Do the Twitch is a one-time flash animated cartoon that appears in KaBlam!. The original title for the episode was Twitch Glitch which later appeared in an upcoming Naruto episode.


A street performer gives a kid an orange which causes him to dance the twitch disco and sing some songs.


  • Tony: A kid who ate a magical orange that causes him to dance randomly like the tut, the twitch and the other dance moves. Tony accidentally bumped into a street performer which causes him to give him the orange which causes the twitch glitch in the first place.
  • Skyx: A street performer who pulls pranks on people. He has a girlfriend named Maria. Skyx gave Tony the twitch glitch for bumping into him on his grand finale. Skyx's name isn't revealed until in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons credits where you see his name is revealed as Skyx.
  • Maria: Skyx's blond-haired girlfriend. She is mute so no voice actor never voiced her. Skyx does not have a problem understanding her even though she is mouthing when she tries to speak. Maria laughed silently at the end of the episode after Skyx is sufficating the twitch glitch.
  • Street Performers: A bunch of street performers that appear when Tony is singing. They do not have any lines.