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Betty Anne Bongo
Betty Anne Bongo
Betty Anne Bongo.png
Name: Betty Anne Bongo
Gender: Female
Occupation: Leader of the Off-Beats
Appears in: KaBlam! (Better Than A Poke In The Eye), The Off-Beats
First Appearance: You've Tried The Rest! Now Try The Best! (KaBlam!)
Last Appearance: KaBlam! James KaBlam! (KaBlam!), An Off-Beats Valentine's (Nickelodeon)
Relatives: Unknown
Voice Actor: Mischa Barton

Betty Anne Bongo is a character on The Off-Beatsseen on the Nickelodeon animated anthology series KaBlam!.


Betty Anne likes playing her bongos (hence the last name) and hanging out with her friends Tommy, August and Repunzil.


Betty Anne is younger years old and has shoulder-length blonde hair. She is normally seen wearing a red beret, glasses (other than one episode where she lost them), green scarf and shirt within a red dress, green tights and shoes.