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"There's nothing I can do..."

Bill the Lab Guy
Bill The Lab Guy.png
Bill, with likely nothing he can do.
Name: Bill
Gender: Male
Age: Adulthood
Occupation: Scientist
Appears in: Action League Now! (KaBlam!)
First KaBlam! Appearance: All Purpose KaBlam!
Last KaBlam! Appearance: Just Chillin'
Relatives: Unknown
Voice Actor: Jim Krenn

Bill the Lab Guy is a secondary protagonist on the live-action/stop motion segment Action League Now! seen on Nickelodeon's All That, and KaBlam!.

A scientist who makes usually-failed experiments, he is mostly useless to the Action League when they need his help, and speaks in a monotone voice. One of Bill's catchphrases is "Oh no! I was afraid of this!" when something goes wrong. Another catchphrase is "There's nothing I can do!" when he believes that he can't do anything to solve a problem.


  • Like The Chief and The Mayor, Bill was pieced together from various Playskool Dollhouse figures.
  • He is named after Bill Nye the Science Guy