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Emmett Freedy
Emmett Freedy
Emmett Freed.jpg
Segments: 1
Date Ran: 2000
First and Only KaBlam! Appearance: Sasquatch-ercise!
Directed/Written/Created By: Tom Megalis
Produced By: Megalis Studio Inc.

Emmett Freedy is a stop motion animation/puppetry segment created by artist Tom Megalis, only seen on the Season 4 episode "Sasquatch-ercise!" of the Nickelodeon animated sketch comedy series KaBlam!.


Ten-year-old Emmett Freedy has a piece of cereal mistaken for head lice by an overzealous school nurse. He's sent home, but then encounters angry mobs and the local news.


Emmett eats a bowl of Puffy Dinks in the kitchen, and sings the cereal's theme song, but his sister thinks singing cereal songs is so immature. As Emmett takes a bite, a piece of the cereal flies into his hair. Later at school, the nurse is doing a lice check for all students, asking them to remove all head paraphernalia. As Emmett waits in line, his friend Theo shows off a project, a full-scale nose that spews mucus. Emmett is confused, but Theo clarifies it's for science class and is due today! Emmett admits he totally forgot and now thinks of a good excuse, wondering if Theo knows anybody that recently died. Emmett is now up next for his lice check, and the nurse notices the piece of cereal in his head, thinking it's lice, while another boy waiting in line hurls. The nurse plucks it out of Emmett's head and will send it to a lab, as she orders him to go straight home. Emmett at first tries to convince the nurse it's only a piece of Puffy Dink cereal, but he questions the word "home" and she actually meant it. Theo wonders how Emmett did that, and the other boy who hurled earlier hasn't a clue.

Emmett is back at home watching television, before his Aunt Marie makes him feel better with liver and broccoli nachos. Emmett says he's not sick at all, they just thought he might have lice as he feeds the food to his pet fish and best friend Mr. Carpatheos. Emmett asks Mr. Carpatheos to keep a secret, which he will, like a "bank vault," about Emmett not really having lice, since it was just a stray Puffy Dink cereal piece. Mr. Carpatheos says Emmett did all he could, and he agrees, now with the rest of the day to himself and to even work on his science project! That is, until reporter Reeds Van Gurken broadcasts outside of Emmett's apartment where citizens are rallying for him to leave Akron. Mr. Carpatheos says it's starting to weird him out, and Emmett thinks he'll put a quick stop to it as he yells out his window about not having lice and it was only a Puffy Dink! Some of the rally participants mishear him for admitting he loves lice, while Mr. Carpatheos tells Emmett to watch the television again, as two hazmat suit-wearing men announce they'll shave his head. Emmett is in disbelief, and mumbles that he might as well go back to school and tell the truth, while Mr. Carpatheos sheds a tear, watching an American hero leave.

Emmett races down from his apartment, but the entrance door is chained, as he finds Theo outside, who was excited to see him on television, but Mr. Lombardi carries Theo away, telling Emmett to stay away from their hairdos which they cover with foil. Reeds Van Gurken wants to interview Emmett before he goes bald, but he runs back up to his apartment. Aunt Marie says two "friends" came by to see how he was feeling, while Mr. Carpatheos says it's a setup as it's the hazmat suit men who plan to shave his head! Emmett threatens to throw a bowl of Puffy Dinks, which as he does, pieces of it fly out the window and scare the ralliers. The hazmat suit men figure out it's indeed Puffy Dinks, and they sing the cereal's theme song along with Emmett. Meanwhile, Emmett's sister is unamused, wondering if the whole planet has gotten completely immature.

At school, Emmett presents his science project, a breakfast bonnet that protects the face and head area from RFBD — Random Flying Breakfast Debris — and asks Theo to toss a strip of bacon, which deflects off the bonnet and hits one of the classmates in the eye, as another breakfast disaster is successfully thwarted. Emmett cues Theo to play music from the radio, while his teacher, Mrs. Woodward, says it was a wonderful science project, as the rest of the class applauds.