, but dreams that she is locked away in a dungeon. The worker on the loudspeaker addresses Lane 12, wondering what he has to do to get Fuzzball and Cake to leave.

They do leave the bowling alley, but have successfully acquired a trophy after some negotiating! Cake thinks Fuzzball should still tell her dad the truth about what happened since even though they have a replacement for the old one, the new one has a woman on it.


In reality, West Valley, Pennsylvania is an unincorporated community in Armstrong County, northeast of Pittsburgh. The church carnival and bowling alley are based off of local establishments in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. If one looks closely, flyers on telephone poles advertise Café Metropolis, a music venue in Wilkes-Barre that Fuzzball creator Kevin Dougherty managed until it closed in 2010.

Dougherty later revealed that two scenes, before the segment was greenlit for KaBlam!, were altered:

  • The generic buses were a change from what originally were to be school buses, and two seconds of them blowing up (after the carnival ride crashes into them) was removed.
  • Fuzzball saying to the trophy "I'm getting lectured by a figment of my imagination. That is so 'TV-Y'." was originally "That is so Doug." but had to be changed because Nickelodeon prohibited cross-promoting in terms of mentioning other shows on the network.