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Comics of Champions
Season 1, Episode 12 (12th overall)
Comics of Champions.png
Air date January 17, 1997
Written by Robert Mittenthal, Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi
Directed by Mark Marek
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"Comics of Champions" is the twelfth episode from the first season of KaBlam!.


Henry and June Act 1
Action League Now!
Henry and June Act 2
Sniz and Fondue
Henry and June Act 3
Prometheus and Bob
Henry and June Act 4
Angela Anaconda
Henry and June Act 5
Action League Now!
Henry and June Act 6

Henry and June Act 1
Henry Crush on Thundergirl.jpg Henry welcomes the viewers to an "abso-blamutely, kablammy" episode of KaBlam!. June says Henry's all jacked up because he thinks his girlfriend is coming to visit the show. Henry denies the girlfriend part, calling her a distinguished member of the Action League and a crime-fighting superhero, giving the viewers the idea it's Thundergirl from Action League Now!. June then taunts Henry by saying "Thundergirl" repeatedly, and he blushes with his hair catching on fire in the process. June cools off Henry, before they'll heat up the action with Action League Now!.

Action League Now!
Action League Now! Sinkhole of Doom.jpg

Sinkhole of Doom Part 1

In Big Kitchen National Park, Pierce climbs down a sink but can't see a thing, and it's too dark. His adventure partner, Johnny, looks for a light switch and finds what looks like one, but when he flips it, it turns on the garbage disposal which starts attacking Pierce. At Action Headquarters, Meltman tries to talk Thundergirl into going to a concert with him, but to no avail. Meltman tells Thundergirl he knows why she doesn't like him; he's melted, but she denies it. The Chief tells the Action League that a spelunker is trapped, but this isn't just any spelunker; this spelunker just so happens to be Pierce, the son of the Mayor. Upon hearing this, Thundergirl rushes off to rescue him, but gets her hair caught in a ceiling fan. The League holds up score cards for Thundergirl's performance, but she is not amused. The Chief orders Meltman and the Flesh to go to the kitchen, and Stinky Diver to get Thundergirl down. Meanwhile, Pierce is still trapped in the garbage disposal and Johnny, wondering what's taking the Action League so long, decides to find them himself. With Thundergirl still trapped in the ceiling fan, Stinky decides to use his spear gun to cut Thundergirl's hair. Thundergirl doesn't think this is a good idea, but Stinky tells her she needed a haircut anyway. When Stinky fires his spear gun, instead of cutting off Thundergirl's hair as planned, the spear gets caught on another blade. The other end of its rope is caught on Stinky's leg, and the ceiling fan begins spinning him around.

Henry and June Act 2
Henry&June Haircut.jpg June hopes Thundergirl gets to Pierce in time. Henry agrees, but he hopes it doesn't interfere in his big date with the Action League member who flies like thunder. At a barber shop, June requests a "Sniz" — a mohawk. Then, she covers Henry's pompadour with the toque Fondue wears in preparation of going to the next cartoon, Sniz and Fondue.

Sniz and Fondue
Sniz&Fondue Rage against the Vending Machine.jpg

Rage Against the Vending Machine

Sniz and Fondue have bought all the eggs in a Pick-a-Prize machine, and they haven't gotten one of the advertised tarantulas. Sniz finds the address manufacturer, Sinclair Novelty on the bottom of an egg, and they travel to its headquarters. Fondue says they should have just used the front buzzer, but Sniz recommends sneaking in via an employee entrance. A spotlight then catches the two and an intruder alarm sounds, before a trapdoor sends them to the office of Sinclair Novelty's head honcho. He asks what he can do for the "lowerclassmen," as Fondue explains he and Sniz depleted a whole machine and didn't get the tarantula, as advertised. They demand "spider justice," before they're offered and accept a tour of Sinclair Novelty. After the short tour, they're kicked out of the factory. Fondue says it's payback time, helping Sniz get in through an open window, and he lands in a box full of the tarantula toys that he and Fondue have been after. Sniz hides in the box as Mr. Sinclair approaches, who wants all of the tarantulas to be thrown out, but according to his assistant, tests show that kids love them the best. Mr. Sinclair says that's why they don't put them in the machines, so kids will waste their money trying to get them. Fondue is shocked, thinking that's deep. Mr. Sinclair fires his assistant and is going at great lengths to destroy all of the tarantulas himself, transmogrifying plastic into profit where the tarantulas are converted into hairbrushes. Fondue finds Sniz in the box, before Mr. Sinclair decrees the two "rumpscallions" have already caused enough mayhem for one day. Fondue then threatens to tell the media and the police about his scam, but Mr. Sinclair says he'll just have to turn them into sissycombs. In the box, they are sent towards their doom before Sniz uses a tarantula to jam Mr. Sinclair's Koo-Koo Krane device and the box crushes him. He asks for them to get off of him, but only under one condition. Back at home, Sniz and Fondue each have their own Pick-a-Prize machine, opening their eggs and both getting tarantulas, tossing them onto a growing pile.

Henry and June Act 3
Henry&June Cooking Alaska.jpg Before getting back to the cartoons, Henry and June are in the kitchen to whip up a tasty treat, baked Alaska. First step, one will need some Alaska. Henry is digging up tundra, or actually a moss, "the basis of the caribou's diet." A polar bear then scares him, running back to the kitchen after getting their ingredient. Next and last step, one will have to bake the Alaska at 350 degrees, but with no oven available, June uses Henry as one. He blushes as she talks about him and Thundergirl together "sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G" while the Alaska cooks on his warm face. The baked Alaska is now ready as the polar bear turns the page to Prometheus and Bob.

Prometheus and Bob
Prom&Bob Cooking.jpg

Tape #71: Cooking

Prometheus is teaching Bob how to cook soup, giving him an official chef hat and ladle to start. Prometheus then instructs him to put the ladle in the pot and stir it around. The Monkey finds a fire ant snack next to them and Bob gets distracted to eat the same thing. Prometheus smacks the Monkey away and shows Bob how to eat soup out of a bowl, but Bob uses the ladle to continue eating the fire ants. Out of options, Prometheus decides to eat them as well, and Bob lets him wear the chef hat. Prometheus's boss, The Overlord, soon appears and is unhappy to see him not teaching, before the fire ants attack. The Monkey shoos The Overlord away back onto his spaceship and it takes off. Bob and the Monkey try to wake up a stunned Prometheus, before he gets annoyed and shuts off the camera.

Henry and June Act 4
Henry Poking.jpg Henry is scooping wax out of his ear, taking a couple sniffs of it and then plucking it away. He's caught in the act before he and June present the next cartoon, Angela Anaconda.

Angela Anaconda
Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 2.10.04 AM.png

"The First Flush of Love"

Angela has made a macaroni horse head Valentine's card for her crush, Johnny Abatti, as in return he gives her a piece of unchewed chewing gum, freshly rewrapped in the original wrapper, with grape flavor. It was like a fairytale out of the movies, but then Nanette Manoir ("Ninny-Wart") comes along and gives Johnny what Angela considers to be a big and stupid card that she bought, and didn't personally make. Nanette asks him if he has a valentine for her, which Johnny gives her Angela's card. Nanette calls it a thoughtful and inexpensive way to say he cares, which upsets Angela. In the bathroom, she realizes that Johnny and Nanette are now valentines before flushing three times; first comes love, then comes marriage, and then comes Angela Anaconda to annihilate both of them. In a dream sequence, Johnny and Nanette are riding through a tunnel of love, before Angela, as Cupid, shoots them with "magical love arrows of desire" (toilet plungers) and they are dragged through the water since Johnny forgot to properly close the safety bar. Nanette begs for help and says she can't swim, even if she got an "A" in swimming because she sucked up to the teacher! Johnny and Nanette must now get married, and Angela hands them a bouquet of flowers, but Nanette is allergic to them. Angela says Nanette will feel better when she kisses Johnny, who asks if he really has to. Their teacher, Mrs. Ephigenia Brinks, says he must, but he could have married Angela instead. Johnny and Nanette then have a large pile of rice dumped on them. Back in real life, Angela walks out of the bathroom stall as Nanette points out she has half a roll of toilet paper trailing behind her "like a lunatic." Angela then sees her Valentine's card in the trash, and finds Johnny to ask him if he likes macaroni. Johnny says she should know he does, but he is forced to eat her Valentine's card which is shoved into his mouth.

Henry and June Act 5
Henry&June Climbing.jpg
Before the conclusion of Action League Now!, Henry and June hike to the top of the page. June predicts Henry is going to rescue Thundergirl and save the day. On the top of the comic book, he looks all the way down and says they should come back later because he's not dressed for action. June thinks he is, giving him a slap on the back and he falls down. She then uses a rope to pull Henry back up but is flung back down, taking June along for the ride as the page is turned.

Action League Now!
Action League Now! Sinkhole of Doom.jpg

Sinkhole of Doom Part 2

Meltman and the Flesh are on the roof of the house, getting ready to jump aboard a car about to leave the garage. They jump on the car, and hold onto the moving windshield wipers as Meltman tells the Flesh that the car is taking them right where they need to go, but the wipers then toss Meltman and the Flesh into the road. When Meltman tries to point the way to the kitchen, he and the Flesh get run over by another car. At Action Headquarters, Johnny is looking for the Action League. Stinky Diver, sick from being spun by the ceiling fan, throws up on Johnny, who finds it disgusting. Thundergirl then tells Johnny that there isn't much time, and that he must turn a nearby knob. Johnny does so, but the fan now goes faster, tossing a sick-to-his-stomach Stinky into a fish bowl, and Thundergirl's hair is ripped off. Thundergirl, who is now free from the ceiling fan, rushes off to the kitchen to rescue Pierce who at this point, has lost his legs because of the garbage disposal. Meanwhile, Meltman and the Flesh are on a mailbox, trying to hitch a ride to the kitchen. The Flesh is tired of Meltman leading them into trouble and knocks him off the mailbox. Thundergirl carries Pierce into the mailbox, which Meltman clings onto. Pierce tells Thundergirl he wanted to go to a Molly Hatchet concert with her, but understands she'll reject him because of how badly damaged he is from the garbage disposal incident. Thundergirl tells Pierce that looks aren't everything, and kisses him. A jealous Meltman tries to convince Thundergirl to go with him instead, as he's much more repulsive than Pierce, but to no avail. The mailbox is then closed.

Henry and June Act 6
Henry meets Thundergirl.jpg After Action League Now!'s conclusion, June is excited but Henry is upset that Thundergirl kissed Pierce, calling him a "chewed up stump." June says love hurts, and Henry gets the idea Thundergirl won't visit them. However, she makes a grand appearance as Henry's heart beats out of his chest and faints. Thundergirl asks if Henry is okay, but June says he's fine and ate just a little too much tundra. June closes the comic book, with a little help from Thundergirl, who says she can't wait until Meltman hears about her adventure.


Henry and June

Sniz and Fondue

Action League Now!

Prometheus and Bob

Angela Anaconda

  • Angela Anaconda
  • Nanette Manoir
  • Johnny Abatti
  • Mrs. Ephigenia Brinks


  • On the back cover, the characters depicted on the KaBlam! comic are Meltman and the Flesh. The novels besides the comic are Henry and June (not to be confused with the characters on the show) by Anaïs Nin, and War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. While the former has about 300+ pages, the latter one has 1220+ pages, which is shown by the width of the books.
  • Henry only has a crush on Thundergirl in this episode.
  • This is the second and last appearance of Angela Anaconda. This episode was later withdrawn from reruns in the United States due to it featuring one of those segments, which Nickelodeon no longer had the rights to. This even affected the streaming options on VRV and Paramount+, where the episode wasn't made available due to this segment.
  • This is an episode where Action League Now! doesn't immediately return following the first commercial break, this is also the second and last time this occurs.
  • This episode breaks the trend since "You've Tried The Rest! Now Try The Best!" to have episodes without Prometheus and Bob.
  • In turn, it is the second episode overall and in a row without Life with Loopy.


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Henry and June

  • A Romantic Fantasy 29 - Johnny Pearson (June says "Thundergirl" to make Henry blush)
  • 2-Tone Army [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (after the first half of Action League Now!/upcoming segments)
  • A Stroll in the Country (a) – Helene Muddiman ("Before we go back to the cartoons, let's take some time to whip up a tasty treat!")
  • Winter's Flight (a) - Richard Harvey (Henry and June in Alaska)
  • A Stroll in the Country (a) – Helene Muddiman (cooking "Baked Alaska")
  • Yodel of Joy - Renato Bui, Marta Wild (Henry and June climbing a comic book page)
  • Fire - Alfi Kabiljo ("Maybe we should come back later...")
  • Reach for the Stars - Richard Harvey (June saves Henry)
  • A Nagging Doubt (B) - Tony Hymas (Henry plays piano tie)
  • Thunder Girl Flying [original music by Nat Kerr and Rick Witkowski] (Thundergirl appears)
  • Romeo & Juliet Overture - Fiachra Trench, Peter Tchaikovsky (Henry notices Thundergirl)
  • Skaternity [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (ending/credits)

Action League Now!

  • [original music by Nat Kerr and Rick Witkowski] (plays throughout)
  • Thunder Girl Flying [original music by Nat Kerr and Rick Witkowski] (Thundergirl flies into the fan and when she rescues Pierce)
  • In My Dreams - Gregor Narholz (ending)

Sniz and Fondue

  • Toys for Boys - Boris Schoska (intro/title card)
  • A Touch of Sweden - Rob Pronk ("Fruits! Not again!")
  • Hoedown - Michael King (later)
  • Earth Orbit (D) - Graham De Wilde ("By the magic of Sniz, the spider it is!")
  • Deadline - Sam Spence (Fondue puts his quarter in the vending machine)
  • Adieu Tristesse - Bob Elger, Gerd Schoenau (Sniz and Fondue walk to the vending machine company)
  • Hollywood Christmas - Gregor Narholz ("HUMONGOUS!")
  • Flight In Panic 1 - Gregor Narholz (they get caught)
  • Satin Sounds - Dick Walter (they meet the manager)
  • Joy of Living - Siegfried Ulbrich (quick tour of the company)
  • Duel in the Dust - Sam Spence (Fondue helps Sniz into the nearby window)
  • Menace From the Deep - Robert Cornford (manager plans to dispose the tarantulas)
  • License to Thrill - Robert Cornford (crane picks up box of tarantulas)
  • Squadron Airborne - Bruce Campbell (Fondue notices the tarantulas
  • Drama Shock (d) - Richard Harvey (Sniz and Fondue's reaction when told they would be turned into sissycombs)
  • License to Thrill - Robert Cornford (manager moves crane near the transmogrifying machine)
  • Orchestral Flourish 1 - Gregor Narholz (box lands on the manager)
  • Hymn of Achievement - Gregor Narholz (the manager is defeated)
  • Kliene Episode - Gerhard Trede (ending)

Angela Anaconda

  • [original music by Stanley Schwartz] (opening/shot of dog with thrown up food/"...my boyfriend, Johnny Abatti."/Angela introduces Nanette/"...and I have made this for Johnny Abatti.")
  • Musette [#9] - Francis Fumiere (Nanette gives Johnny a Valentine)
  • [original music by Stanley Schwartz] (Johnny gives Nanette the horse head picture/Angela freaks out)
  • Fun Fair - Dick Walter (Tunnel of Love)
  • Ride of the Valkyries - Fiachra Trench, Richard Wagner (Angela drags Nanette and Johnny along the water)
  • Bridal Chorus (b) - Dick Walter ("Now you have to get married!")
  • Alouette - Brian Gulland, Richard Harvey ("It is French. Just like you...ARE NOT!")
  • The Holy Land - Richard Myhill ("Yes, you do, Johnny Abatti.")
  • Wedding March - Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, George Wilson [CPM] (Angela dumps rice on Nanette and Johnny)
  • Musette [#9] - Francis Fumiere (Angela walks out of the bathroom stall)
  • [original music by Stanley Schwartz] (Angela's horse head picture in garbage can)
  • Santa Lucia - Mario Rusca, Teodore Cottrau (Angela approaches Johnny)
  • [original music by Stanley Schwartz] (ending)