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Built for Speed!
Season 1, Episode 11 (11th overall)
Built For Speed.png
Air date January 17, 1997
Written by Robert Mittenthal, Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi
Directed by Irene Sherman
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"Built for Speed!" is the 11th episode of KaBlam!. It is also the 11th episode of the first season.


Henry and June Act 1
Sniz and Fondue
Henry and June Act 2
Action League Now!
Henry and June Act 3
The Louie and Louie Show
Henry and June Act 4

Henry and June Act 1
Henry&June Calibration.jpg Henry and June prepare for a "KaBlam-alicious" episode, but the television is messing up. June tells the viewers not to adjust their sets, as she runs into the screen to calibrate it. The television now fixed, June says "sometimes you just kinda have to jiggle it a little bit." Henry calls a TV set a "delicately calibrated high-tech electronic device," and he recommends she use the knobs instead. June is curious about these knobs and plays with them to change the colors, saying her and Henry are "mutating." He says the viewers will have to excuse June. As Henry resumes addressing the viewers, she turns down his volume. Henry, visibly annoyed, says he's going to strangle her but he runs into the screen and the television messes up again. June calls a TV set a "delicately calibrated high-tech electronic device," just before introducing Sniz and Fondue.

Sniz and Fondue
Sniz&Fondue The Making of a Supermodel!.jpg

The Making of a Supermodel!

Fondue has just come home with a Battlestar Shapiro plastic model kit. Sniz bets it's one "sassy lassie" and Fondue agrees, saying it was the last one in existence and he got it from the local hobby emporium. Sniz offers to open it, but Fondue refuses because he wants it to stay mint and its collector value could "skyrocket in 10 years or so." Sniz pleads to Fondue that since it's the last of the Shapiros, they should build it and then put it in a plexiglass display case. Fondue agrees at first, but he asks Sniz to stop messing with his head. Sniz attempts hypnosis, but Fondue isn't fazed and says it's his, and only his investment. Later, as the two watch an episode of Shapiro: Warp Speed 10, Sniz recommends they assembly the "kitty kit" to prolong the wild Shapiro experience. Fondue karate-chops Sniz's hand and takes the kit with him upstairs. That night, Sniz is in bed trying not to think about the Shapiro, before a dream shows him and Fondue aboard the Battlestar. Sniz wakes up and sneaks into Fondue's room, who is holding the kit in his hands while asleep in bed. Sniz steals the kit and replaces it with a box of Abdominal Crunch cereal. Sniz goes into his workshop and opens the kit, pouring resin all over the parts and tries to construct the ship. He then realizes that opening the kit was a mistake, so he seals the box and returns it to Fondue's room. The next morning, Fondue talks about the coolest dream, where he and Sniz were space heroes aboard the actual Shapiro, and it inspires Fondue to open the model kit. Sniz is surprised, because it is Fondue's investment and it'd be worth a fortune, but Fondue digresses because the dream made him "see the light." After he and Sniz fight for control of the box, Fondue opens it to find out it has already been opened and the parts are drenched in resin. Sniz nervously sings the Shapiro theme song before Fondue chases after him, "warp speed 10"-style.

Henry and June Act 2
Henry&June Doubles.jpg Henry says as Sniz and Fondue will attest, an important part of KaBlam! is "great stunt work." But how does the show do it? He and June take a behind-the-scenes look. June says difficult stunt scenes, like the one that open KaBlam!, are shot in several different pieces. First, she and Henry do their part with all the various dances. Then, professional stuntmen – their doubles Nick and Larry – are brought in to do the backflips (off of trampolines) into the comic book's pages. When it's all spliced together, it's "Grade A, made-in-the-USA KaBlamination," just like the stunt-fest that is the next cartoon, Action League Now!. Henry and June applaud Nick and Larry, injured from their work, as they turn the page.

Action League Now!
Action League Now! Thunder&Lightning.jpg

Thunder and Lightning

At Danger Mountain, a baby carriage with a pink teddy bear is headed toward the edge of a cliff. Thundergirl is to the rescue and she will use her super strength to catch it, but the carriage crushes her. Thundergirl then remembers she doesn't have super strength. When she checks the carriage to see if the teddy bear is OK, it's missing. She flies back to the top of the cliff where citizens and the rest of the Action League are greeting Lightning Lady, who saved the teddy bear. Lightning Lady asks Thundergirl who she is, and she growls. Stinky Diver offers Lightning Lady an opportunity to join the League which she accepts. Thundergirl now feels unwanted because the rest of the League like Lightning Lady more than her. At Action Headquarters, Lightning Lady takes the sacred oath. Meltman offers to take her to lunch and tell all about his superpowers. Thundergirl says that ought to be a short conversation. Lightning Lady says she can't because she'll be putting a patio in her backyard, before The Flesh, Stinky and Meltman offer to help her out. They decide to make a party out of it, and even invite Thundergirl, who refuses and says someone has to stay at the headquarters and defend the world against evil. She then ponders what she doesn't have compared to what Lightning Lady has. In Lightning Lady's backyard, The Flesh, Stinky and Meltman are all working hard to impress their new lady friend. Stinky tells her he used to be a bricklayer, and The Flesh tells her he used to be on the drill team. Meltman is about to tell her what he used to be, but he gets hit by The Flesh's shovel and flown into a bug zapper. Stinky tells The Flesh to be careful, as safety always comes first. The Flesh tries to remember, but his shovel accidentally hits a pile of bricks, which land on Stinky. The Flesh blames Stinky for making him do that, then his shovel accidentally hits a hammer, which launches a brick into some bags of concrete, and they land on him. Moments later, The Flesh and Stinky find themselves in a ditch, broken in pieces. Lightning Lady then kicks a burnt, but still-in-one-piece Meltman into the ditch with them. Meltman tells The Flesh and Stinky that Lightning Lady must not like the job they're doing. She then decides to pour cement into the ditch, trapping them. Back at Action Headquarters, Thundergirl is still jealous of Lightning Lady, and refuses to go to her party. Suddenly, she sees the floating disembodied head of her father, Thunderdad, who is disappointed in her. Thundergirl tells her dad that she's "shallow and petty," but Lightning Lady has a cape. Thunderdad then tells her that he was talking about her do as a superhero. He then asks her how she can bear the name "Thunder" and pass up a bottomless shrimp bowl. Thundergirl tells him he's right, as she loves free shrimp, thanks him, then tries to set off to go to the party, but first gets caught under the mattress. When Thundergirl does finally fly to Lightning Lady's party, she lands in the ditch where The Flesh, Stinky, and Meltman are, and asks where the free shrimp is. Lightning Lady is holding one, telling her it's for her. Thundergirl flies up and tells her to hand over the shrimp. Lightning Lady hits Thundergirl with the shrimp, knocking her into the cement mixer below. Lightning Lady laughs at her victory, but it's short-lived as Thundergirl flies out of the cement mixer. Thundergirl grabs the shrimp and pulls Lightning Lady up with her. Lightning Lady tells her to let go of the shrimp, as it is hers. Thundergirl decides that if Lightning Lady wants the shrimp that bad, she can have it, with cocktail sauce. She then lets go of the shrimp, causing Lightning Lady to fall into the cement mixer. Later that day, as Thundergirl is eating some shrimp after rescuing The Flesh, Stinky and Meltman, they thank her for rescuing them and apologize if they made her feel unwanted. The Flesh asks if they can have some shrimp, and Thundergirl tells them they can, after she shows them something. Thundergirl pulls off Lightning Lady's head, revealing it was just a mask, and that Lightning Lady is really the Mayor in disguise. The Flesh asks the Mayor why, but he tells them he did it because he's evil. Meltman then says that the Mayor may be evil, but he sure can cook as everyone laughs.

Henry and June Act 3
Henry&June Kablammy.jpg That Action League Now! was "kablammy!" according to June. Henry agrees with her and says that every cartoon on the show has earned the KaBlam! Seal of Approval, guaranteeing the "kablammiest cartoons on basic cable TV." Henry and June then says the viewers won't see "lame-o cartoon crud" like Gout Patrol and Jeff, the Sad Dinosaur which are not as "kablammy" compared to the next segment, The Louie and Louie Show.

The Louie and Louie Show
Bandicam 2018-09-16 20-15-46-243.jpg A family spends lots of attention on their dog. In a nearby room, a chameleon named Louie spies on them with binoculars and ponders what he has to do to get that same attention. A hamster, also named Louie, is filled in about the situation before he tells Chameleon Louie to buck up and he's got all the talent like shedding skin, changing colors and looking two ways at once. Hamster Louie says the current day will be different, where the family will look over at the cage and notice the two, but Chameleon Louie thinks that's what he says every day as the family, including the dog, are eating breakfast without utensils. A strong scent from the Louies attracts the family, who all look over at the cage. Hamster Louie says they noticed the two, and asks Chameleon Louie to change color. Chameleon Louie turns red while Hamster Louie wears some lipstick as they show off for the family, who isn't impressed and shut the doors to the room the two are in. That night, the Louies are bathing in a sauna (a toaster oven) and glad the "day of neglect" is over. Hamster Louie brings up the point that the family dog wouldn't be able to fit in the sauna, it has to go outside to use the bathroom and it gets belly rubs/pampered every day. Chameleon Louie is pondering how the dog gets all the attention and what's his big secret. Hamster Louie says the dog wakes up, jumps on the bed, licks its owner's face and gets hugged. Chameleon Louie then comes up with an idea to lick the face to get the family affection, respect and best of all, love. The Louies drive their wind-up car to the parents' bedroom. Chameleon Louie says this is it and when he gets to the other side, he'll be the "family favorite" and is wished luck by Hamster Louie. Chameleon Louie uses his tongue to rappel up to the bed and gets right up the father's face. He rubs the chin and then takes a long lick of it, as Hamster Louie sheds tears and says it's so beautiful. The father awakens and greets, before he realizes it's not the dog. They both scream, and everyone else is awoken screaming as well. Chameleon Louie is whacked with a tennis racket but Hamster Louie bites the father's foot, who thinks he's being eaten alive by the creatures. The mother says "it's just the children's pets." Next day, Chameleon Louie mentions that everybody gets their five seconds of fame and he licked the father's face good. Hamster Louie congratulates him, and the two celebrate their successful mission with a toast. Their cage now hangs from a tree branch outside the family home while the dog barks at them.

Henry and June Act 4
Henry&June Streching Time.jpg Henry and June thank the viewers for watching and wave goodbye. As they continue to wave, June is asking where the credits and music are. Their stage manager motions for them to stretch, and June thinks he wants the duo to make "taffy." But, it actually means Henry and June have 15 seconds left in the show. Not knowing what to do at first, they then waste some time by humming, whistling and singing until given direction to end. After they close the comic book, June says they handled it quite well, but Henry thinks they're gonna get fired.


Henry and June

  • Henry
  • June
  • Nick
  • Larry
  • Gout Patrol characters
  • Jeff, the Sad Dinosaur
  • Stage manager

Sniz and Fondue

Action League Now!

The Louie and Louie Show

  • Louie the chameleon
  • Louie the hamster
  • Champ (dog)
  • Family
  • Crickets


  • This is the first episode to only have three shorts instead of the usual four shorts per episode, due to how long The Louie and Louie Show segment ran. Hence, it is one of the few episodes with only four (instead of five) Henry and June acts.
  • This is the first and only appearance of The Louie and Louie Show, and is the only short throughout the entire series' run (besides Action League Now!) to continue after a commercial break.
  • It is the fifth episode (and fourth, when reran) in a row without Prometheus and Bob. It is also the first episode without Life with Loopy.
  • Since the end credits run faster than usual in the episode, they feature only still images rather than video clips from the shorts in the episode. The only other episode that did this was Season 2 episode "KaBlam! James KaBlam!."


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Henry and June

  • Open and End Fanfare - Nino Nardini (June adjusts the TV display)
  • The Plot Thickens - Dick Walter (color-changing knobs)
  • Dramatic Cue (d) - Ronald Hanmer (June pretends she's being mutated)
  • 2-Tone Army (Blues Reprise) [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (before Sniz and Fondue)
  • 2-Tone Army [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (after Sniz and Fondue)
  • Ska Memorabilia - Jake Burns, Bruce Foxton ("Here's Action League Now! Guys?")
  • 2-Tone Army [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (upcoming segments)
  • Services March - Bruce Campbell (KaBlam! seal of approval)
  • Battle Hymn of the Republic (a) - Graham De Wilde, William Steffe (Henry promises viewers that KaBlam! is not a lame show)
  • Fisticuffs - Laurie Johnson (Gout Patrol)
  • Weeping Heart - Dick Walter (Jeff the Sad Dinosaur)
  • 2-Tone Army [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (before The Louie and Louie Show/"Will Louie lick that face real good?")
  • Ska Memorabilia - Jake Burns, Bruce Foxton ("Let's get right back to the cartoons, and the conclusion of... Louie and Louie!")
  • 2-Tone Army [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] ("That's the show and there ain't no more!")
  • Skaternity [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (ending/credits)