• KaBlammer1992

    Stop in and say hi if you see this. Been cleaning up the Wiki lately (typos, irrelevant pages, etc). If you're new here, welcome! Enjoy your stay.

    Take care,


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  • AsetKeyZet

    I watched nearly almost all of the KaBlam episodes in the KaBlam Corner of the Mark Marek site, but there is no "A Nut in Every Bite" in it. It appears that there is only TV-Rip of this episode could be found. Is it possible to find the clean, watermarkless version of it?

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  • Astile12

    Where is Mark Marek?

    February 3, 2016 by Astile12

    Not the website owner, the Henry and June Mark Marek. Where is he now? After his work on KaBlam! he completely disappeared from the public eye and was never seen again. He then went on to claim certain rights to MAD when he moved on to Warner Bros. and thus got a series greenlit. After that ended he once again went missing from public eye and only traceable through his email via his website when he uploaded some episodes of KaBlam! including The Henry and June Show pilot and the infamous Episode 29. He was then scheduled as Director of Animation for the The Flaming C airing on TBS 2015. He is know currently working on quote on quote "various WBA projects" via his ANIMATIONS category on his website. But where is he now? What wi…

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  • YouGottaBigBand

    You can all thank me for asking Mark Marek to upload all the recent epps. Even comics for tomorrow today.

    Years back, I saw the credits reading in that episode LAVA but Lava was not shown. Was it a mistake? So I contacted Marek to make sure and he uploaded it.

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  • Purrrrrrpp


    January 27, 2015 by Purrrrrrpp

    hi one of my fav not so well known show is kablam i would like to run to adopt this wiki i will give it a nice back round other than blue more catrorgorys so you can get to pages and more info on this show that this wiki is lacking i have done 3 bigs pages so far it may be hard to find them concerting the lack of tabs but thare titles are production, about seson 1, about seson 2 if i win i will give tons more etits my gol is to give this amazing show a lot more creadit lets get this show on the road vote klablamoieds!

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  • Rocko shellbach

    All that started in 1994-2005 and it had 10 diffrent spin offs here are the spin offs. Kablam,Icarly,drake and josh, nick cannon show,amanda show,just jordan,victorius,zoey 101,action league now, and Kenan and kel

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  • Jtsfan13

    Henry and June are drawn as they were in Season 4. Sniz & Fondue is expected to make a return to the show, though with a different production company. The Off-Beats may also return. Surprising Shorts also makes its return in the season 5 premiere. The intro used this season is the same used in seasons 1-2. Also the Skaternity-like song is used for the ending theme once again.

    The season premiere.

    Henry & June: Henry and June are excited to be back after so song, "about 12 years long" as June puts it.

    Sniz & Fondue: Sniz hypnotizes Fondue, but doesn't know how to snap him out of the trance

    Henry & June: Henry and June are being mobbed by crazed fans

    Action LEague Now: In the Whinne of Fire. Pop star Blandi falls for Meltman

    Henry & June: June acciden…

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  • KaBlamFam11

    Dude?????True or fake

    September 7, 2010 by KaBlamFam11

    Dude,How do you know about this stuff i mean if this tuff is fake give it up and delete this site,if its real, PM me this stuff and ill ,So your choice.

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