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"Episode 29" is a theory of KaBlam! where viewers thought the episode revealed Henry and June's love for each other.

The "episode" was a subject of controversy since it was added to the Wikipedia and KaBlam! episode guides by an anonymous user in the early 2000s. In the plot, Henry and June give out awards for the KaBlam! shows over the years, bidding their farewell to their viewers since 1996 (when the show debuted on Nickelodeon). In the end, Henry and June finally close the pages to the big comic book and end the series with a kiss (received by Henry and given by June) as they say "goodbye."

However, in 2011 on a KaBlam! fansite that has since been shut down by its owner, Henry and June segment creator Mark Marek confirmed the episode was fake and Henry and June do not have feelings for one another. The "actual" Episode 29, "Your Logo Here", is on Marek's website and is available for download. According to Mark, Henry and June just "didn't like each other like that". The real final episode spanned to Episode 48, with Just Chillin'.

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