Crustacean Sensations is an episode of Sniz and Fondue.


Fondue is seen making shrimp cocktail while singing a song called "Placin' Shrimp Baby". Sniz appears and wonders what is Fondue making. Fondue tells him what he is making. Sniz is seen eating chips, Fondue snatches it, and tells him that he should eat shrimp cocktail. He tastes him and gets obsessed with him. He tried to make Fondue his "shrimp slave" but Fondue kicks Sniz out. Sniz goes to a restaurant called Food Dood but it was closed. So, he went to a Never Closed Food Stand to get shrimp cocktail. He ate it and went to the hospital watching a movie called Ferret Valley Place. Fondue comes and Sniz apoligizes. Fondue presents to him "Battlestar Shrimpero", a parody of Sniz's show-within-the-show that he watched while Fondue offers him a sandwich. Sniz pukes at the end.


  • The TV show that Sniz watched was Battlestar Sharpero.
  • Food Dood is a parody of Checkers.
  • Instead of cash, the girl from the Never Closed Food Stand wanted Sniz's shoes.
  • Sniz called Fondue; "Becky Bake Set-Up".
  • This episode actually reveals that all of the characters' species are ferrets.
  • This episode appeared in the KaBlam! episode "Taste Like Paper".