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August appearing in the Off-Beats.
Name: August
Gender: Male
Born: August 1, 1988
Occupation: Member of the Off-Beats
Appears in: KaBlam! (Better Than A Poke In The Eye), The Off-Beats
First Appearance: You've Tried The Rest! Now Try The Best! (KaBlam!)
Last Appearance: KaBlam! James KaBlam! (KaBlam!), An Off-Beats Valentine's (Nickelodeon)
Relatives: Unknown
Voice Actor: Dylan Roberts

August is a character on The Off-Beats, seen on the Nickelodeon animated anthology series KaBlam!. He is the most technologically inclined one of the Off-Beats but many of his gadgets, however, would often fail or backfire unexpectedly.

While some episodes imply that August makes his gadgets himself, others imply that he purchases them. He also has an interest in impressing The Populars and gaining their respect. August and his dog, September, are the only characters to appear at least once in every episode of the short. He strongly resembles Dilbert, a character from a comic strip by the same name.