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Better Than A Poke In The Eye!
Season 2, Episode 8 (21st overall)
Better Than A Poke In The Eye.png
Air date November 21, 1997
Written by Robert Mittenthal, Will McRobb, Chris Viscardi, Michael Rubiner, Jyllian Gunther
Directed by Mark Marek
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"Better Than A Poke In The Eye!" (S2E8 on Paramount+) is the eighth episode of the second season, and 21st overall, of KaBlam!.


Henry and June Act 1
Action League Now!
Henry and June Act 2
Prometheus and Bob
Henry and June Act 3
Henry and June Act 4
The Off-Beats
Henry and June Act 5

Henry and June Act 1
Henry & June KaBlam! Studios.jpg Henry and June welcome the viewers to KaBlam!, the show that America prefers three to one over pinkeye. The two are kablamming "almost live" from KaBlam! Studios, hosting a tour. One red-skinned tourist says to start it already, complaining that he's frying like bacon. Henry and June, with Mr. Foot as the driver of the tram, begin the tour on Prometheus Boulevard, where June shows the home of Loopy from Life with Loopy, and she makes a grand appearance for the crowd. Then, Henry points everyone in the direction of the Flesh of Action League Now!, but it's actually just a naked guy who is then chased by security. June says one will never know what they see on the KaBlam! Studios tour, but she knows what will be seen next, Action League Now!, as the page is turned.

Action League Now!
Action League Now! Flesh and Blood.jpg

Flesh and Blood

Live from End Table TV Studios, the Flesh appears before a global audience on talk show Lola. Lola addresses today's topic, "Heroes that Hurt." She talks to Flesh about how he's got it all — he's super strong and super hot — but there's something else missing. The Flesh asks if it's his clothes, but Lola meant his parents, and he agrees, before sobbing. Lola then tells the Flesh she has a wonderful surprise for him. The Flesh asks her if it's a burrito, and Lola tells him it's better than that — it's his parents! The Flesh is happy to see his parents after so many years, reaching out to hug them, but his super strength knocks them down. Lola then asks the Flesh and his parents what they're going to do now that they're reunited, as the Flesh's Dad says he has "big plans." Meanwhile, at Action Headquarters, the rest of the Action League is happy that the Flesh is reunited with his parents but they are jealous, regardless, that he is on television. Meltman ponders why, as Thundergirl thinks it's just because he's naked, and Stinky Diver says one should see him naked because he's glorious! Meanwhile, the Flesh's parents are driving a car (with him in a car seat), and the Flesh asks them if he was always this buff. The Flesh's Dad can't answer the question as they've already pulled up to Megabuck Mansion, claimed as the family house. The Flesh is impressed and thinks the family must be rich! The Flesh's Mom snides they aren't just yet, but lying, agrees. At the front door, the Flesh's Dad says he forgot the keys and asks the Flesh to break a window. The Flesh is happy to oblige, as he'd do anything for his parents. He tosses a brick, but it misses the window and bounces off the wall, landing on his parents. When the Flesh and his parents finally get inside, the Flesh's Dad tells him he needs to load all of his valuables into his car. The Flesh is happy to help, and Dad says that the plan is going easier than he expected. The Flesh carries a bust, but accidentally trips and it hits his parents. Back at Action Headquarters, the League watches a news report, where it is revealed that the Flesh and two criminals impersonating his parents, have been caught on videotape robbing Megabuck Mansion. The League, completely oblivious, is still jealous that the Flesh gets to be on television and they don't. The Chief then tells the League that the Flesh is in more trouble than a "snowman in a steam bath" and they have to find him, fast! Back at Megabuck Mansion, the Flesh has helped the two criminals load everything into their car. Just as they are about to leave, the League shows up, and the Chief tells everyone to freeze! The Flesh, eager to introduce the League to his parents and their house, asks if they'd like to see his room. Thundergirl tells the Flesh that it's not his real house and they're not his real parents, but the two criminals try to convince the Flesh that they are his real parents. The Flesh is confused, as he doesn't know who is right and who is wrong.

Henry and June Act 2
Henry & June Prometheus Cameo.jpg Henry says the Action League is always in a "peck of trouble," as the KaBlam! Studios tour continues, heading into a tunnel. June thinks the tram may have made a wrong turn but the tourist who was complaining earlier knows they're on a fixed track. In the tunnel, June spots what she believes is a spacecraft descending down, hoping the aliens come in peace. Henry says it looks like a martian invasion and begs for somebody to save the group! The tourist sarcastically asks for help because they're being invaded by a "hubcap," but the spacecraft shoots a laser at him and he is vaporized into dust. Eventually, the "intergalactic odd couple" of Prometheus and Bob are seen! June reminds all of the tourists to keep their arms and legs inside the tram, and their mouths shut, as she blows away the rubble. Henry then recommends everyone keep their eyes on Prometheus and Bob, which he turns the page to.

Prometheus and Bob
Prom & Bob Trapping.jpg

Tape #28, Trapping

Prometheus tells Bob to watch him as he sets up a trap. However, after he pulls out a chicken wing, Bob grabs it out of Prometheus's hands and falls into the trap. Next, Prometheus has placed the chicken wing next to the trap, and tells Bob not to grab it. However, as Prometheus sets up the trap again, Bob grabs the chicken wing and falls yet again into the trap. Prometheus, frustrated, falls into the trap as well, before fighting with Bob for control of the chicken wing, but the sound of a saber-toothed tiger causes them to quiet down in the trap, before the chicken wing is thrown out into the open. However, this was just the Monkey making tiger-like noises and he grabs the chicken wing. Then, Prometheus and Bob have setup the trap to prepare for what they think is a tiger (but once again, it's the Monkey making those noises). The Monkey steals the chicken wing and Prometheus yells at him, before an actual tiger chases Monkey down. Shortly after, Prometheus is asleep before Bob places a headpiece and draws with marker on him, but the Overlord lands, in search for Prometheus. He then lands in the trap. Finally, the Overlord scolds Prometheus for his laziness before the Monkey hands Overlord the chicken wing. The tiger chases Overlord back to his spaceship, and then threatens Prometheus, Bob and the Monkey, who all take shelter in the trap.

Prom & Bob Spear.jpg

Tape #16, Spear

Prometheus holds a spear, before Bob tries to take it from him. However, as Monkey distracts Prometheus, Bob picks up a stick and uses it in a spear-like way.

Action League Now!
Action League Now! Flesh and Blood.jpg

Flesh and Blood

The Flesh, facing a tough choice between the Action League or his parents, chooses to stay with the latter. Stinky Diver says it was the wrong decision, and prepares to shoot his spear gun at the two criminals. The Flesh, eager to save his parents, knocks Stinky out of the way, causing him to shoot the ceiling fan, which lands on the two criminals. The Flesh then asks them if they're okay, but they confess to him that they're not his real parents and would rather go to jail than have him for a son. Later that day, as the Chief takes the two criminals to jail, the Flesh wonders if he ever will meet his real parents. As the League drives away in the Action Mobile, the Flesh's real parents (who are naked, just like him), are driving a car and wondering if they'll ever see their son again. Mom says she's sure they'll run across him some day, just as they run over the Action Mobile.

Henry and June Act 3
Henry & June Sound Mixing.jpg Henry reacts after the ending of Action League Now! and June says what made the League's excruciating pain so hilarious was the sound effects. As the KaBlam! Studios tourists gather, the two co-hosts give them an exclusive look at how those sound effects are created! June shows a classic KaBlam! moment on a monitor, where an anvil was dropped on Henry's head. June says it's funny, but something is missing; the sound of the anvil conking Henry. Now, June shows the clip again, but this time syncing up Henry getting conked with an anvil in the studio. That's a keeper, according to June, as the tourists erupt in cheers, which she says is the best sound of all, before turning the page to Lava!.

LAVA.jpg Next to the moon, a wolf howls before a bomb is planted behind it. The wolf sniffs the bomb and gnaws on it, but is then blown up. Then, a frog croaks until being grabbed by a lizard. However, the frog, who turns out to be giant-sized, squishes the lizard.

Henry and June Act 4
Episode 21 Act 4 Scene 1.jpg Henry and June ask the tourists if they're all having a good time, which they cheer. Broadcasting almost live from the KaBlam! Studios tour, "where they put the you in cartoons," nowhere is that more true than the Henry and June Interactive Cartoon Theatre! Thanks to the miracle of "kablamineering," visitors can actually experience what it's like to host, the thrill of a lifetime for the show's younger fans. Two kids are shown demonstrating, but the boy sticks a finger up his nose, bonks himself on the head and hikes up his shorts, while the girl stretches her mouth, blows a raspberry and wafts away the smell (to emulate a fart). They both laugh at their tomfoolery, as Henry and June, disappointed, turn the page to The Off-Beats.

The Off-Beats
The Off-Beats Intro.jpg

The Sprain

Betty Anne Bongo plays her bongos for Tommy, August, Repunzil and September, before she says something's "wrong-o." It's revealed that Betty Anne sprained her wrist, and she asks what could be worse, before the Populars are trailing her. Tina gloats that it's about time that the bongos hurt something more than her friends' ears, as they laugh. Eventually, Beth shouts about a nearby adult, and it's Grubby Groo outside of his café, Ad Hoc. Grubby asks Betty Anne what's the damage behind the bandage, and she tells her story about spraining her wrist. Tina, in an innocent voice, asks if it's tragic. However, Grubby will cheer up Betty Anne with a junkyard sundae! The Populars are shocked, and Tina asks why do all the good things happen to Betty Anne. Tommy, Repunzil, August and September are impressed that Betty Anne got a junkyard sundae, as August says Grubby wouldn't even make one for the President! Betty Anne, despite liking it, says she just misses playing her bongos. Repunzil says not to worry, as healing time will go by in a snap, but Betty Anne says it's easy for Repunzil to say that because she can actually snap. The Populars encounter Betty Anne, and Tina shows off a recent toe injury. Betty Anne says that's nice, but she just misses playing her bongos, as Tina thinks her priorities are all "screwed up." Outside Ad Hoc, Tina yells in pain, before Grubby Groo asks her what's wrong. Tina lies that a helicopter landed on her toe, and Grubby says he'll whip up something cold to ease the pain, but it's a big ice cube. Tina is furious as the ice cube eventually melts and shrinks in size. Betty Anne, still in a cast, sits with her bongos, before August brings forth his Bongo-Matic 640D to help her play. However, the gadget pushes her aside and plays by itself. Later on, the Populars are still trying to get junkyard sundaes, by walking past Grubby Groo while wearing casts on their arms, and Tina wonders what it will take to "beat this beatnik." Betty Anne finds a solution to play her bongos, by using her head and the non-broken wrist, as Tina says she needs counseling. Inside Ad Hoc, the Populars, dressed in casts, say they got hit by a cruise ship. Grubby Groo says it's one sorry predicament, preparing a tall junkyard sundae for Tina, before he leaves to attend a concert. Tina struggles to move her arms in the casts, and asks her friends for help, which are all in the same situation as the junkyard sundae begins to melt.

Henry and June Act 5
Henry & June Off-Beats Cameo.jpg On the last stop of the KaBlam! Studios tour, Henry and June go out with "a kablam, a kaboom and a big, fat kablooey!" by presenting The Off-Beats Stunt Spectacular. Betty Anne Bongo lays down a beat on her bongos, before the Populars encounter her. Tina kicks the bongos into the water, before Betty Anne fights back with her karate moves. Tina pulls out a pair of nunchucks as Betty Anne uses a piece of wood. Tina goes flying, but lands in a speedboat driven by the rest of the Populars. However, August and September, driving the Fanboat-O-Matic 2000, are in pursuit before they jump a ramp and fly out of their boat, exploding in the process. The Populars are in control, but not for long as a helicopter, operated by Tommy, approaches and Repunzil lets down her hair to rescue August and September from the water. The Populars, thinking they're home free, launch off a waterfall and their speedboat explodes. As the tourists cheer, Henry says to forget The View as the stunt spectacular put the "woo!" into cartoons! Everyone from The Off-Beats takes a bow, and the tourists make their way to the exit at KaBlam! Studios. June thanks them for hitching a ride on the tour and recommends to stop by the gift shop on the way out, as Henry holds up a loofah sponge of himself, "priced to move." Henry and June ride the rear of the tram while closing the comic book.


Henry and June

Action League Now!

Prometheus and Bob


  • Wolf
  • Frog
  • Lizard

The Off-Beats


  • "Spear" is a rare occurrence where Bob does something right in Prometheus and Bob and it is the shortest segment of all. This is one of three KaBlam! episodes to feature two Prometheus and Bob segments. The other episodes to do this are "Your Real Best Friend!" and "It's Flavorific!".
  • Last appearance of Lava!, which is introduced normally (compared to how it was in Season 1 with the Surprising Shorts tidbit). The Lava! segment and the Henry and June segment proceeding were removed from Nicktoons' airings due to copyright issues. This resulted in the episode being banned for a while in the United States, though it ran internationally without these bits to begin with.


Henry and June Act 4


Henry and June

  • Show Fanfare 1 - David Lindup (KaBlam! Studios introduced)
  • [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (tour of the studio begins)
  • [original music by John Napier and Del Casher] (Loopy appears)
  • [original music by Nat Kerr and Rick Witkowski] (shot of naked blonde man recognized as the Flesh)
  • Fire in My Soul [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (naked guy gets chased by security guard)
  • Saw Theme - William Trytel ("I don't remember this being part of the tour.")
  • Savage Episode - Len Stevens (spaceship appears)
  • Dramatic Impact 2 - Ivor Slaney ("Somebody save us!")
  • [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (Prometheus and Bob appear)
  • Daddy Cry [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (next cartoon)
  • Don't Let the B*stards Grind You Down [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (upcoming segments)
  • Bye, Bye, Baby [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] ("Thank you! Thank you!")
  • Show Fanfare 1 - David Lindup ("...where we put the 'you' in 'cartoons'!")
  • [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (two kids imitate Henry and June)
  • Special Event (c) - Dick Walter ("It's The Off-Beats Stunt Spectacular!")
  • Hitmen - Chris Goulstone [CPM] (Betty-Anne Bongo fights the Populars)
  • Everything You Said Has Been a Lie [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (ending/credits)

Action League Now!

  • Saturday Special - Rolf Krueger (opening)
  • [original music by Nat Kerr and Rick Witkowski] (the Flesh cries)
  • Sleeping Beauty - David Farnon [CPM] (family reunited)
  • Timpani Effects [#49.03] - Sammy Burdson (the Flesh knocks his parents down)
  • CrescendoFin 10 D# - Marcin Pospieszalski ("Oh, we've got plans. Big plans!")
  • [original music by Nat Kerr and Rick Witkowski] (intro)
  • Saturday Special - Rolf Krueger (the League watches the Flesh on TV)
  • Black Stockings - David Lindup ("I'm glorious!")
  • Holiday Playtime - Cedric King-Palmer (the Flesh and his parents driving)
  • Furtive Footsteps - Paddy Kingsland (the family inside their house)
  • Hard News 59 - Andy Clark (news on TV)
  • Wargames Linking Section (f) - Keith Mansfield ("You morons!")
  • Shock (U) - Dave Hewson ("We gotta get a move on!")
  • Missile Disaster - John Fox (the Action League arrive)
  • [original music by Nat Kerr and Rick Witkowski] (the Flesh is confused/"Action League NOW!"/the Flesh tries to save his parents/"I wonder if I ever will meet my parents!")
  • Me For You - George Callert (the Flesh's real parents driving)
  • [original music by Nat Kerr and Rick Witkowski] (closing theme)