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Billy being thrown out of the Populars.
Name: Billy
Gender: Male
Born January 30, 1989
Occupation: The Populars member
Appears in: KaBlam! (Better Than A Poke In The Eye), The Off-Beats
First Appearance: You've Tried The Rest! Now Try The Best! (KaBlam!)
Last Appearance: KaBlam! James KaBlam! (KaBlam!), An Off-Beats Valentine's (Nickelodeon)
Relatives: Unknown
Voice Actor: Jimmy McQuaid

Billy is a character on The Off-Beats, seen on the Nickelodeon animated anthology series KaBlam!. The youngest member of the Populars, he wears a propeller cap and is of Latino descendent.

A running gag in the series usually involves him saying something that would make Tina angry and then the Populars would literally throw him out of the group.